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We had an 8 p.m. reservation at a plush rooftop restaurant in the suburbs. I wore blue, his favourite colour and my hair down, the way he liked it. He sat across, looking dapper in his black suit, carrying an air of confidence as he looked at me. I brushed my fingers against his. . "It's been a year." . "It's been a wonderful year." He held my hand. It was the perfect evening. The crescent moon shone in it's full glory amidst the stars that illuminated the night sky. The air smelled of lavender. The lights were dim. He held my hand and we proceeded to the dance floor. . "What is it about the book you were telling me last night?" He asked as we swayed to the rhythm of Carless Whisper. . "The love story?" . "I guess." . "Well, the protagonist in the book is known to be a casanova, a charmer, jumping from one relationship to another. On surface, he comes across as a player but deep within he's afraid of commitment. The fear stems because he was terribly heartbroken once. A year later he meets someone and finds himself falling in love again." . "And?" . "He walks away." I paused." He reminds me of you. You're scared of commitment too, aren't you?" I asked. He laughed. "You know that I'm crazy about you, don't you?" . "It's been a year. It's high time we make it official." . "Someday." He said as he dodged the question. I paused again. Fury engulfed. I wanted to confront him, I wanted to walk away but when I looked into his eyes, I knew that somewhere beneath that fear of commitment was a man as hopelessly in love as I. I leaned my head on his shoulder and we continued to dance. It was the perfect evening, the crescent moon shone bright as the stars illuminated the night sky. The sound of careless whisper filled the air. Love and longing danced to a rhythm.
• Autotelic • Racing against the clock. Our ghosts gravitating towards the spotlight. The dripping droplets of time solidify. Gradually the frozen seconds liquify. The sempiternal loop of catastrophy. Proved to be lethal ; serpentined around you and showcased its fangs. Your prevaricating ways; the bunch of lies knitted with malicious intentions. One day you’re going to be trapped so bad in the very same cobweb. Because apparent benevolence is after all, apparent only and the true self of yours serving others poison in the form of wine , has already poisoned you from heart to mind. The thin slice of moonlight entered through the window ; replaced the darkness resting upon my skin. And to be more specific, the gush of air removed the specks of dust resting upon my eyelids. Particular like clockwork. Our ghosts moving away from the spotlight, The frozen droplets of time liquify. Gradually the flowing seconds solidify. - Anavil Singh P.C. : To the owner.
... know what i mean, jellybean?
//858// Participating in a few monthly challenges/prompts and I have combined them all Finally participating in the amazing prompts #pungidasapromptsjuly18 by even more amazing @sunilsathyendra Here is my day 19 entry on #maybe Also joining #JulyFalls18 by the extremely talented @aseawords and @breath_words_ on @fallspoetry with my day 19 entry on #dangerous #hearts And #vibesofJuly18 hosted by #enchantinginfinities with my day 19 entry on #three #wishes
• Writing could paint frescoes on the sky. It could tie those stars to your fingers through strings. In short, wonders could be performed through ink. • - Anavil Singh P.C. : To the owner.
Look at life through the lens of a 5 -years-old, sometimes. Or even someone younger than that. Let your lips break into a grin. Dance like crazy, like no one is watching you. Laugh until your stomach hurts. Your mazarine lakes might turn to chocolate ones. Your pearlescent moon becomes, maybe, a huge football. And the stars they twinkle more than up above, in those eyes which sees them. Sometimes talking to a mini human being makes you finally understand what you once thought you know better. And you don’t need to find that kid. She or he lives within you. Just the society told her or him to shut up. That’s why there is no activity. After all, we’re young , we haven’t experienced the life ourselves, as if we’re in a home, a home made of our own beliefs, our own thoughts, our own understanding. And we’re merely gazing at life through the window. Maybe we learn more like a kid than learning like mature “ know-it-alls. ” - Anavil Singh #oldwriteup P.C. : To the owner.
Knee deep In a puddle of emotions Ankles weak And body tired Can I sleep here? Wallow till morning? Then I promise, I will pick myself up And pretend Like this never happened . KSJ
Trying to fit in the mosaic. What do you miss most? When everything is at stake. Do you feel any old familiar ache? The hands that fed you. Or the hands which held you. Floating in mid-air your words. Morphed with the clouds. And as rain drops down. From up above. It trickles down from your eyes. And for a minute you both, share a silence. lined with understanding. Suddenly, Those clouds hit rockbottom. Crashing with the Earth. But you bring yourself up again. Honey, you bring yourself up again. - Anavil Singh P.C. : To the owner.
the bee that wouldn’t die🌻 🐝swipe for a poem🐝
On some evenings I’m still learning To not to expect. I’ve heard and believed that ‘Expectation reduces the joy’ But sometimes it’s not easy To live, and I guess That’s acceptable?! . It’s fair to expect The roses to not to wither Away from your hands, The stars to lean down To illuminate your life, The Gods to shower Only the good times, Or the angels to guard Your door the whole life. . It’s fine to expect To sigh in the arms Of your friend, To have your happiness Clinging on their lips, To be lifted up like a Kite soaring high in the sky, To be embraced like the Rain falling down on the earth. . Maybe one day I’ll no more look for My light in someone else’s eyes, My warmth in someone else’s heart, My solace in someone else’s body, My truth in someone else’s acceptance, But till then, I reckon it’s quite competent to expect And learn to not to expect. . July 19th, 2018
❤️ Healing the wounded 🤒 Poem No. 71🖋
this poem on sexual harassment / abuse was requested by @aarcha_31 🥀 . . . . . follow @cloudipped for more! 🥀
Out of nowhere, this vast wave takes you under out of nowhere, you’re stuck not floating not sinking but swirling into nothing because you no longer remember which way was up. • • • • • • ———————————————————————————————————————————————— #poem #poetry #writersofig #writing #writingsonthewall #writinghelps #maheenhumayun #writinginprogress #girloncobblestones #writinginpakistan #karachiwriters #poetsofkarachi #girloncobblestones #writerscommunity #instagrampoetry #artjournal #artjournaling #journal #wordswithkings #wordswithqueens #poettree #justlifequotes #illogicalpoemworld #artlixirpoetry #runawaywriters #wordhour #poetryartistsunite #abodeofpoets
the sun - long gone in exile. the night left behind just sees my home burning. . darkness has gathered clouds bones melt to voices. but mouths have kissed the silence. . here time runs in loops. and every other moment we wake up we wake up with the courage grown heavier. . cries are wrapped in sheets. and prayers scattered across the land. but when will the world remove the veil from its eyes. . when will they see. when we all turn ashes? for the rain falls tirelessly but in the middle. our home just keeps on burning. . —@khawajamusadiq . (photo credits not known) . #poetofblues #khawajamusadiq . #wordswithkings #wordswithqueens #bymepoetry #ttt #terriblytinytales #omypoetry #tpmd #micropoetry #poem #poemoftheday #poetry #writing #quotes #poetsofinstagram #picoftheday #illogicalpoemworld #writersofinstagram #runawaywriters #quoteoftheday #thegoodquote #scrawledstories #poetrycommunity #poetryisnotdead #micropoetry #wordgasm #poemporn #kmwrites
I lie there by the sea, Counting each sunsets, Till I'm fully healed, Till its the brightest day. _____________________________________________ My first ever collaboration with the amazingly talented @thequietcorn. This collab was so unexpected but I'm happy how it turned out. Go check out his account for more such poetry. And do give him a follow. . Superb art illustration by @effenemea _______________________________________________ . . . . . . . #writer #writerscommunity #writersofig #writersofinstagram #poetess #poem #quote #quotestoliveby #quoteoftheday #thegoodquotepage #poetry #poetryoftheday #follow #word #wordporn #illogicalpoemworld #bymepoetry #paper_scribbling #writersofindia #globalpoetcult #bleedingsoulpoetry #thinkers_and_writers #poets #yourheartbeatstrong #the4amquotes_ #thegoodquote #untwineindia #madewords #shewrites
Hide with me
Dear Max, I learnt a lot later in life that life is not always a bed of roses, that it's okay to have dusky days and it's okay to not get attached to people except that in my heart just like yours, I end up caring too much. But you lift yourself up after a heartbreak and always made Caroline do it too. Eventhough you carry a nihilistic approach towards self, there is nothing that stops you from turning into a badass when your self respect is questioned or someone dare raise a finger at you. You carry an air of being a bully and proclaim to be indifferent but deep within, you're only more empathetic than cold and eventhough you've been in relationships that you'd claim casual, deep down you were always committed and if anything, you were always a keeper. I wish I had a heart that strong or love that soft. I feel like Caroline on many days, proud when efficient, dejected when broke but Caroline has always been a Phoenix, resilient, and you've always backed her dreams even if it'd mean stepping out of your comfort zone despite not having one. Your loyalty and dedication makes you way more worthy than your high school degree or pastry school diploma. I was heartbroken when you'd broken up with Deke but was rather chuffed to see you have a happily ever after with Randy. There is no fictional character I've come across who's been as broke, there is no fictional character I know who is as self made, there is no fictional character I know who has a larger than life heart. You make fiction a reality, you make reality a little more tolerable. You've always shown and believed in the real picture and for that you have my heart. Yours, The one who got attached P. S. I agree, the society is way too concerned with other people's idea of what's pretty.
Darkest Night
Silence of Three Parts
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