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let your heart burn with loving kindness for all who may cross your path -‘Abdu’l-Bahá models: @lil_meeeesh and Vafa Amin
Aveces sonreír facilita todo! Hoy le tocó a @mariiayala01 bancarme 😂 Tremenda tarde, con mucho frío pero mientras conoces gente nueva se disfruta igual🙏 Así como la ven en la foto sonriendo... así estuvo toda la sesión 🙌
Constantly amazed by the beauty of Earth.
so bad this cutie doesn’t have Instagram or anything, uh
i don’t trust anything or anyone below the sun. ☀️
the back of your head is ridiculous! 😂😂 I couldn’t help myself! name the show if you know this reference. But really, @rawwbeautystudio is ridiculously talented 😍 More from my wedding hair and makeup trial💗
Back in May I went to NY for the very first time. The culture, the food, the atmosphere, and the people are so different from LA. Everyone is trying to make it big and I really respect the hustle and grind of NY. Glad I got to experience and explore the city with @farahzia. I met so many creatives in the NY area and I hope to be back in the big apple sometime this year . . . . .  @darkmornings @starlight.features @waitingontheworld @bleachfilm @filmpalette @quietthechaos #bravogreatphoto #ftwotw #seamyphotos #moodyports #folkfilm #ftmedd #featuredpalette #agameofportraits #globe_people #collectivetrend #portraitfolk #creativeportraits #buildandbloom #pulsefilm #moodyfilm #visualsoflife #2instagood #l0tsabraids #gramkilla #earth_portraits5k #featuremebest #pursuitofportraits #featuremyshot #collectingportraits #funsizedaccount #globe_portraits #portrait_perfection #ig_mood #portraitmood #vscocam
One of my favorite parts about Japan, and one that saved us on rainy days, was the covered shopping streets. There’s so much life in them.
Another one from forever ago in FL☀️
a lil throwback
Last day with @bocajrsoficial ! Had an awesome time shooting these guys!
Virtual Insanity
Need to take in more sunshine🌞
El verano pasado con @whoevermartais
here's a legend behind and infront of the camera
Valeria Alfageme. Follower of God. Leader of Worship. Prayer Warrior. Beautiful beyond compare. You are so blessed 🌹 Can’t wait to see you on Sunday!
unfortunate that her shadow doesn't look like Rihanna
The deer on the right is me 🦌
when I was young, I fell in love.
Sometimes i have a hard time deciding what i want for dinner. Actually it’s a lot of the time 😂
Heaven help the fool who falls in love
Dark Matter Theory. #coffee #stopbadcoffeeworldwide P.S. I have an obsession on brewing good coffee lately... Let me practice brewing coffee for you..
BlOGGER POSE😂 I wish I could tell you I naturally pop a squat like this during my workouts, hand magically placed on my hip without a second thought, but NOT THE CASE😜 That’s not real life, well for me at least. While the workout happened, the shot took a little more effort. Just keeping it real 😉✌️Life is so much more enjoyable if you can laugh a little at yourself ❤️ Do you guys like IG vs. real life? What else do you want to know that’s behind the scenes!?
i’m convinced that if i were half the person my dog is, i’d be twice the person i am now. ❤️🐾
I want to be someone who intentionally chooses Love. It’s easy to be bitter or be filled with anger. Especially with all of the things going on in life and in the world right now. I don’t want that though. I want to be someone who intentionally chooses to love people, and search for the good things that are happening in the world. Love Wins.
Just got around to looking at my Japan pictures so I’ll be posting my favorites on here 🗡
surrounded 🍃🌸
can’t think of a caption 🙄
All you’re gettin’ is all that you see 👀
Hope everyone had a great weekend. Scorching weather but I wasnt complaining. Had an awesome shoot and a graduation party. Next weekend will be a busier one since I go to TN for more shoots. Have you guys planned out your summer already? Where are you guys headed? * * * #thecreative #quietthechaos #makeportraitsnotwar #vscoportraits #2instagood #funsizedaccount #portrait_gold #agameoftones #tangledinfilm #chicagomodels #portrait_like #midwestmodel #777luckyfish #portraitgame #hvmansouls #visualmasterz #theportraitcentral #folkportraits #portraitsociety #withhumans #portraitsedition #theportraitproject #portrait_perfection #expofilm3k #assortedportrait #photohunted #artofportrait #10tsabraids #rsa_portraits #portraitschicago
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