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Luke sky walking on these haters
✨Galaxy and stars✨ - @dfreske my inspiration
Saffron Almond Milk is a pure bliss in cold nights. Today is the last day of our nine day fasting and we are finishing the day with this badam kesar milk. Link in profile. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #almondmilk #badam #badammilk #saffron #kesar #cookingwithsapana #hotmilk #beverages #navratri #navratrispecial #fastingrecipes #buzzfeed #buzzfeedfood #bbcgoodfood #tastyfood #foodtalkindia #goodfoodindia #indianfood #indianfoodbloggers #foodblogger #foodblog #food #huffingtonpost #huffposttaste #thefeedfeed #thekitchen #hautecuisines #beautifulcuisines http://cookingwithsapana.com/2018/03/badam-kesar-milk-a-healthy-almond-and-saffron-drink/
Yosemite at its finest ❄️ I’m at home bundled up in the snow and wouldn’t want it any other way
@marchforourlives in #Detroit . #enoughisenough it is time for gun control so that these shootings never happen again. For more photos: #linkinbio
#newpostalert #easterbaking #egglessbaking #homebaking Yipee weekend is here! Let's switch on our baking ideas :) I propose this, Coconut and cardamom Wholewheat Cookies! What about you? Although Easter tends to be all about chocolate, coconut is quite a popular ingredient used in the easter recipes. I really cannot pin down why coconut and Easter go hand in hand, but I am sure my Gorgeous and delightful eggless coconut and cardamom wholewheat cookies would make your Easter extra special. Do you want recipe of these cookies? Grab a direct recipe link from my bio ⬆️⬆️⬆️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #eggless #egglessbaking #egglesscookies #wholewheatcookies #coconut #cardamom #homebaking #madefromscratch #easterbaking #baked #deliciousfood #thebakefeed #thefeedfeed #cookie #jcookingodyssey #londonbaking #easterbakingideas
Love the creativity @chinapoblano in Vegas. Dinner and a show... Good times... Great break!
The last of the setting sun on the shores of San Diego. Was hoping to squeeze in another surf before my flight but the rain had other plans. Off to London for the first time, any recommendations or unique things to see/do? Lemme know ✌🏻
Last week I received an email around noon from my 12 year old daughter. The subject read SOY CARLOTA Y ES MUY URGENTE (=this is Carlota and this is very urgent). As I read her message, tears filled my eyes, yes.... But even more so.... they filled my heart. She asked me to pick her up from school right away, that she was terrified for a kid at school had threatened to bring a gun to school. And that she didn’t feel safe. I breathed deep and responded to her that I was aware of it since the school had sent an email. The police had taken care of the situation when an 8th grader had made a suspicious comment a few days earlier that set the alarm among his classmates who had reported it. This never happened to me while growing up and attending schools in Spain, England and Mexico. And the reason it didn’t, is because in these countries you can’t just go to a gun shop on any given Wednesday and purchase a gun like you purchase a lipstick. So many people in this country claim that they need guns to protect themselves from shooters. But do you realize that you wouldn’t need to protect yourself in the first place if that person couldn’t get ahold of a gun? Do you realize that you can’t extinguish something by becoming it? Do you see the illusion, beautiful ?.... I told my daughter to call in her guides and angels, and that I wouldn’t send her to school if I thought something bad could happen to her. I did it more than anything to protect her sense of safety. I did it because I know that if I picked her up, I would feed the thought in her that she is indeed not safe. I did it to protect her sense of trust. Because without that, her entire life will be based on fear and therefor she will create fearful situations. And I did it because I want her to believe, know and trust that the whole Universe is taking care of her and conspiring on her behalf every second of her existence.... Because it is. Today march, yes.... But don’t forget to be kind to that stranger, and to revise the violent and judgmental comments inside your mind and at home. We need to change our own energy as well as the laws, you see. 🌟 NOW YOU KNOW. MAKE IT COUNT. AND DID I MENTION.... I LOVE YOU! 💜🌿✨
Today the youth march to find reasonable gun control. #marchforourlives #sensiblegunlaws #huffingtonpost
Somewhere there , over the #Sky , over #Cloud #Number9 , under the #Stars and the #Sun , where the #Light disappears in the #Horizon , where the #Colors become magic ... woke up in the #Plane to witness and take this #Amazing #scenery with #nofilter added ... It's like a #Dream ... In the #Sky of #Dubai #UAE , coming from #Kuwait . #ttot #travel #tourism #instapassport #instatravel #ihavebeenthere #ihaveseenthelight #huffingtonpost
Always believe in yourself, even when others don't see it. Your power is your uniqueness. Your strength is your personality. Your signature is how you treat and inspire others. Always raise the bar high, because you are worth it. ☺💜🙏💜
Let's just appreciate one another 😃💜
Taking risks is a healing to the soul 🦄
Make way for the new 🙏✨ #selflove
Just listen from within 👍
Blessings are coming your way 🙌
**PODCAST*** this week we have the inspirational @lanekennedylevy talking to us about biohacking and how to make positive changes to your body and wellbeing. Once a model, Lane explains how she went from health breakdown to breakthrough. Through biohacking she was able to heal her health issues. Biohacking is the practice of managing your own biology using medical, nutritional, physical or electronic techniques. Listen on iTunes or click link in the bio 👆🏽💜🔮📿
You can achieve anything ☺💜❤
Be you 💯❤
You are in control of your life 🦄
Always speak from your heart ❤️
Give Love 💜❤️
Open your MIND and trust that things are happening for you 🦄
If you can see it, make it happen. You are worth it :) 🙏✨💜 powerful!
Our words are so powerful!
Let everything flow 🙏✨💜
The mind is so powerful and keeping things simply helps you to feel calm inside ☺️🙏✨🙋🏽 ✨
Just work on you soul warriors ☺️🙏✨✨
What my life has consisted of for the past week. 4 videos done boom. Hello New Course. Time to change some lives ✅💪🏽☺️🙏❤️🔮
Life is truly beautiful ☺️🙋🏽🙏✨✨
You are so powerful and strong. ☺️🙏✨🙋🏽.
Just be you ☺️🙏✨🙋🏽
Missed last weeks Podcast? 🔥🔥 Go check it out now. You'll learn why @staceyhallchitobe believes it's so important to heal our physical, emotional and mind health issues so we can attract whatever we want *link in bio*
We all have the ability to move forward, however we need to let the past go ☺️🙏✨🙋🏽
You are so beautiful. Believe it ☺️🙏✨🙋🏽
Always love and respect yourself☺️🙏✨🙋🏽.
The universe is always guiding us back to love ☺️🙏✨🙋🏽.
Today's #soulwarrior moment.
*** PODCAST EPISODE 6: HOW TO ATTRACT WHAT YOU WANT *** Let's face it, millions of people have heard of The Secret and have their own viewpoint about whether it works or not. Now this week's guest is Stacey Hall talking about why it's so important to heal our physical, emotional and mind health issues so we can attract what we want - eee! Listen on iTunes or click link in the bio 🙏💜🔮
Missed last weeks Podcast? 🔥🔥 Go check it out now. You'll learn how @immersionhealth healed her digestion issues *link in bio*
*** PODCAST EPISODE 5: HOW TO HEAL YOUR GUT *** Let's face it, we all have digestive issues and this can cause so many health problems. Now this week's guest is Carol Egan talking about healing your digestion and why it's so important to listen to your intuition and your body - eee! Listen on iTunes or click link in the bio 🙏💜🔮
Missed this weeks Podcast? 🔥🔥 Go check it out now. You'll be inspired and uplifted by the awesome Aldo Raffa. *link in bio*
Keeping a daily journal is 🔑. Since 2012, I've been writing my thoughts down everyday and honesty, it's saved my mind from crumbling. Writing helps you to release all the thoughts that are subconsciously hidden. It helps you release all the daily thoughts that may be stopping you from sleeping. ☺️🙏✨🔮.
Follow your dreams soul warriors ☺️🙏✨🔮
Oh yes 💫
Today's #soulwarrior moment
Haven't listened to this weeks Podcast yet? 🔥🔥 Go check it out now. You'll be inspired and uplifted by the awesome @dianadorell *link in bio*.
The universe is always on our side, it depends if we're willing to listen ☺️🙏✨🙋🏽
Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends and family 🙋🏽🔮🙏✨✨
Fall in love with failure ☺️🙏✨🙋🏽
We are all committed to healing, it depends if we're willing to take action ☺️🙏✨🙋🏽
Life supports me ☺️🙏✨🙋🏽
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