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Today is my own testimony Tuesday!! 📢 Two weeks ago my son and husband came down with the flu (seriously a grown man, and a teenage man boy with the flu = a great test of my love and patience). 😷 Anywho, they had the flu and I COULD NOT get the flu. Not that there is ever a good time for the flu, but I had a procedure scheduled that I didn’t want to wait another 3 months for...so flu was not an option for me. 😷 Cue my bff Thieves. Thieves contains cinnamon bark, rosemary, clove, lemon and eucalyptus oils. Because it is so potent, Young Living has included Thieves in it’s Vitality supplement line of essential oils. You can add a drop of Thieves Vitality oil to water to support immune function. You can also add a drop of Thieves oil to a mug of hot water along with 1 TBSP of raw apple cider vinegar and 1 TBSP of raw honey for an immune-supporting beverage! 😷 OR, you can do what I did, and add several drops of Thieves oil along with equal amount olive oil to make homemade capsules and take them internally. I am 💯 convinced that these Thieves capsules (plus cleaning everything down with Thieves Household Cleaner plus diffusing Thieves like crazy) is what kept the girls in the fam healthy!! 😷 So, if you’ve got germs, you need to get #thieves ! 💪💪💪
Carnaval te amo🎉❤
🔥 Fragmento del homenaje de las amigas de Club De Campo para el bat de @violeblumen 🔥 • • • Armado de letra, grabación de voces y videoclip. #videos #audio #homenaje #girls #cakes #sing #latonta
Cœur de chat. 🛒heybambino.tictail.com
Ohh Girrrrrl 🙏🏻
Heavenly 🌊
Enfin reçu 🤗 🏊‍♀️ 💦 #maillotdebain #girls #piscine
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