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Special thank you to this little gem @codiemay_ for motivating me, suggesting ideas and pushing both me and herself from our comfort zones. Codie is a top girl who owns her own business, has 7 cats, is mentally strong and has been there to talk with in some strange transitional periods in my recent life. She's organised and motivated which is something I often need and appreciate. I'm still pulling my hair out trying to get better at lighting but she looked awesome in this shoot. Looking forward to further creative projects in the near future 🔮🌆📷
Rain + New York = fun Sunday walk
appreciate in every chapter of your life🥀🌹🍂🍁 #fujithailand #fujixseries #fujixclub #fujixseriesclubthailand #fujixe3 #xf35mmf14
|#fujixpro2 | •Boy uploads photo 7 days late• #TravelCompanions
街中のコマーシャリズムに乗ったイルミネーションではなく正統派なので、ちょっと遊んでみました。 #富士フイルム #xシリーズ #Fujifilm #Fujifilmxt3 #fujixfam #fujifilm_xseries #fujinon #fujifilmxseriesjapan #fujixseries #fujifilmjp_x #teamfujifilm #fujixclub #xphotographer #今日もX日和 #富士フィルムに恋してる #xf18 -135mm
Cause i've been looking at the sky to show me where i went wrong
Another shot from my lovely little @fujifilm_global #x100f A walk around Lemvig harbour...
Are these for catching 🦀... Don’t really know... I always have my @fujifilm_global #x100f with me.... Never know what the day will bring and sometimes you can get a good catch 📸
Le prospettive dei solitari
La Pedriza X-T3 + XF 23 mm F/1,4R
ITG is my channel for sharing my positivity and good vibes. i see it also as a support to increase creativity and imagination. i can use it freely for sharing everything i want. i choose to write in english for the purpose of simplicity, because english can be understood by a large majority. and also because i love the way my mind works in english, the way i think and understand things. but french is my native tongue, that’s why i’m feelin’ a little bit guilty each time if i don’t translate it. i also think french and english is so harmonious merged together. i love writing sentences in french and intertwine sometimes some english words. it’s a perfect marriage. i started this account recently. about two months ago. so i’m still learning every intricacy of the game, trying to do not fall for the get-popular-quick schemes offered on this kind of social media. i just experiment for the moment this new playground which allow me to do my favorite thing : read and write in english. share my thoughts and pictures. enjoy the few time that i spend here. and see what happen.
Love is in the air ♥️♥️♥️
RED WEEK Tuesday 53mm inspirational shot taken by @boombayeeaah Inspiration is the Intention _____________________________________________________________ Ali was a 1 of 2 53mm shooters, who last week inspired me to run RED WEEK. Here is another to hopefully inspire more RED shots from more of you. That super cinematic feel remains strong in the composition and finish and that red presence intertwines with the cool blue light brilliantly. The fact that the shot is almost cut in half by both hues is a great effect. Bring on more of your RED 53mm shots Peeps. In the meantime, bravo again Ali. _____________________________________________________________ CONDITIONS: For your XF35mm photo to be showcased on the _53mm_ feed this week attach: #_53mm_ + write the word RED in your post _____________________________________________________________ # fuji #fujifilm #fujinon #fujifilmme #fujifilmmy #fujifilmfr #fujifilmasia #fujicamerasaus #fujifilmnordic #fujifilm_xseries #fujixclub #fujixnet  #xf35mm #fujifilm_uk #fujifilm35mm #peoplescreatives #justgoshoot #exploretocreate #teamfuji #fujifilmeu #fujifilm_northamerica #fujifilmxworld_es #fujilove #fujifeed
Venice beach today at sunset. Fujifilm GFX 50s & Mamiya 80mm 2.8
⬇️Description⬇️ —————————————————————————-📷 London Street—————————————————————————-
Bali traditional Barong Dance, Ubud
Extol Him who rides on the clouds #psalm68
This took 8 months to construct. . ▪️Hanoi 12/18 ▪️Konica c35 ▪️Eterna Vivi 160
This same world that cries, rebuilds. This same world that is shattered, heals.
Just passing through 🐘 The Matriarch leads her herd through the Amakhala Bushveld 📷 & 🖥 (Edit) - @imlaurencharlie 🦒
Morning light at henri Bourassa metro station.
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