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I saw this quote on @kacymateljan_naturopath ‘s page and it really stood out! 🌿 Anything worth doing takes time! I have just spent months creating my 3, and now 4 workshops! Throughout this time I was thinking, am I wasting my time doing this? But what would I have been doing instead? I would’ve been wasting time regretting not starting, wishing I was doing something more and feeling empty! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Now that it’s done and nearly ready to go online, I am so grateful for my efforts! I am also very grateful for @davidflanery and all his understanding and support! 🕰👫💗✨🌸🌿🙏🏻
In my community fb group today we started the Master your Metabolism challenge. We started the day off with this yummy Yarrow|Pom tea! I did mine with Organic Green Tea, a drop of Lemon, a drop of Yarrow|Pom and a touch of honey. Did you know …. •Black tea supports the immune system and balances hormone levels…plus fights stress by reducing cortisol levels! •Rooibos Tea! This is one awesome RED Tea! It comes with No Caffeine, boosts immune system, eases stomach cramps and even helps with blood circulation. •Did I mention Green Tea helps with WEIGHT LOSS? When I feel hungry between meals I make a cup of tea. Boosts my metabolism and I rarely need anything to eat. The warmth of the tea is satisfying. It’s been my go to daily tea for several years now. •Honeybush tea- another African tea is absolutely delicious and add some honey and nut milk to this tea and it’s like dessert in a cup! This tea is known to help with regulating sugar levels which is an added bonus during this time of Mastering our Metabolism. How to make your tea: 1. Choose your tea, Black, Rooibos, Green or Honeybush. 2. Boil your water 3. Add your tea bag or loose tea and steep 2-5 minutes. 4. Add a drop of Yarrow|Pom and a drop of Peppermint, Cinnamon or a citrus oil. 5. Add honey if desired and enjoy!
Before you unfollow me (🙈) let me explain...⠀ ⠀ It wasn’t until I learnt meditation that I realised this 👆 was a thing. I always thought my reaction was completely out of my control. Like a force to be reckoned with. ⠀ ⠀ But then after I learnt meditation (over time) something happened. I started to feel this space between what was happening and myself. It’s hard to describe but I was able to keep calm, level-headed and observe the emotions rather than immediately reacting to them.⠀ ⠀ Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not saying I’m perfect at this by any stretch of the imagination. We’re all human right?! But I am saying that we can start to have more control over our reaction in the moment when we meditate regularly and do the inner work.⠀ ⠀ You see meditations works on quietening our ego- the part of us that wants to react, to defend, to yell, to fight. ⠀ ⠀ We need this in the wild when a lion 🦁 is chasing us but we don’t need this when we have a disagreement with our partner!⠀ ⠀ Regular meditation and stillness also improves our awareness. Awareness of yourself and of the situation. ⠀ ⠀ Knowing yourself and taking space from a situation or person is a good way to get your thoughts in order and communicate from a calmer place at a later time.⠀ ⠀ Now we all know that sleep deprivation, hunger, lack of exercise and lack of downtime can all aggravate our reaction to things. ⠀ ⠀ SO THE FOLLOWING ARE VERY IMPORTANT:⠀ ⠀ 🌟 Prioritise your sleep. Get 8 hours of sleep a night and if you have a baby then sleep when they sleep during the day.⠀ 🌟 Eat healthy meals regularly. Don’t skip meals or binge on junk.⠀ 🌟 Move your body outside daily. Even if you can only manage a short walk in your lunch break.⠀ 🌟 Make time for YOU. If you have a babe then book a babysitter or liaise with your partner.⠀ 🌟 Meditate daily. Even 5 minutes a day is better than nothing. Do this over the housework!!⠀ ⠀ Double tap if you’re going to start implementing the above! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #healthymind #meditation #awareness #personaldevelopment #selfcare #selflove #createspace #bethebestversionofyou #sitinsilence #ego
We're excited to be at the launch of Rethink Sugary Drinks 'Thirsty' campaign. Come say hi 👋🏻 at the St Kilda Foreshore for a snap and water bottle. Raising awareness of how sugary drinks affect our kids teeth 👏👏. . . . . . #dental #sugar #teeth #kidsdental #dentalkids #health #healthykids #healthymums #mumsofig #healthydads #rethinksugarydrink #thirsty
{ Raw Carrot Cake Granola } This may be my new fave brekky/snack/after dinner treat!! So delicious, and simple to make! 2 x carrots 2 x apples (red - core and all) 50g shredded coconut 50g pumpkin seeds 50g sultanas 50g almonds Heaped teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg Juice of one fresh orange (optional) Blitz in a good processor or thermie, and store in the fridge. Top with greek yoghurt and blueberries to serve 😍 #jbtlife #healthyeating #healthymums #carrotcakegranola #yum #thegoods #goodfood #eatwell #theruralshempire #healthymadeeasy #kidsapproved #delicious
I’ve been getting a lot of questions about protein powders lately...what are they used for, when’s the best time to take them, do we need them, whey vs vegan, what’s the best brand to buy..?🤔. . Well like anything health & nutrition-related it always comes down to the individual (intolerances, training goals, etc) & their reasons for wanting to implement a new healthy habit, or perhaps crowd out the ‘bad stuff’ by including more of the ‘good stuff’ 👌. . For many years I personally stopped taking protein shakes whilst studying nutrition as I felt confident that I could get all the appropriate nutrients I needed via food (which we should always aim for!). & then I became a mum, a working/studying mum, a special needs Mum, a single mother...& the reality was the focus on my own nutrition definately took a hit..not to mention I was now reaching for fast snacks of convenience which were often not healthy! 👎. . So once I properly got back into my training I knew I wanted a healthier option than just grabbing a chocolate bar on the way home from the gym to fill the hunger void, & that a protein shake made sense because not only was it convenient but it would help my muscles to recover faster after my strength training 🙌. . But I also knew that traditional protein powders did not work for me; being whey-based often upsets many people’s stomachs & creates excess gas 💨..not to mention they’re usually chemical-shit storms! 🙅‍♀️. . So I tried some more natural pea protein powders for a while which were much more agreeable to my digestion..but tasted a bit like powdery cardboard! 👎 It wasn’t until I finally tried these incredible sachets from our Lifestyle Transformation Program that I found the most delicious, natural & nourishing option of all! 💗 Not only does it contain vegan protein but is also a whole food based powder...combining both macronutrients and micronutrients! From real food sources such as chickpeas, peas, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli, spirulina, mushrooms, etc..no wonder my tummy loves it! ❤️☺️. . Available in chocolate & vanilla they also make THE most incredible smoothie bases 🤤 Msg me if you’d like to include these with our upcoming 8 Wk Shred 💫
So I’m sharing my journey. My hints and tips. My life with a 6 year old 🧒🏼and a 6 month👶🏼 old is currently challenging. Juggling them and a hubby 🧑🏻requires organisation. A clear mind is a happy mind🙂 as you get your head into gear. Since my journey on the 7th January I am more focussed on being healthy and organised. Each day I am planning meals for the whole family to eat as one. I have a special little treat to share with you all - so keep your eyes peeled. A slimming world life saver 🥰#toottoot #onethebus #slimmingworldjourney #slimmingworldjourneyuk #slimmingworldjourneytotarget #slimmingworldjourney2019 #slimmingworldjourneybegins #slimmingworldjourneyneverends #slimmingworld #sw #healthextra #healthymum #healthymums
And just like that, we’re back into it! 💪🏼❤️👊🏼 • ❤️Do you want to get fit, strong and be your most awesome self this year? Then join us and make 2019 your year to reach your goals- whether you are just getting back into exercise or you are hitting the Spartan circuit - we’ve got the session for you! • ❤️Our full schedule will kick off in two weeks and spaces are filling, so check out the link in our bio @soulsisterhealth for all of the details, prices and schedule. We would LOVE ❤️ to have you 😉😘 #grouppt #sshealth
Was it just my two little ones or did anybody else’s kids stay up all night howling at the full moon!? 😩 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Sooooo tired this morning 😴 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #HealthyMums #FitMums #FitMoms #fullmoon #babysleep #gosfordmums #centralcoastmums #instafitness #CentralCoastFitness #strongmums
My meals for today 😃 Breakfast was dippy egg and toast soldiers at 293cal Lunch was a tuna pasta salad and some yogurt with strawberries at 356cal Dinner was a homemade spaghetti carbonara at 505cal but was horrible so I only ate half 🤣 . . #thehealthyhappymumplan #thhmp #myweightlossjourney #healthymums #healthymum #healthymummy #caloriesincaloriesout #lowcalorierecipes #caloriedeficit
If you had to only eat ONE FOOD for the rest of your life - what would it be? 🤔 Mine would be a Salad. (Sounds crazy I know!) 🙄 The reason being is because it’s such a versatile dish! You can have Tomato & Avocado Salad, Vietnamese Chicken Salad, Chicken Caesar Salad, Spiced Carrot Salad, Mackerel and Beetroot Salad… The recipe lists go on forever! 📚 The best part about salads is that they provide: ✅A great source of fibre (keep that digestion working well) ✅A variety of antioxidants from colourful vegetables to protect your skin and immune system ✅Build strong bones ✅Improve muscle performance ✅Protect your heart Comment below your favourite Salads! 🥗🥗🥗 . . . . . #thefairyfoodmother #sugarfreelife #refinedsugarfree #noaddedsugar #nosugaradded #eatgoodfeelgood #eathealthyfood #justeatrealfood #itstartswithfood #healthymum #healthymums #healthymummy #healthymom #healthymama #myhealthjourney #healthyandhappy #glutenfreelifestyle #glutenfreefood #workfromhomemom #noaddedsugars #eathealthybehappy #myhealth #myhealthylife #healthyanddelicious #healthyandtasty #healthyandyummy #glutenfreelife #glutenfree #workfromhomemum #healthyrecipe
This had me rolling for real! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. True or nah??? 🤱🏽 . . .. Pregnacare Nigeria, No 1 pregnancy supplement in 🇳🇬 Naija. . . . #pregnacarecares #mums #healthyliving #pregnancyannouncement #babies #serotonin #wivesandmothers #babyshower #beyondpregnancy #activemum #breastfeeding #healthymums #happybabies #vitamin
Cheers to surprise and impromptu lunch !! It makes your day when your friend turns up at your door at lunch time with two plates of healthy delicious tofu salad and you both sit down to enjoy your meal and have a fulfilling conversation that feeds your soul . @instasheriza thank you for the lovely meal and your company !! I loved it ! #friends #malaysianfood #uaehealthmovement #soulfulconversations #healthymums
PREGNACARE BABIES GOT SWAG ❤❤😁 Meet KING NATHAN NWACHI, one of our pregnacare babies. Show some love by leaving a ❤emoji in the comment section 💃💃💃 . . Pregnacare supplements, the most trusted by mums. Pregnacare has 19 vitamins and minerals needed daily for a healthy pregnancy and all necessary vitamins to make your baby strong and healthy 😁😊 . Pregnacare Nigeria, No 1 pregnancy supplement in 🇳🇬 Naija. . . . #pregnacarecares #mums #healthyliving #pregnancyannouncement #babies #serotonin #wivesandmothers #babyshower #beyondpregnancy #activemum #breastfeeding #healthymums #happybabies #vitamin
SPIRULINA PACIFICA ( ocean species) and SPIRULINA PLATENSIS ( lake species) have the highest content of proteins, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes incomparable with other foods!! ### BAC provides increased protection, supporting the recovery, prevention and regeneration of all the cells in our body. #### cellular nutrition #### www.naturazone.me #cellularnutrition #spirulinaplatensis #spirulinapacifica #spirulina #spirulinasmoothie #vegan #veganfood #vegannutrition #vegetarian #vegetalprotein #multivitamins #allnaturalingredients #first #firstplace #specialized #nutrition #nutritif #intens #montrealfood #naturalmontreal #healthyfood #healthyliving #healthymums #healthyyear #healthylifestyle #healthymontreal
SIMPLE life . Pasta pomodoro, with or without bacon, with or without Parmesan. Fresh tomato sauce or from a packet, doesn’t really matter! . #keepitsimple . 📸@schaerglutenfree . Cooking needn’t be complicated. Whether planned or last minute, meals can be what you make them. . TOMATOES any which way are so good for you, full of the #antioxidant Lycopene! . #bonappetit ! . Donno about you but rushing around calls for simple meals! What’s your go to simple meal? . . . . . #pasta #pastameals #simplemeals #weekdaylunch #weekdaydinner #foodinspo #tomatosauce #glutenfree #glutenfreepasta #gfpasta #glutenfreefood #lunchinspo #dinnerinspo #tomatoes #tomatosauce #vegan #simplelife #simplemeals #healthylunch #healthydinner #busymums #healthymums #busylife #easymeals #healthymeals #wimbledon #healthywombler via @preview.app
📚 IN MY KIDS SCHOOL BAG These handy little OnGuard sprayers are packed into my kids school bag ready for them to use. Have you ever entered a primary toilet block!! I have and been absolutely disgusted with the soap situation!! Not to mention the general germs floating around a class room. 1 to 2 sprays on their hands and they are good to go. Want to know more ways to support your kids naturally as they head back to school? Join my facebook LIVE this Thursday at 7.30pm to discover more. See the details in my events and select "GOING" . . #backtoschooltips #backtoschoolshopping #germbuster #mumhacks
What a great srar of Sunday morning with natures best juice to drink. 🥥🥥🥥🌄
Hi 👋 I’m Danni. I’m a naturopath, kinesiologist & remedial massage therapist. If you’re new to me, or my page, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here 🌟 . I work with women who are stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed and help them become calm, in control and vibrant versions of themselves. . I can help with anything women’s-health related, from bloating, to weight issues to thyroid function, hot flushes & hormonal balance, emotional eating, self-confidence, anxiety... the list goes on! . I’m now taking bookings for February, so if you’re interested in working together please get in touch via message on Facebook or Instagram 🌈 . If you’d like more info on what I do and how I work, check out www.divinenaturalhealth.com/services . My sessions are available online via Skype/Zoom and in person in my Morphett Vale clinic. . I’d be absolutely honoured to help you uncover the healthier, happier version of you ☀️
After having the twins I put on weight and felt the weakest muscle wise I had ever felt. Having 6 kids in 6 years had finally taken its toll, so last Summer I started doing home workouts and watching what I ate. The home work outs were going well and then we had bad news within my family and it just knocked it out of me mentally. I just couldn’t be bothered. What was the point is how I felt. It’s not like I’m swimming in FREE time. I’d say 2018 is down as one of the worst years I’ve ever had mentally and physically. On New Years Eve watching Big Ben on the TV chime away I cried. Cried because what a horrible year it had been, cried because I was anxious of what 2019 had to come. The next day I decided that I’m not going to sit and wallow. I’ve been Mum for 8 years come this June and in that time I’ve been just that Mum. Don’t get me wrong it’s the thing I feel I was born to be a Mother. But it’s time I also find me, find out who Bobbie is again. Today I worked out with tribabyfitness to not only help me loose weight, fix my stomach muscles and gain fitness. But also to build my mind, you know get that heart pumping and release all those happy hormones 😂😂 To be the best mother I’ve got to be the best version of me. I already can’t wait for our next session 👊🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 . . . . #fitmum #health #happy #streathamcommon #tribabyfitness #healthymums #healthymum #fitmummy #twinmumfitness #happy #nike #nikewomen #healthiswealth #friends #streatham #fitness #strongmum
Pram-Fit Classes Tuesdays and Thursdays. 11.30am Sabinillas (meet outside Burger King) 13.15 San Pedro (meet outside Bora Bora ) €5 per class. This class is for all fitness levels. I can adapt exercises to suit your needs. Call 603112929 for more info. Personal Training sessions also available. #pramfitclass #pramfitness #pramfit #mumswhogetfit #fitmums #healthymums #healthyhappymums #health #fitness #personaltraining #personaltrainer #pt #lovinglife #marbella #sanpedrodealcantara #sabinillas @ Fitness Addict
Day 9 of 30 Day Challenge 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 Tomorrow you have a mini workout to compete and it’s a body part that you all enjoy training... ABS I want you to complete the circuit of Round 1- 25 reps Round 2- 20 reps Round 3- 15 reps Round 4- 10 reps Round 5- 5 reps Exercises: 1. Toe touches 2. Bicycles 3. Reverse crunches 4. Bent knee jackknifes 5. Plank twists Tag me with a selfie once completed! Yay!
*** FREE EVENT *** It’s our first-morning tea event of 2019 and we are preparing an awesome first Meet Up event for the year! Be inspired and learn how to juggle a career, a family and a household in this fast-paced world. We are all “Superwoman” but we deserve to live a healthy and vibrant life despite all the chaos around us. Be the best version that you can be this 2019 and join us as we come together to create a happy, healthy and abundantly delicious life together! This is the event that gives you the space to learn, connect and be inspired in a relaxed social environment while sipping on a cup of tea or coffee to chat about all things health and wellness. Our goal is to support each other in creating and achieving an abundantly delicious life, through achieving greater health and well being, not only in business but most importantly with our health. Most of us are overwhelmed with our career, business, and family then we forget or even neglect to take care of ourselves. Become the best version that you can be and let us chat about how to create a healthy, happy and abundantly delicious life! I'd love to see you on Friday, 15th February 10:00 am at PLENTY, 284 Montague Road West End. Grab your FREE tickets here: https://www.meetup.com/Empowering-Women-to-Live-Abundantly-Delicious-Lives/events/257850849/
Weigh Day 😔🥺😭 So Iv put back on what Iv so far lost, I haven’t had the healthiest of week. Also looking at my food diary my bro has pointed out I am no where within my macro allowance which prob explains why Iv put it all back on 😨💩 Start again today, will be counting calories AND macros from now on!! . . #thehealthyhappymumplan #thhmp #myweightlossjourney #healthymums #healthymummy #caloriesincaloriesout #lowcalorierecipes #caloriecounting #caloriedeficit #macros #macrocounting
My sister and my baby! How bloody beautiful does she look. Absolutely glowing at 29 weeks (I think that’s right @sheridanjoyaustin ) 😱💖 She’s moving just down the road from me this week so I’m totally going to become the annoying Aunty to little baby squish that visits on the daily 🤣 And if you missed my post a couple of days ago she is doing a talk coming up for Mums that have childre. 5 years and up that is all related to whether you are feeding them the right things to help with nourishment of not only their gut but their mind! She’s the bloody queen of knowledge when it comes to nutrition. And not just your conventional nutrition either. She is GAPS certified. That stands for Gut & Pshycology Syndrome (gawd I hope that’s right). So she works against the conventional nutrition information (because truth be told) a lot of the things that doctors, the government, influencers are telling you is in fact WRONG! And she has TOO much evidence to prove it. So if you have a little babe that has behavioural issues, anxiety, struggles to eat etc. You MUST register your spot for her next event! You will not regret it XXX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #gapsdiet #guthealth #healthykids #healthymums #motherhoodslens #mumsgonecrackers #gaps #glutenfree #paleo #realmotherhood #womensupportingwomen
Ok, so it’s a super moon tonight and it’s the first of three to help push us towards who we really are. This is a theme that keeps popping up for me this year....so with so many signs already, I’m listening and I’m excited! We all have that authentic real self hiding underneath our many faces and programmed BS that we’ve accumulated in our lifetime. It does take real courage to peel back the layers and really see ourselves so we can finally BE ourselves. . Not to mention the fact that we are poised to release a pattern that dates back to the beginning of who we are (this is what has me REALLY excited) so I’m ready and I’m going to be facing it and letting it go with love, because all patterns we have been in up until now have been here to serve us until they are no longer needed....and letting go with love then means it’s a big leap to a new beginning for you. So be aware, have courage, let go with love and get a little closer to your real authentic self! 🌸 Flower essence blends to be taking right now are Let it Go and Courage 🙏 (can find these in the single blends tab in profile link👆) . Image courtesy of @elizabethperu
When push ups aren't enough anymore 🤣 Try elevator push ups! Plank is upper floor, lower to middle (and hold), go all the way down (and hold) and get plank to plank. The hold is a killer....do it for 1 minute. Or if you can't be bothered to keep an eye on the clock...get your own virtual trainer who is talking you through the moves the whole time. I can even hook you up with a free trial if you think homeworkouts aren't for you. So what are you waiting for?
"I hadn't experienced my Menstruation Cycle in well over a year, but my stay in @thefasttestshedder made it happen, and has given me a totally different, amazing story. It's a surreal transformation for me especially, because I can now boast of hormonal balance!" @valeriee421 For Real Time Updates on the shedders, follow: Instagram : @thefaSttestshedder Twitter : @fasttestshedder Facebook : the faSttest shedder YouTube : the faSttest shedder #shedams #shedamsfitness #coach #personaltrainer #yummymummy #fitmums #healthymums #healthymoms #fitmoms #abs #exercise #fitness #wellness #weightloss #swings #postpartum #sculpt #blessed #igfit #gains #workouts #igdaily #werk #shred #race #thefaSttestshedder #ditchthegym #Godfactor
Our parent advocate and mother of three, Rachel Clemons shared her hot lunch box tips for healthy kids lunchboxes with Newscorp. When the sandwiches come home in the lunchbox or there are allergies involved - she has it covered 🙌🙌. . . Link to full article on our FB page @parentsvoiceau 🔍 . . . #nutrition #healthykidsfood #lunchboxes #healthylunchboxes #kidsfood #healthykids #healthymums #healthydads #mumsofig #healthpromotion #parents #families #kidsfood #schoolfood #family #familylunch
Nor do you need to be able to run 10km, give up caffeine or get more sleep. BUT, once you’re healthy, if these are your goals - then they will be a heck of a lot easier!⁣⁣ •⁣⁣ It has taken us a looong time to realize that when your body is well-nourished, well-rested, minimally stressed, and moving as much as possible (aka healthy!) - good things happen. Yep, we are slow learners🤷🏼‍♀️😜. We have spent way too long believing that the harder we pushed ourselves and the more strict we were with our diet, the ‘healthier’ we would be! The thought of this literally spikes our adrenals (and not in a good way!)! 😳⁣⁣ •⁣⁣ If you are still unsure how to really listen to your body? Or how to read the signs it is giving you? Then you need to join us on Wed 13 Feb for our first workshop of the year, where we geek out on “How to restore your health and Kickstart your 2019 (the right way)”!!! ⁣⁣ •⁣⁣ We will chat about:⁣⁣ 🌟How your body naturally detoxifies to ensure more optimal function;⁣⁣ 🌟The primary detox pathways and how you can provide support where your body might need it;⁣⁣ 🌟All of the Do’s and Don’ts of detoxes and have a close-up look at some of the more popular detox regimes;⁣⁣ 🌟How to get your body back-on-track if you feel like things have gone a little awry (regardless of the time of year😉);⁣⁣ 🌟And last but not least, an action plan for you to take home and get started on, straight away. ⁣⁣ •⁣⁣ Like the idea of starting your new year with all the know-how to kickstart your health, the right way? Hell yes!!! Then click the link in our bio to buy your tix 👉🏼@soulsisterhealth #sshworkshop #sshealth
The girls were asked to do step ups today and of course that usually follows with me saying "if you want to challenge yourself do box jumps" Im one proud trainer to see these girls absolutely smashing their jumps!!
When mumma has no time to get rundown! . . What are your go to’s? These are mine! And currently using these at the first sign of those icky feels💥💥 . . . #boostimmunity #rundown #busylifestyle #busymums
Hey Mummas! Looking for a pregnancy friendly Pilates studio? We’ll make sure you get a great workout while keeping little bub safe 🌟 . . . . #pregnancy #pregnancypilates #fitpregnancy #healthypregnancy #pilates #yummymummy #healthymums #pilatesbrisbane
If Sunday is a planning day for you, or you are working on some big goals this year, give this Vision Board blend a try! 3 drops Lemon 2 drops Ginger 3 drops Lime Do you have any big plans or goals for this year?
Set a record today!💜 WE ACTUALLY DID 6 workouts TOGETHER! We didn’t let the schedule over take our days! We didn’t stay in bed those few more minutes! We committed and conquered it! We set out for early morning workouts and it feels so good to have done it!💜 Just don’t ask me if we committed to our nutrition plan!😂🤪 #onestepatatime (Oh! And bummer! I deleted our first couple days selfies already😏 but swipe to see our smiles!💪)🥰
A little baby love for your Monday morning 💕✨
Kick Your January cravings! Tip 1 Stay Hydrated ✅Make sure you’re drinking about 2 litres of water a day! (Because we all come in different shapes and sizes- a water tracking app can really help with a more accurate amount!) ✅Thirst and dehydration make you feel hungry, and may kick up your food cravings, so drink water throughout the day to help you stay hydrated and control your hunger. ✅You can even add a little lemon or lime to your water or switch things up by making a cup of herbal tea. 💥 Want to know more? Hit that follow button and sign up to my FREE Kick Your Cravings 4-Part Video Series ⬆ 💪 . . . . . #thefairyfoodmother #sugarfreelife #refinedsugarfree #noaddedsugar #nosugaradded #eatgoodfeelgood #eathealthyfood #justeatrealfood #itstartswithfood #healthymum #healthymums #healthymummy #healthymom #healthymama #myhealthjourney #healthyandhappy #glutenfreelifestyle #glutenfreefood #workfromhomemom #noaddedsugars #eathealthybehappy #myhealth #myhealthylife #healthyanddelicious #healthyandtasty #healthyandyummy #glutenfreelife #glutenfree #workfromhomemum #healthyrecipe
Reposted from @thefasttestshedder - Weigh-ins & Eviction, Surprises and More in this Week's Episode of the faSttest shedder! Showing 7pm Tonight on @waptvchannel DSTV 262, STARTIMES 116, GOTV 102, STARSAT 189, PLAY TV 275, TSTV 223 For Real Time Updates on the shedders, follow: Instagram : @thefaSttestshedder Twitter : @fasttestshedder Facebook : the faSttest shedder YouTube : the faSttest shedder #shedams #shedamsfitness #coach #personaltrainer #yummymummy #fitmums #healthymums #healthymoms #fitmoms #abs #exercise #fitness #wellness #weightloss #swings #postpartum #sculpt #blessed #igfit #gains #workouts #igdaily #werk #shred #race #thefaSttestshedder #ditchthegym #Godfactor
My highest fastest and longest uptill now. Got to beat my own record.🏅🏅
Do you want to: 🌟 Improve your energy levels? 🌟 Lose Body Fat? 🌟 Create a healthier habit? 🌟 Learn about quick & convenient nutrition? 🌟 Improve your digestion? 🌟 Surround yourself with positivity? 🌟 Reach your Goals? Then get in touch.... Our Groups can be done from anywhere in the world 🙌🏻 #lifebalance #fuelyourbodywell #healthyandhappy #fitmum #eatwell #supportnetwork #healthycommunity #healthymums #nailyournutrition #lifestylechange #itsnotadiet
Weight Control Tip for New Mums No3 Lack of sleep (a given with a new baby) and low energy can lead to overeating. So rest when can and your calorie intake should reduce accordingly. Did your partner let you have Sunday lie in today? . . . . #weightcontrol #weightlossafterbaby #newmumnutritiontips #sundayliein #healthymums #newmumwellbeing #postnatalnutrition #babysleep #newparent2019 #mumtobe2019 #withoutwithin #nomnomskincare #certifiedorganicskincare
This morning I went out for running after such a break. But the #beauty and #nature of this #trackrunning just pulls me to come and #justrun
What do you do when you don't have the motivation to work out? . You think about your 'why', you think of your accountability buddies and you think about the feeling you will have when you're done. . I find my Sunday workout in this round hard ...my back and arms still feel heavy from yesterday, the house is empty (all boys at rugby) and I could relax with a cup of coffee and prepping for my kids yoga class next week. BUT I know the ladies in our Virtual Gym are crushing it so I can't just sit back and let them do all the hard work. The accountability is mutual. Drop me a comment or check out the link in my bio if you want to learn more about how the virtual gym can help you achieve your 2019 goals!
DAY 8 of 30 Now if you have forgotten to do a few of the challenges you can always make them up along the way. Better late then never! Tomorrow’s challenge is all about the... BURPEE💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 CHALLENGE IS... How many can you do in 3 minutes. Give it a go and let me know in the comments how many you complete. Woohoo! 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
[Petit Déjeuner] Bonjour, On commence bien la journée par ici avec la #teamporridge 🤗 🥣 porridge aux flocons d'avoine et Douceur Cajou de @na_natureaddicts avec du sirop d'agave. Et en topping, des framboises, du beurre de cacahuètes crunchy au sirop d'érable de @pipandnut et une butter cup au caramel salé de @loveraw reçu dans la @snackiesbox de décembre 😍 Belle journée à tous !!! #sain #healthy #healthyfood #healthyeating #eatclean #organic #healthylife #healthylifestyle #mangersain #mangersainement #healthygirl #healthygirls #healthymum #healthymums #healthymom #healthymom #snackies #snackiesbox #pipandnut #loveraw
Hi protein, No fail GF Banana Bread There is (another) cute recipe vid with Honey a while back but I'll post recipe again here for those asking and because everyone needs this in their life! Gluten, Dairy and sugar free 🙌 3 eggs 3 medium/large overripe bananas 1 tsp vanilla extract 2 TBS coconut oil 1 tsp cinnamon 2 cups almond meal 2 TBS pea protein @vitaleveryday 1tsp baking powder + (1 TBS of lemon or ACV to activate) 2 TBS Honey or maple syrup (omit for baby friendly version, add extra tbs oil) Preheat oven to 160° Mash bananas and mix everything together. Pour into lined loaf pan Bake 50-70mins (depending on oven and moisture content - I don't like a soggy bread!) . . **cover halfway with foil if browning too much Have on hand for a quick breaky, snack or baby finger food (when they're big enough) and hungry husbands. It won't last long so always best to do a double batch ☺️
Frankie & Benny’s have a lighter options menu, with starters 400cal or under and mains 650cal or under!! This was my skinny pizza at 600cal ❤️ . . #thehealthyhappymumplan #thhmp #thehealthymummy #myweightlossjourney #healthymums #healthymum #healthymummy #lowcalorierecipes #caloriesincaloriesout #caloriecounting #caloriedeficit #frankieandbennys
Mummas of little ones I’ve got some words of love for you ... words of love that I wish someone had shared with me year ago ⤵️ . Your dishes and washing can wait. . Your floors and sink can be dirty. . If you are not going to talk about something in the last hour of your life why make it a priority now? . Your family does not care, they just want your LOVE which is spelt TIME 💞 . Be messy; be present. . Remember I love you. Lisa
🤰WHO HAS HAD LEG CRAMPS DURING THE NIGHT IN PREGNANCY?🤰⠀ ⠀ Sleeping is hard enough during pregnancy, you don’t need to add cramps to the mix! 😤⠀ ⠀ So here are my TOP TIPS to help PREVENT cramps:⠀ ⠀ 1. MAGNESIUM. This is a game changer. I recommend @bioceuticals Ultramuscleze Night before bed. 💫⠀ .⠀ 2. HYDRATION. Make sure you’re drinking 2-2.5L of fluid, ideally water, during each day. 💧⠀ .⠀ 3. STRETCH. This is a big one. Stretch your calves twice a day- morning and before bed every night. You can find out how to stretch in my PREGNANCY STRETCHES E-BOOK 👉 link in bio 👈 .⠀ 4. MASSAGE. Get a massage regularly making sure they focus on your legs. You could also do self-massage or guilt your partner into doing it. 🤷‍♀️ . 5. EXERCISE. Try to move your body every single day to keep the blood pumping through your muscles. Walking and swimming are great options. 🏊‍♀️ . 6. AVOID PROLONGED STANDING/SITTING. If you sit for work, make sure you get up for regular breaks and flex your feet up and down. 🦶 . 7. BATH. Have a warm bath before bed. You could also add some Epsom salts to it. 🛀⠀ ⠀ . I’d love to hear, what other tips have worked for you?⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #pregnancyproblems #pregnancycramps #legcramps #pregnancylegcramps #nightcramps #magnesium #bioceuticals #pregnancystretches #calfstretch #pregnancyebook
I think I’ve been in the kitchen for about 3 hours. Back to school baking! Freezing for school in a weeks time. . . . #backtoschool2019 #batchcooking #organized #addictedtoraw
I love how versatile the Thermomix is. One blade does it all. From cooking and stirring curries nice and gently to milling dried ingredients to fine powder, and everything in between. It took all of about 5 seconds to turn these #pepitas and #sunflowerseeds into a #glutenfree #grainfree flour. Another minute or so of blending and I’d have a #preservativefree #additivefree seed #butter ! But that’s for another day :-)
Beautiful weekend in Christchurch, Sam's away somewhere beautiful this weekend so I havnt interrupted her but hopefully shes catching me a fresh fish. Did you know that girl can fish!? And her hubby is prob out diving with his spear gun as we speak 😉 I'm sure she will fill us all in during her live workout tomorrow morning. I made these yummy Iceblocks today, kids have just berry's, water, kiwi and a squeeze of lemon juice (good way to get fruit into them) Hubby and I have the same ones (well they look the same) but I snuck some #aminoswitch into ours for added flavor and recovery for my muscles after surfing all morning. Thanks to #switchnutrition for the best quality products ever, #noartificialcolors , and leading the way in #nz and #australia with #ketoswitch which I also like making Iceblocks out of. Oh and we can't forget good ol #tupperware your Iceblocks containers are the best 👌 Happy Sunday everyone, we hope your having an amazing weekend and tune in tomorrow on the members page if you want the weekly fitness challenge! . . . . . . #sunsout #iceblocks #coolkidsclub #healthykidsfood #kiwifruit #healthymums #fitnessforlife #onlinecoaching #christchurchnz #getfitnowonline #fitin2019
This summer weather has us seriously loving our smoothie bowls, right now! Three in the last 3 days... and counting! • 💛Mango & coconut 💚Green mint choc chip ❤️Cacao bliss • What’s your favourite smoothie bowl? Do you want us to post the recipe? Comment below with a big YES! #sshkitchen #sshealth UPDATED WITH RECIPES!!! All recipes are per person - Double / triple / quadruple the recipe depending on the number of people. MANGO & COCONUT SMOOTHIE BOWL (per person) 1/2 cup Frozen mango 1/3 cup Frozen cauliflower (steamed first, cooled, then frozen) 1 tsp turmeric 1/4 can coconut milk (or cream) 1-2tbsp coconut (shredded or shaved) 2-3 tbsp collagen powder (optional) 1 tsp flax seeds (optional) Blend all ingredients in high speed blender til smooth and serve. Top with favourite extras. GREEN MINT CHOC CHIP BOWL 1 frozen banana 1/2 cup frozen zucchini (can freeze raw) 1 big handful of baby spinach 1 tbsp fresh mint (or one drop of @doterraaunz Peppermint oil) Water (or coconut water) 2-3 tbsp collagen powder (optional) 1 tsp flax seeds (optional) 1 tsp spirulina or greens powder Blend all ingredients in high speed blender til smooth and serve. Stir through cacao nibs for the chocolate chip and top with all of your favourite extras. CACAO BLISS BOWL 1 frozen banana 1/2 cup frozen zucchini or cauliflower 1/4 avocado 1 tsp cacao 2-3 tbsp collagen powder (optional) 1 tbsp hemp seeds (optional) Blend all ingredients in high speed blender til smooth and serve. Top with favourite extras. Top with extras like chia seeds, shredded coconut, coconutty granola (recipe on website), hemp seeds, matcha, cinnamon, fresh berries or fruit, cacao nibs, blob of nut butter … the list is endless…. But some healthy fats and a little protein is always welcome here to really create a macro balanced bowl!! ENJOY!!
Yesterday I talked about how using oils daily is better than occasional use. If you don’t even know where to start with that, this is an excellent, budget friendly option, if you want to try them out. We use many of these oils duly in our home and the ones we don’t use everyday I’m so grateful to have when we need them. OnGuard~daily immune support and cleaning Breathe~ breathing support, snoring Lavender~ sleep, calming, skin Melaleuca~cleaning, skin Frankincense~cell and inflammatory support Peppermint~head tension, energy, ants Oregano~anti-viral, mold Lemon~detox, cleaning, uplifting Digestzen~tummy and sinus trouble Deep Blue~Discomfort When you get started this month, you will also get a free 15ml bottle of Red Mandarin, an oil that’s not available for purchase. red Mandarin is uplifting, clarifying for the skin and is beneficial for the digestive system. If you’re ready to get started with oils, message me for more info! I have another round of oil camp starting up in a couple weeks and lots of free resources for you.
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