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this past month has probably been the biggest inspiration/creativity block i’ve ever hit and honestly that sucked. have you ever gotten so mad at yourself for wanting to do, to create something but could just never get to it due to lack of motivation & ultimately inspiration? now of course it happens to everyone from writers to painters to hollywood directors, but it’s never talked about. - on that note, i really want to pick up my camera and begin shooting again. i’m just in need of some new models. slide into my DM’s & let’s shoot!
Luz y color, @eugeniatenenbaum 🌻
Now remember kids, March comes in like a lion 🦁, and out like a T-rex 🦖.
It seems to be street photography
a very cold day
Hey @fossil thanks for the wallet 👌🏼
so far so good
Body II @eldeviento 🍃
Happy first day of spring! 🌼 I’ve already sneezed five times so we’re off to a great start 🌝
long time no see you guys😂I have so many wintery pictures to edit and by the time they're done it's gonna be summer knowing me lmao
Body I @eldeviento 💛
Got me focused. Styled by @chickeemeilystyle #sonynotsorry
“If you’re waiting for your next love, look in the mirror.” - Bridgett Devoue Model - @ellishamk Assistant - @scheneryphotography
Older shades reaching for new
Blue+yellow=green . . . I need to take new pictures
Hope you guys had a great Monday! 💛
Invierno a todo color. @eugeniatenenbaum 🌻
golden hour.
That love from freshly engaged couples is 🖤🖤
@eugeniatenenbaum y esa mirada que atrapa. 🌻
Terminando esta increíble experiencia junto a @levis_uy @levis 🌎✨💙 Estos últimos 5 días fueron lo maximo! La chance de venir a #LollaAR con personas maravillosas! Un placer haberlos conocido! @marianaabonilla @feerbonilla @vicovolkov @itsanacarbajal @mariaphilibert @javi_cardellino @loliarana 🙈 Espero volver a verlos el próximo año! Son una masa! 💙 #LiveInLevis
Orange dosage. #sonynotsorry
Sol de invierno y @eugeniatenenbaum 🌻
Channeling my inner Zorro👨🏻🤺 . . . . . Just google Zorro TV show if you’re confused 😂 Amazing jacket by @fourthingspaper photo by my girl @dphotopro hope you all had a great weekend!!❤️
Wild child
Ready to be back in warm, sunny Palm Springs. 🌵✌🏻
sorry we’re out of flour tacos shells
You are not only interesting, but original, not only good enough but exceptional- not just here, but here for a purpose. @darling
faint possibilities
back in the bay for 2 weeks!! if any wants to shoot hmu 💛
sunset cove
Moving has consumed me for the past few weeks but I am finally settling in! I am now primarily in North Carolina so if anyone wants to set up a shoot here, drop me an email or DM! I shoot everything from fashion and headshots, to family portraits, event photography(and videography!), boudoir and more! Specifically for any military families, I am looking to expand into shooting homecomings now that I live by an army post, so if you have a soldier coming home, let a girl know 😉 I am looking forward to meeting new clients and creating beautiful photos with you 😘 Happy Sunday & I promise I will be back to posting regularly here 😂
I hope your Sunday is twirl-iffic! #badjoke
vibrant Model: @colettesierra
vibrant Model: @colettesierra
vibrant Model: @colettesierra
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