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-open rp- you stuff ur wallet and keys into ur purse as u leave ur apartment. ur already late for work so u decide to arrive even later (but physically healthier) by taking the stairs instead of the elevator down to the parking lot. u turn around a corner on ur floor and open the first door to ur right. u stop in the threshold, surprised. right in front of u is... him. the Boy of Ya Dreams™. with his buttered popcorn hair, Sicc Shades, and all blue fit (along with the watered-down acrylic body which he painted on himself), there he is, in all his glory, standing a mere metre from u on the stairs. ur in awe. he lifts his chin and smirks at u before he says "come with me". u watch him skip up a few steps before he realizes u ain't followin so he comes back down and asks, "well?" and after a few more seconds of staring at him like :0 u make urself take a step towards him and it sends a force wave that throws him lightly against the wall. "wow!" he exclaims. you impressed him! -continue in comments-
i’d choose forests over beaches, suburbs over cities, calmness over chaos any day. i miss running in a park and literally running into grandmas on a bike with childhood friends(sorry), i miss taking the bus for two hours just to get to the other side of my huge city for my favorite rice noodle place, i miss walking home with my best friends through the wide roads and narrow streets... i miss having a home. in many ways los angeles reminds me of my hometown. sadly, the city part of it but not the homey, cozy part. my town is not idle anymore. the city of canton is rapidly changing every second, and every summer of staying here blurs my memories more and creates more missing pieces. i listened to this song so much during summer, it’s kinda weirdly interesting how i ended up bumping into conan on one of my worst days in la. our first encounter before this was awkward, but being cone, of course he disregarded this. that convo was much needed, and it was great. small town hearts, dreamed of and lived in big cities, once again being trapped in an urban scenes. conan is way cooler than i am, but in many ways i’m glad i can have such a talented friend who shares many similar experiences with me. in a grand scheme like los angeles, a wind down chat in a coffee shop was much needed. there will be many more summers of missing out and missing home. my town is not idle, nor is my heart. maybe this is why memories are the most precious of all, better than anything i could ask for.
don't shoot in laundry mats, the lighting is butt
inhale. exhale. // reminders.
//John Muir
Yosemite is always a good get away!📸
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hmu if ur interested in taking some pics bc I'm in need of some asap
No one is you and that is your power. 👑
When did all our problems get so small #ajr photo by @clay42johnson
modern art
Grings 📸
eyes wide s h u t
"I know the rain like the clouds know the sky. I speak to birds and tell them where to fly. I sing the songs that you hear on the breeze. I write the names of the rocks and the trees."
Found a new spot to shoot🔹🔹
friends > skyline/whatever
"i'll see you in another life" - panama
Winter break 🌛
sunburns and reflections
Abbi looks zen af but it was raining and freezing so props to her
onde as linhas se encontram
Nur Schall und Rauch was bleibt.
13/12/2017 Was gefällt Euch besser farbige Fotos oder lieber klassisch schwarz weiß? @n.lng
This was the most colorful shoot 🧚🏻‍♀️😋🌈 Nuovo video sul mio canale 🎥 con @rickykingtm ! Link in bio⬆️⭐️
The crew📸🔝🤘😍 📸- @alexandrabengan
¿Os habeis planteado la cantidad de personas que somos a lo largo de nuestra vida? Es como la serpiente cuando muda la piel, ¿Sigue siendo la misma? Con la genial @malu_bolea
Sometimes I think of small gestures. If our lives fit into an infinite web of small gestures, memories and past experiences, isn’t there a chance that we just might find bits of ourselves in someone else? — Joseph Chibike @thoughtcatalog
hallucination həˌluːsɪˈneɪʃ(ə)n/ noun an experience involving the apparent perception of something not present. "he continued to suffer from horrific hallucinations"
Monday 🙃 w/ @marcuslowgren
Transformation from a deer into a unicorn. by @xenia.lau
Some winter days still feel warm 11/365
lmao, literally two guys next to me are talking about someone being gay. pansexual. a word even my phone is still trying to autocorrect it. let’s talk in labels today for the convenience of it. sexuality is never that big of a taboo to me. it’s something we all feel and experience since pre-teen hood. it’s part of human nature, it’s not something that’s somehow holy or somehow evil. that’s how i feel about my own sexual orientation. it’s confusing, i don’t fully understand myself in that way. but at the same time i treat it playfully, not being straight is normal and okay, it’s not a life or death situation that i want to stress about every day(unless you say i need to tell my parents then, shit). i can easily be classified as ‘demisexual’, i care more about personality if anything. for fuck sakes, i might even be asexual, knowing that i treat topics such as sex and relationship so casually. and then there’s bisexual, there’s pan-romantic, you see where i’m going with this? labels are stupid, but everything can go under the lgbtq+ community and i’m happy about that. but visibility matters. the presence of exotic homosexuality like the MY MY MY! music video matters, and the presence of pure happiness like In A Heartbeat and songs like “In The Middle” matters. step by step, i hope everyone can just be who they are without being judged or having to come out. meanwhile, protect your feminine lil pan-ish gummy bear while she continues her gay agenda xx
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