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I love when she is awake, smiling and trying to talk. But the moments when she just wants me to hold her so she can fall asleep. Her small little body on my chest. The smell of baby skin under my nose. The sound of her tiny lungs taking in air. Her soft fingers holding onto me. Those moments are the best. #holdontothis #charlieann #babygirl #momma #sleepybaby #momentslikethis #peace #inlove
Sometimes life will deliver a package wrapped in disappointment, but God brings Divine Surprises in human disappointment. ~ Steve Furtick #HoldOnToThis #TrustHim #SurprisesFor2019
“He crowns the humble with SALVATION.” Psalm 149:4. That to me is powerful. This is what I have been standing on this past weekend and this is what I still am standing on. Read this not once, not twice, but untill something clicks in your heart and mind. #pray #holdontothis
I kinda love days like this... fog as thick as snow. Heavy clouds surrounding me, and everything it softly touches. #georgialivin #pineforest #wanderer #thelifeofatraveller #holdontothis #beeasy #bebold #stay
Its painful... But have to remember Real pain comes before real growth. #easiersaidthandone #iknow #whenhopeisgone #holdontothis
It’s inevitable. In your lifetime, you will face despair and difficulty. Unfortunately, we live in a broken world. How do you find hope and resilience during these times? Here ya go— this is huge!! #kaywarren #findinghopeagain #phillipeans413 #holdontothis #foodforthought #wisewords
I live for sunsets like this, at places like this...hold on to summer days to remember in the cold depths of winter, when you need warmth for your soul...🌅 . . . • . . . #lewesbeach #lewesbeachdelaware #lewes #delaware #delagram #visitdelaware #exploredelaware #beachsunset #sunset #holdontothis #momentslikethis #naturesbeauty #mothernaturegracesus #thoughtsforwinter #warmsthesoul #beachlife #september #vacation #summerisending #soakupthesummer #lotusblossomtravels
Ladies, these kind of men are STILL out there... #Different -Fuego- #HoldOnToThis #CuzItsGonnaBeOk
Man oh, man. I’m feeling all sorts of emotions tonight. But mostly, just overflowing with gratitude. Three years ago today B & I left our home town, and headed “down south”. Our families, friends, the homes we grew up in, the schools we had met at, where we had our first kiss & first fight... we were grasping on tight, but somehow saying our goodbyes. They say the first step to getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are, and while I don’t know if that’s true for everyone.. it is something that I’m so stinkin’ glad we said yes to. Sometimes I think about what might have happened if we never took this journey, it kind of terrifies me. I could have missed out on finding this dreamy little community, a city that I love to call mine, opportunities that I couldn’t ever dream to be true, passions that were sparked, friends that I hold so so close .. I could’ve missed my home. Nonetheless I didn’t. We are here for a reason.. and that is WILD. While I don’t know what the future holds, or where it will take us. But I do know that right now I feel love here, I feel magic here, I feel the biggest sense of belonging. & I’m going to bloom where I’m planted 🌸🌸🌸 : : #travelhome #lovethistown #lovehislife #lifeblog #homeiswhereverimwithyou #3year #bloom #grow #bloomwhereyouareplanted #ourblessedlife #myhappyplace #myhome #holdontothis #instainspo #myfavoriteplace #plantroots #transplant #stlburb #growyourlife #livethelifeyoulove #makeyourmove #gratefulthankfulblessed #mybabes #willowtree #countrycitygirl #myheartisfull #myhomeisherw #adventureisoutthere #lovebringsyouhome #beherenow
Learning is an ornament in prosperity, a refuge in adversity, and a provision in old age. :: Never stop learning!!! :: #lightspeedtoextraordinary #aristotlequote #quotes #quotestoinspire #quotestoliveby #remember #wordstoliveby #beautiful #thetruth #holdontothis #inspiration #inspirationalquotes
Never to forget. Always believe. Despite how you feel. Hold this close to heart. (It’s universal, meaning you can’t be an exception...) ”Loved and safe. Created for great things.” (Made by @kreativinsiktab )
“...Wonderful are Your works, my soul knows this well.” -Psalms 139:14 . Yes, this I know very well. You are indeed perfect in all of Your ways. So perfect that my finite mind couldn't fully comprehend the vastness of every work of Your hands. How intricate each detail is. . I find comfort in this, in Your love letter to me. That yes, though I may not see where I am nor where I am headed, It is undeniable that surely, I can see Your fingerprints all around. The evidence of You is undeniable. It's You! You are here, And yes, You are with me, Just as You have promised. ❤ . Love, Robin 🌻 . . Be a friend. Tag someone to encourage them today. Let them know you love them. And that they are loved ;) . . . #justaspromised #itsnotoveruntilitsover #GodisSTILLgood #holdontothis #itakenocredit #lettinggo #breathin #doitnow #knowyourworth #appreciation #refreshing #iamAlive #themomtribefl25
👼 Bo #LUDZI nalerzy #KOCHAĆ a #RZECZY używać... Nic odwrotnie ... i tego się trzymajmy a bedzie #BOSKO ❤❤❤ #przyjaźńrodzeństwa #jedynataka #mocnawięź 😍😄 #siblingsfriends 🐉 #lovemybrother 🕺 #lovemysister 💃#trójkablondynów 💪#blondpower #blueeyed 👀 #lovepeople#friends 💚💙💛 #thingstohelp#nothingConversel#holdontothis 👌#willbeBOSCO 🍀 #LOVESOMUCH ❤👼
#ランダムカード #HOLDONTOTHIS ブランケットまだ届いてないけどおまけ制作しています🙌 いつものごとく缶バッジてすが😅
Family, love, wedding, fun, food, wine, games, laughter and home to this. Sun sets on the weekend but feeling totally content. ❤️ #holdontothis
Hold on to me. To dream is to be. To live is to shine. And I won't bring you down. @jonesydabs @jonesyloves #holdontothis
Spending the evening hanging out with my teenager! She’s quite the cartoon artist dontcha think? Proud dad! . . . . #family #familytime #daddydaughtertime #fridaynight #music #art #goodtimes #bonding #holdontothis #cherish #cartooning #drawing #brushmarker #beards #beardeddad
Your choices become so much easier when listen to your truth. You make no apologies for the decisions you make as your voice echoes louder than ever before. . . . #mondaythoughts #theshift #becomeavoice #makingmylife #mychoices
This Is: 30 of 30, and I'm headed to Ohio to hand deliver this one. It's a pretty strange feeling to see the last bag find its home, but I'm humbled by how organically people have discovered this project since it first began. My intention was never (and will never be) to *sell* things to people. My choice will always be to dedicate my time to things I wholeheartedly believe in. - The bag I carry with me isn't one of the thirty final bags. My bag (pictured right) was a prototype, a first round sample. It isn't perfect. The side pocket and zipper are on the wrong sides, the hand stitching isn't quite even because I was still learning the proper technique. But it reminds me of the wildly hectic, stressful, beautiful, passionate process of bringing @thisiswhaticarry to life. - Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this project because this is so much more than just a bag or just one person. This is everyone who has followed along, everyone who has been there to listen, and everyone who has shared their story #holdontothis . This is everyone who has one of the thirty bags because you now carry this story with you too. This is everyone who has given a bit of themselves to this project in some way, big or small. Know you've made a difference and know you are appreciated 💕
This Is: 30 of 30, and I'm headed to Ohio to hand deliver this one. It's a pretty strange feeling to see the last bag find its home, but I'm humbled by how organically people have discovered this project since it first began. My intention was never (and will never be) to *sell* things to people. My choice will always be to dedicate my time to things I wholeheartedly believe in. - The bag I carry with me isn't one of the thirty final bags. My bag (pictured right) was a prototype, a first round sample. It isn't perfect. The side pocket and zipper are on the wrong sides, the hand stitching isn't quite even because I was still learning the proper technique. But it reminds me of the wildly hectic, stressful, beautiful, passionate process of bringing @thisiswhaticarry to life. - Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this project because this is so much more than just a bag or just one person. This is everyone who has followed along, everyone who has been there to listen, and everyone who has shared their story #holdontothis . This is everyone who has one of the thirty bags because you now carry this story with you too. This is everyone who has given a bit of themselves to this project in some way, big or small. Know you've made a difference and know you are appreciated 💕
I was exhausted last night at the dinner table. A long week, fighting a cold...and then this little person decided maybe I just needed a braid or a pony tail and this piece of red ribbon in my hair. #TheLuckiest #HoldOnToThis #APennyAKissAPennyAHug #HappilyEverGafvert #FourPack
S/O to all the Strong father's out there #respect #holdontothis
Dear #haters #holdontothis 😎😎😎😎
"Ravenous. A temperament, controllable, lest the full moon comes. A hunger pain from this heart; this chest is empty. Hold onto me... If you love me, don't let go. If you desire my love, you will be set ablaze- I do not love lightly. I am a tempest. I am a beast, ravenous. Hungry. Ready to devour. Hold onto this.. Alone in the moonlight. A shadow beneath the light. Howling. Roaring. Crying. Silent. Fucking kiss me, lover. I see this same, in you. I see the shimmering in your eyes. I know the madness you feel. I know the sadness of it all. I feel it all, too. I feel it all, too. Feast on me, my love. Let mine, sate your hunger. Let mine, quench your thirst. Take my storm, take my fervor. Dine." ~ Jlk #fuckingkissme #holdontothis #roaringhowling #tempest #dine #chiarabautista #loverspoetry
Another beautiful momma to be. Sam, you will make one heck of a momma to your sweet boy. I wish you a smooth sailing two months before you get that little one in your arms. Thank you for bringing us all together for another great evening.
Shout out to @maeklingler for her story of love and hope for the #holdontothis giveaway. Hope you enjoy your new bag! We saw her from across the room--she must have known good things were coming her way. Below is her story. . . . Eleven years ago, tired and worn from waiting, I decided to put my energy into a small patch of grass behind my rented house and plant some vegetables. A few tomatoes. Some herbs. Something I could take care of and watch grow and enjoy the fruits of later. . The process was harder than I’d expected, but the kind of work that eases pain and brings to the forefront all the thoughts that get buried under everyday life. . While chopping roots and wrestling boulders (at least they felt like boulders) and getting rid of miscellaneous litter, I asked a simple question. ‘God, anything you want to say about me and marriage?’ Quickly it was back to the weeds and the vines and the dirt. . Days later, there were more handfuls of trash, more scrap metal, more abandoned nails and screws. And, in one handful, that I nearly threw in the trash heap, there was this: a rusted and worn, but unmistakeable, man’s wedding ring. . I don’t have answers or an end to this story, but it gives me hope. And that’s worth holding on to. #holdontothis . . . Thank you to everyone who shared your story, it was so hard for us to choose just one!!
What a fantastic and thoughtful evening. @jialuni orchestrated a wonderful event for the @thisiswhaticarry limited release at the Mercantile Library. I was honored to be one of 3 speakers, and to have met so many mindful people. -- I spoke about my camera and how its limitations has made me love the act of photography. How reduction has led to expansion. And how my family has benefited from that mindset. As I was speaking, I reached over and snapped this photo. Looks like people were listening, but it's more funny to think that this was a moment where I told a joke that didn't land. -- More moments from today and this evening in my story feed thing. #thisiswhaticarry #holdontothis
yikes I meant to post this a couple days ago and forgot! wishing I was in Cincy to see @thisiswhaticarry at the mercantile library tonight (y'all should go if you're there.) here's why I #holdontothis blanket: My aunt taught me to sew and carted me around to various fabric shops from an early age, and I remember cutting and tying together this blanket when I was 8 or 9. Since then it has pulled many all nighters in studio and made its way around the country with me. My favorite thing about this blanket is that I burned a hole in it one night in middle school when I was up late reading. I threw it over a lamp when I heard my parents coming upstairs so they wouldn't see that my light was on. (??) I almost set our house on fire just because I didn't want to get in trouble for READING. Anyway I just love this thing, it has seen many parts of my life and reminds me of my aunt who has always cultivated my love of making things. Shoutout to @jialuni for making beautifully crafted bags - they inspire me to keep creating!
This project focuses on the value of holding on to something. Holding on to culture and community as well as holding on to objects; transforming them in hopes of celebrating their past life and how they will continue to evolve throughout wear. Every material used in this project came from discarded garments previously worn and no longer able to serve its’ function and each garment was thoughtfully transformed and proven to be worth holding on to. A friend of mine, @jialuni , has been working on a project @thisiswhaticarry. Tonight at the @themercantilelib in Cincinnati from 7-9p there is an open celebration for her project and the backpacks she created. It will be a great time with some cool cinci folks sharing their stories so if you’re around come check it out. If you are out of town follow her journey through social media. #holdontothis
@brycethehunter92 gave me this paper flower in 2015. You might look at this flower and think, "so what?" but to me it means something special. . I love flowers and I'm allergic to flowers. (Major bummer) On our first date, Bryce brought me a flower. It was so sweet, I couldn't bring myself to tell him that I'm allergic. After a few dates, the secret got out. I thought that was the end of the flowers. . A few dates later, Bryce took the time to make me this one. Carefully cut out of newspaper and held together by a bolt. . This flower has lived with me in six different apartments, I can't bring myself to part with it. This flower reminds me to share my needs with others, because maybe they'll exceed your expectations. . #holdontothis @thisiswhaticarry #MalAndB
Spending some time at @1215winecoffee figuring out how I want to say what I want to say tonight at the @thisiswhaticarry release event at the Mercantile library. If you're in Cincy, you should come by to heckle me and buy a handmade backpack. -- Also, @emslime makes my favorite cortado. Sorry everyone else. Latte art is a special kind of thing. It's so delicate and temporary, and while it can never enhance the flavor of the coffee, it always makes the experience more delightful. So, maybe it enhances the flavor afterall. Kind of like observing the experiment changes the result. Tip your baristas well, and learn their names. That does, indeed, enhance the flavor of the coffee. -- See you tonight.
@thisiswhaticarry #holdontothis #mentalhealthawarenessmonth • I've always felt like my seven year DAAP experience pulled me in various directions. I switched my major a few times, and focused on many different topics for projects. I was trying to find my voice as an artist/designer (like we all do). It took a few years, but I eventually realized a common theme to a lot of my inspiration: upbringing/father/mother/history/mental health. For awhile I avoided this pull. I guess I felt like it was expected, or that it was too easy to 'be inspired' by these things that we so normal to me. • A little background: I grew up in a small town, in a barn, next to a historic gristmill. My parents owned and operated the mill and the business. My mother is a self-taught ceramicist and her studio is located in our home. My father is a Vietnam veteran, timber framer, and the miller. To say the least, it was a creatively energizing upbringing. Along with the good came some bad. My father suffers from PTSD, and while he is the kindest and most giving man I've ever met, his mental health problems have caused interpersonal challenges. • It wasn't until I embraced this pull that I FINALLY felt passionate about the projects and research I was exploring. I realized that my roots were exactly where needed to focus. I needed to nurture this connection and let it inspire me and my work in whatever ways possible! With this came the acceptance of my own personal mental health (which I recently read that it's been proven that trauma in a father's life is passed to his offspring). My thesis project @grindandglaze was the biggest product from this realization and is something I am continuing to develop and explore. • This is what I hold onto: my roots, my acceptance of my anxiety and depression as something that is a part of me, and knowing that it's not my fault (and working towards getting better), and always carrying the inspiration of my upbringing; the mill, the barn, my parents, with me. • I'm sharing this story because my friend @jialuni has been working on her thesis project @thisiswhaticarry. What do you hold onto? Her event is tonight at the @themercantilelib from 7-9pm.
I keep a flattened penny from the SS Badger in my rain jacket pocket. As a kid I thought it the most special thing in the world to ride the Badger across Lake Michigan. Just thinking about it I can feel the wet air and wind in my face. Rainy days when I wear my jacket I press my thumb into the texture and it feels good. I'm reminded of innocent times, and it makes the rainy days so comforting. Living in Portland, any positive association to rain is much needed by end of winter. #holdontothis @thisiswhaticarry
Last summer I was boarding a plane from Paris back to the States after spending the summer working in a refugee camp in northern France. With 15 minutes 'til boarding closed, I realized I'd left my water bottle at security. I explained to the attendants that I had to go back for something very important, so they allowed me to leave the line but stressed that I risked missing my flight. So I ran, out of the terminal, through all the shops, down two flights of stairs, back to security. Thankfully I found it and made it back in time to board. When the attendants I had spoken with saw what I had had to retrieve, what I'd risked missing the flight over, they were visibly puzzled. I couldn't explain myself, partially from being so flustered and out of breath, but I know my love for this beat-up Nalgene shone through a contented smile. @thisiswhaticarry : my water bottle. It's not flashy or something I imagine will last long enough to pass on to my next of kin. It's scratched, the strap's broken off, all the stickers are wearing away. But it's not so much the object itself that I cherish as much as it's the mementos and messages from my life that circle the exterior. I have things I want to say to the world plastered all over it. My water bottle will tell you about who I am, where I've been, and what I stand for just by turning it full circle. It has layer upon layer of images and sayings that have taught me something or reminded me of the truth every time I take a sip. It's been a conversation starter, a teaching tool, and a great travel companion. At this point in my life, I don't feel very settled. Moving between my hometown, my university, wherever I might some day end up, and all the locations in between, it's hard to feel truly grounded. Even now, I'm far from home with an unfamiliar everything surrounding me. But this water bottle, at all times so precious to me and so common place to everyone else, reminds me of so many things that I love, that motivate me, that challenge me to never stop seeking after justice. Not to mention, it keeps me pretty hydrated #holdontothis
If I sit quietly I can still hear my late Grandma Prior say in her gentle soft voice, "Whenever you see a penny, know that I'm with you." She would say this as she wiped the tears from my eyes as our family packed the car to leave her Florida home and return home to Michigan. At the time, I was a little girl that couldn't wait to return home and look for pennies. Every time I saw one I would say, "Mom! Can I call Grandma and tell her I found a penny?" It was a game that made me feel as though my only grandparent still living didn't live over 1,000 miles away. Now that time has passed and I have grown older, I'm aware that she was creating more than just a game. She was creating an experience that would last, even fifteen years after her passing. Last summer I was frantically getting ready for my first ever art show. I was painting downstairs in what I like to call, "my dungeon". The name is perfect because it truly is dark, cold, eerie, and we never spend time down there with the exception of me painting. I was covered in paint and almost about to be in tears from the built up stress that had mounted. I turned to grab a paper towel and out of the corner of my eye I saw something shiny. I did a double take and slowly walked over to the object. I bent down and saw this shiny penny staring back at me. The tears started rushing down my face as I picked it up and placed it in the palm of my hand. Ever since that moment I have kept this penny in a secret compartment in my wallet, and carry it with me wherever I go. For when I carry it, I'm also carrying her. #holdontothis @thisiswhaticarry . #tbt #sheislight #abmhappylife #lovelysquares #dssparkle #littlestoriesofmylife #livecolorfully #dreamjobmakers #seekthesimplicity #livethelittlethings #intentionalliving
#holdontothis • • • @thisiswhaticarry This model has been in our family for nearly a century. The story goes: My great-grandfather was a dentist in Chicago during the Great Depression. One of his patients could not afford to pay his bill, so the man made this detailed replica of his office as payment; because he had nothing else to offer but his skill. My great grandfather kept it and through the years has landed on our shelf in our home. My mom continues to say that if the house was burning down, this model would be the one possession she would try to save. • • • Items create a connection between two people, especially with handmade gifts that better portray one's appreciation for the other. Now, this item serves to connect generations by its lessons: • • • Learn craft, because one day you may have nothing else. And care, because then there will always be a reason to craft. #cheeseballs
"If you want to get warm you must stand near the fire: if you want to be wet you must get into the water. If you want joy, power, peace, eternal life, you must get close to, or even into, the thing that has them." -C.S. Lewis There's nothing I hold closer to my heart than the rural countryside I grew up in. Nature has taught me so many lessons and has encouraged me to grow many times over. There's a lot to be learned from the simplicity of a landscape not yet fully interrupted by human interference. I feel love with my bare feet in the grass and the wind at my neck: I see love in a gardener's gentle care. I will always remember my roots no matter where life takes me. #holdontothis @thisiswhaticarry
Thrifted this weekender for $2 like 4 yrs ago? Since then it's carried my essentials between Cincinnati and D.C., LA, Orlando, Portland, and all the road trips and weekend visits in between. Currently living out of this bag again while looking for a place in LA...Funny how something so cheap has become one of my most utilized and complimented possessions. • Soooo proud of my friend @jialuni and her capstone project, @thisiswhaticarry !!! Tryna win one of her beautiful backpacks to join my collection 💕#holdontothis
I'm going to #holdontothis for as long as I can. Until I do what my father did, and hand it to someone who will use it and learn from it. -- This is an old Nikon 50mm f/1.4 prime lens mounted on an 80s era Nikon FG 35mm film camera. It represents my inheritance. Not because it's a physical thing I hold onto that came from those who came before me, but because of what came along with it. -- My father gave me many things, but the most important is the prompt to always be learning new things. He never told me that, but he showed me every day. He is constantly learning. He never stops. If he didn't know how to do something, he would figure it out. And this was before YouTube. We discovered a lot of things together, but mostly I discovered myself. It sounds cheesy, but I'm able to sound cheesy because I'm a dad. It's my right. That's another thing I learned from him. -- I've been invited to talk about mindfulness and being present to discover these things at a special event for @thisiswhaticarry on May 13th. THIS SATURDAY! It's the only chance you'll have to buy one of 30 handmade bags that you'll want to hold onto. I've had one for the past 2 years, and it's the best inheritance I can hope for from @jialuni - don't miss this chance to get something worth holding onto handed down to you. -- #igerscincinnati #nikon50mm #nikonfg #filmphotography #filmisnotdead #nikon #nikkor50mm #nikkor
This question has been rolling around in my head for the last couple weeks, almost taunting me as I ride the subway / do my laundry / cook / walk / breathe / live... ok dramatic, but not totally untrue. . I believe in sustainability as more than just a trend; in knowing what your goods are made of and knowing who made them. But I'm flawed, and it's easier to speak your values than to live them. So here I sit - or pace, rather - s t r u g g l i n g to think of something I've felt was so meaningful to me that I couldn't let go of for the life of me. And realizing that most of what I've owned in my life has been disposable. What DO I carry? What IS worth holding on to, to me? . The objects in our lives "are nostalgic and symbolic. They remind us of people and place, of time and feeling." And the more I think about it the closer I get to the conclusion that - for me - these objects are jewelry. Seemingly ornamental and superficial, it turns out that the things I cherish most are pieces of jewelry given to me as gifts from people I love or from places I've traveled. They've never felt the way that clothes have grown to feel, easy to discard and easy to replace; or the way that photos have become overly accessible, easy to take and easy to forget... . When I wear these pieces (or even when I don't) they remind me of the person who saw a piece of me in this gift, of the time we spent together, and of what that relationship means to me. They are time capsules (as @jialuni would say) that I truly cherish. And even though I might not wear them every day, these objects are worth holding on to. . @thisiswhaticarry #holdontothis
An ode to my pins. #holdontothis Have you heard? Pins are cool. Pins are trending. But more than that, each pin reminds me of a person or a place or a moment in time. . . A pink ribbon that reads "You Tried" given to me on my last day of my last co-op. And below it, another pin that reads "Thinky Thinky Makey Makey" sent as a gift after officially accepting a full-time position with that same company. . A fading orange sun that was pinned to a Christmas card on which my sister had written, "To my favorite adventurer. Keep chasing those sunsets." . Our UCID17 logo, the only pin I actually bought for myself because I hope to always hold this program and these people and these past couple of years close to my heart. . . Echoes of the past, reminders to be present, promises of the future. These pins are more than decoration. These pins are worth holding on to. There are only a few days left to share a story to win a backpack. What do you believe is worth holding on to?
Found this lil flower patch in the grass in Dolores park a year ago like a surprise blessing from the bay after crying on the train. Sewed the matching white one onto my favorite person's hat. Haven't found the perfect place for this one yet so I carry it everywhere in my wallet. We hold a bouquet between us! #holdontothis Check out @jialuni 's beautiful & sentimental work at @thisiswhaticarry
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