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A 79 días de iniciar este camino, hoy fue uno de esos días en que me quería comer al mundo, me sentía tan bien que quería hacer de todo, desgraciadamente no se puede, pero poco a poco nos lo vamos a comer, ahorita es de pequeñas mordidas, en uno días más será de grandes bocados, lo importante es seguir como siempre, SIEMPRE ADELANTE. #Hodgkin #Linfoma #LinfomaDeHodgkin #HodgkinsLymphoma #Lymphoma #HodgkinLymphoma #Cancer #ABVD #Quimioterapia #Quimio #Chemotherapy #Chemo #MalditoCancer #VamosTodavia #FuckCancer #ActitudAl100 #CancerFighters #CancerFighter #LuchaContraElCancer #ReasonToLive #ActitudAl100 #BuenaActitud #Radioterapia #Radiotherapy #Radiaciones #Recaida #IGEV #AlwaysAhead #Cansado #CansadoPeroFeliz
The first kid I met when I moved to Butte. Life gets to busy. Appreciate friends and life. Best friends live on. Love you Murph...#fuckcancer #family #Neversawathreehedidntlike #denydenydeny
Made some #Tincture out of the #cannatonic4 #perkinscut for a family member who suffers from #epilepsy doesn't want to get high so this should help. #indoor #organic #rso #vg #mmmp #michiganmeds #fuckcancer #fuckepilepsy #growyourown #staymedicated #staygreennevermean
You are the Angel of my wings. Miss you Mama Bear! #fuckcancer #guardianangel @toddandlaverne
So if there's one post of mine that you actually read, I hope it's this one. A few weeks ago I gave my folks a call just to see how they were doing and my mom told me that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Naturally, I packed the stuff up with the brother and we made the almost four hour drive out to see her and my pops to show em support(also it was my dad's birthday that weekend so why not make the drive). I took my camera along and shot almost every morning and evening I could, but my head was just off somewhere else, constantly thinking about life and well being and how immensely blessed we've been as a family to not have to deal with the health issues that so many people face, and live with daily. The day my mom broke the news was the day all of that became real to me. No matter what has gone on in her children's lives our mother has been there, pushing us into becoming the best form of ourselves we could ever be. She has always been the glue holding all of us together as we grow up and apart. I guess all I'm trying to say is, fuck cancer. Here's to spring and rebirth, to new beginnings and all of the colorful possibilities a new season brings us. And cheers to you mom🥂. I'm excited for spring and what it means to me as a photographer, but even moreso I'm grateful for what it means for our family. Love ya mom🤗 . . . . . #pnwcollective #thatpnwlife #washingtonexplored #agameoftones #landscapehunters #pnwtameless #compassoutdoors #naturesmarvels #pnwonderland #moodygrams #beautifuldestinations #illgrammers #wanderlust #upperleftusa #waterfalls #sonyalpha #worldmastershots #nwisbest #visualsoflife #exploremore #fatalframes #ignaturelovers #cascadiaexplored #photographyislife #igmasters #artofvisuals #worldclasslandscapephotographers #waterfallwednesday #nwisbest #fuckcancer (This shot was taken off trail at Panther Creek falls down by the campground a bit off trail)
R.I.P. to my old adventure friend Sonia. I remember sitting in your Dad's restaurant writing up fake happy customer reviews to tape to the walls and going trick or treating in completely inappropriate costumes when we were entirely too old. You took me to New Orleans for the first time, and I sliced my finger open and bled all over your mom's car cuz I didn't want to stop and get actual stitches that would slow us down, and your dog stunk to high hell from some steaming gangrenous sore it wouldn't let heal and we took swamp boat tours and followed stray chickens to abandoned houses where we could get high and we watched the sun rise from the beach in Biloxi and I had to hold you back from pulling a knife on your mom until we all settled down, and then running into each other floating on opium (I forget if I gave it to you or you gave it to me) at an art parade a year later on Lundi Gras. I remember you peer pressuring your Mom to take "BONG HITS 4 JESUS!" and trying to seduce nerdy English dudes you met while researching your family crest and "I don't care if he's my cousin, he's a super distant one and if he flies here it's going down." You were batty as shit and beautiful and I'll think of you every time I watch Velvet Goldmine or any Beatles movie. You were the first person to ask me to shoot your wedding, which didn't last very long, but hey, Elvis was there. I regret not seeing you more when you were actually back in the same country and city as me these last couple years. We were close at a time in my life where I still believed there was magic in the world, and I hope to again, because then maybe we'll see each other again someday someway somehow. Make way for baby, you sonuvabitch. #FuckCancer
×/ Zoobert appreciation post! 💕 THIS QUEEN IS 9 YEARS CANCER FREE!!! I remember celebrating 8 last year!!! We've grown so close over the past year and I'm so thankful to have you as a Friend, Sister, & Daughter!!!! Love you bb! @zoiethompsonn 🌷💖😻🤗
dear may - thank you. for almost 2 decades of friendship. for being a sister. for showing compassion and empathy. for taking me in spokane and letting me sleep on the couch 3-4 days a week without having me pay rent to make sure i was in good company. for allowing me to sleep on the couch at the west seattle house 3-4 days a week without having me pay rent to make sure i was in good company. for letting sedona and bugsy be friends. for being so freaking goofy. for having that beautiful smile that makes everyone happy. for defying the odds. for showing the world around you how to love fearlessly. it is an honor and blessing to have you as a friend. • • • rest in peace, love and power, may. you are with us in spirit and through david, p-nut, izzy, diego, your brother, parents and all others that love you. #mayfights #fuckcancer
In honor of world down syndrome day we rocked our crazy socks #miastrong 🎗 #downsyndrome #fuckcancer
Yes this just happened! #wishusluck @californiafrozenpoppers #hardwork pays off
We had boston since he was 6 months old and he was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. Unfortunately he passed away this evening. Rest in peace babyboy, we had a lot of good times 😔♥️ #fuckcancer
At the end of the day... what matters the most are the connections we make... the paths we cross and the people who leave us with a mark on our hearts and a truer meaning of what really matters... Today we celebrate Roxann and wish her the happiest 50th birthday. Cancer free and blessed beyond measure. I am honored to bake for those with food allergies and dietary restrictions. My passion and my path. Thank you to all who have supported me on this journey!! #beehivebakerygirl #dedicatedglutenfreebakery #vegan #fuckcancer #warrior #blessed #💛🐝💛
Ms. #daisy and her #kittens 💗💗💗💗 #fuckcancer #imasurvivor
I swear I never expected it to be like this. Everyday we lit 😎😉
#repost from @n.devine83 Check his page out guys for more info.. and by the way #fuckcancer 🙏💯💯💯Regrann from @n.devine83 - Post for the big waffle, please ask before u purchase so we dont take money for spits we dont have, i will put closed on this post when its closed. Thanks to all who helpped in this amazing cause The video is up @theresistance_crew 1. 2. 3.@coilfeen2636 4.@kingfatty2112 5. 6.@tattewd117 7.@austin_vapes_alot 8.@david.settles 9.@so_co_vaper 10. 11.@cam_man_dan 12.@apic22 13.@caspercoils 14. 15. - #regrann 🙏✨🙏✨🙏✨🙏✨🙏✨🙏✨🙏✨🙏✨🙏✨🙏✨🙏✨🙏✨🙏✨🙏✨🙏✨🙏✨🙏✨🙏🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭
I don’t get overly personal on social media but I’m stoked to say my dad kicked cancers ass! I got to spend a few days last week with him in Florida and he’s doing great!! #fuckcancer #cancer #survivor
Remission is feelin’ pretty damn good. 🌴☀️🌺🤙🏼 #fuckcancer #battlescar
Friends give you a shoulder to cry on. But best friends are ready with a shovel to hurt the person that made you cry!!! #putabitchinahole #igotyourbackyougotmine #beautiful #badasswomen #fuckcancer #movienight
Believe it or not shit like this keep me going‼️ Just to know other people care mean a lot💪🏽 It’s a movement #fuckcancer #hollywoodstrong 💪 #luekemiaawareness
I see way too many people these days complaining about minor things: “my hair is everything to me”, “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”, “my job sucks” and everything in between. Here’s the reality; as I hear these things being said, no one ever stops to think that someone fighting a horrible disease once had hair that meant everything to them but they lost it to chemo. What doesn’t kill them really DOES make them stronger. And they would love to have the ability to complain about not loving their job but are often too sick to go. Moral of the story: before we complain, let’s stop to appreciate how good we really have it 💯 I count our blessings every day that he is fully in remission, cancer free, and doing 100% better than just a year ago. We didn’t think it was possible to come such a long way in a short amount of time. This is my warrior right here. I respect all that he is and appreciate everything he was and will be 💕 #fuckcancer #wegotthis #beatingittogether #endrant
#bravepower #hotdogdiariesround2 #fuckcancer Camp Life There is still a crazy amount of snow here. It’s a good thing for the mine as it’s more water for the mill to run with and keeps everyone working. We’ve even had pea sized ice pellets. For the first time in four years I am embarrassed to say I slept in past the start of work. I must have been tired and I am appreciative of my supervisor who had a laugh and essentially said the same thing and told me not to worry. Tomorrow Avery will be admitted. He and Rhonda will be on my mind. But I need to have a rested mind. Sleep is calling hard. Smile and do random acts of kindness.
#thefutureisnow almost got run over by this guy as I got out of the elevator today. Scared the 💩out of me!! #hospitallife #ucsf #tug #ai #robot #technology #priorities #fuckcancer #support #Instamood #🤯
“This is the first picture Daddy took of me on the ride home from the Brooklyn ACC. I was so relieved and as you can see, felt safe for the first time in a bit.” - this is Lily’s freedom ride picture. We got into the car and she immediately put her head down on my leg and sank in like a lead weight. I could actually feel her emotional relief. Saving Lily has to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, really. She has instinctively known when I’m (or anyone for that matter) is stressed and comes over immediately to offer comfort from the minute she came home. She’s truly amazing, as you’ll all see along her journey. #Lily #LilyFastEars #LilyBean #LilBoogie #LilyAnn #ourlifewithlily #loveourlily #lovemylily #freedomride #pibbleprincess #pibblelife #pibblemamma #pibble #bullylife #A1026921 #formerlya1026921 #baccsurvivor #accsurvivor #fuckcancer #fightcancer #cancerfighter #hemangiosarcomafighter #lovelife #livelifehappy #happypuppy
: I’ve been participating in the ACS walk and roll for over 10 years now. Originally I walked because, well, fuck cancer. As years passed, I continued to walk in honor or memory of friends and family affected by cancer. The last 4 years, I’ve walked because someone special to me succumb to cancer. This year is no different. January 17, my love my light, my Boo Monster, Fenster lost his fight with pancreatic cancer. There is currently a trial on a cancer fighting drug that benefits both humans and canines. Today, as you read this I hope I may motivate you. Motivate you to learn more, to talk to those you love, to-donate to Team Fensterforever for the Walk and Roll. To give pause (paws) about this horrific disease that affects all creatures. If nothing else, may Boo and I motivate you to send your very love and light to all that are bravely fighting this damn beast today. Love and knowledge are free and so very powerful. #fensterforever #fuckcancer #pardonthyfrench (thanks for the amazing leggings!)
🎈Happy Birthday in Heaven Dad🎈 I miss you like crazy🐞 #fuckcancer #fuck #brain #cancer #wish #here #defeat #grief #one #day #kissdacurb
Back to back hospital visits all week have me seriously wanderlusting for the @melbgirlsoutside Grampians trip this weekend. Or any adventure really. Or just fresh air and natural light. But it’s only 8 more sleeps until an epic Easter Getaway so in the meantime I’m gonna cram as many doctors appointments as I can in, cook ALL the wholefoods I can find, and have some delicious catch ups with people like @hannahkentwrites , @heidipaynter , @wholefoodmamas and my awesome bro’s and their wives. Because laughing with friends and family is as good a medicine as this hospital shit. 💕 Thanks @organicangels for the beautiful, nourishing veggies as always 😘 . . . . . . #fuckcancer #cancer 🖕 #wholefoods #cooking #paleo #sugarfree #wheatfree #dairyfree #bloodtypediet #adventuremamas #melbgirlsoutside #radiationtherapy #radiotherapy #livingwithcancer #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #tnbc #rethinkbreastcancer #rethinkpink #thrivor #organicangels #organicfood #eatlocal #localfood #ethicalfood #livelife #lovelife #tinygreenhands
Can't believe Nana is gone. The woman we thought would be around forever lost her battle to cancer this morning. I'm so lucky to have had a Nana like Helen. This woman is a sensation. Not a day went by that she wasn't spreading her infectious laugh. Her sense of humour and lust for life is yet to be matched. She had advice for any situation and never pushed her opinion on anyone. I only hope I will be half the woman Nana was. I love you so much and we are all going to miss you every day until we meet again. 💞💞💞 #rip #nana #family #guardian #angel #fuckcancer
Colouring a 🐝& 🦋 #fuckcancer
Little buddy's staying strong💪🏻 #fuckcancer
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