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Make art poppin'. Yeezyfrican 📸: Allan " Portraitist" HANIT Place to be : @vista.lounge @tope_horpload @akobs_ #photooftheday #photographers #artlovers #yeezy #forprez #naturallight
❤️❤️❤️ #csulike #forprez #magzatom #kisded
Running for office 2020. #forprez #libritarianparty #liberalandproud
When they think of me they think of you ❤️ . . . I love you, I love doing life with you. Easiest decision I’ve ever made was to be yours for life. #teamsaraandzac
Happy Birthday to my boy! Because of you I know true unconditional love && never go a day without the biggest cuddles. You’re my buddy && I love you forever! . Happy Birthday to my Gunny Boy. ❤️❤️
@ocasio2018 AOC is the only super model for me! #alexandraocasiocortez #forprez
#walmart could learn a thing or two from #target 😉 #thisguy #forprez #comeatmebro
Todays picture are of my ALL CDs . ALL is a punk rock band from California, formed after the initial hiatus of the Descendents, Bill, Stephen, and Karl wanted to continue making music, so they found various people to do lead vocals for them, and making music slightly different than The Descendents . In my picture above are the albums Allroy Sez (1988), Allroy for Prez (1988), Trailblazer (1990), Allroy’s Revenge (1989), Allroy Saves (1990), New Girl, Old Story (1991), Breaking Things (1993), Percolater (1992), ALL (1999), Mass Nerder (1998), Live Plus One (2001), and Problematic (2000). I’m still missing a copy of Pummel (1995), and I’m currently working on getting their discography on vinyl as well. All CDs are signed by the band, minus the lead vocalist, and Problematic is not signed. . #cd #music #album #punk #all #band #descendents #not #scottreynolds #davesmalley #chadprice #stephenegerton #karlalveraz #billstevenson #allroy #forprez #revenge #saves #tonylombardo #tonyall #percolater #breakthings #massnerder #problematic #discography #cdjunkie #cdgeek #cdcollection #signed
4 years ago today we moved out of our house in Harrisburg. So obv a #throwback of one of my fave pics from PA is in order! . Everyone should have a bestie (or two)that will explore every random city you can throw a dart on a map at and call home. . 📷: @hansomm 👯‍♀️: @kim_pim
Merry belsnickel day you impish mothafuckkasss😘 #belsnickel #dwightschrute #forprez
⚜️🖤💛Who Dat! Ya Heatd!👊🖤💛⚜️
When your little cousin says she wants to run for president!! #havenofear #craftsaremythang #forprez !
Har lavet en aftale med min kæreste om at spise risengrød hver anden uge indtil jul 🤘 . . #risengrød #forprez #mørkøl #ricepudding
This #ElectoralPolitics thing is positively confusing. Wimmyn always have to clean up white boys' shit. Might as well be these three. #GetBusy #yup #FuckTrump @mskristinawong #ForPrez
To think how much I loved him then. . Our current life was seemingly impossible in the eyes on this beach but the fire of the love and teamwork (because marriage is SO much teamwork) and the dream never died. I think we sometimes let our current situation blur the past but yet we would be nothing without the struggles. . In life we needed to be broke to appreciate being comfortable. We needed to have the downs to appreciate the ups. We needed to sacrifice so we could appreciate the ability to have what we desire. We had to move to appreciate finally feeling planted. . I would not change one single day to be where we are now. . The rest is unwritten but I know I can do anything with you by my side. ❤️ . 📸: Sandals Ocho Rios// September 2013 Hair & Body: goals 😵
O putaaaaain #shadow #fish for #free merciiii le Sááaaang #haha @mattgiud #forprez #Tonmpellier #zoo 🔥
@postmalone 🔥🔥 + ObieThaMan 🐈💙 = All i need 💍👑 #postmalone #catlady #forprez #mustbelove
Shout out to @ikeausa for giving me twenty of these in the middle of a power outtage. // #Ikea #ForPrez
Canceller ses rendez-vous restait la quête libertaire la plus immediate qui soit. 🐎 #vousparlerezentrevous #appelersespotespourrien #call #me #baby #canaps #sofa #freud #edwardbernays @pascalviscardi #forprez
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We’ve been looking for you! 👀 #bubblybleuboutique
Bloom where you are planted! . Happy Tuesday Rockstars! . Tap Photo to Shop this floral top!
My face when 80 degrees in Cincinnati is in the forecast! . Swing on, swingas! #wagmorebarkless
News Flash: Pina Colada Calories don’t count. . Last day of Vacation. 8pm Flight. Full day in the sun. Rum floater. It’s 5:00 somewhere. Yolo
🔙👀👀👀 #SwipePost : 😍 Awww Yeaaa! My sweet #HowardTheDuck #ForPrez #80sTees #TShirt came in the other day! #Fresh #DuckBilled Stylin', yo! I own a crazy amount of #DuckThemed shirts. 🦆🤔 Seeing it made me wanna dig thru my #Comix boxes and read the Howies in my #ComicCollection . Like a #Nerd . 🤓 (#DestroyerDuck thrown in for good measure. It kinda counts if Gerber was involved, right? Plus you can't go wrong with #KingKirby !) 💖👍💕 #SteveGerber #JackKirby #ForPresident #TrappedInAWorldHeNeverMade #Marvel #MarvelComics #Comics
Over here looking for Summer like....🤔😩 . #aprilsnow #snowthankyou #islamujeres
“Just tell me you love me ONE time”- other things I say to my dogs 🐾 . 📝 Cred: @wyattswae #wagmorebarkless
Early #openingday / late #airmaxday post. My current collection of @therealkengriffeyjr ‘s contributions to the #airmax phenomenon. . . . . #swingman #junior #forprez #inductkid #jackierobinson #fury #freshwater #teal #gomariners
In the 1800’s the 12th amendment was adopted to fix a mistake in the Constitution that had allowed Thomas Jefferson to tie in the electoral college with the Vice President candidate Aaron Burr. #voting #electoralcollege #mistake #johnadamsandthomasjefferson #forprez
Self LOVE y’all. -knowin when you just need air -turning the world off for a minute -slowing down -feet up -hydration . #brb #havingarecordyear
Stay young kids. 😩
The bottom of this board is ill too. This picture could b called so many things, butt I think I'm going with: No Offense To My Cuntrymen - Just had to cover up one little color blotch. Gives that Bones Reds brand a-whole-nother meaning, don't it? No. Yeah, with that font... #bones #reds #notacommie #ijustliketogofast I voted. Butt not for Reebok Pump. #reebokpump Pretty appropriate spot for a Boneyard Skate Co., I mean Paint Co. sticker. #literally -- Life's a lot about adapting. To random Public Dumps. #publicdump #forprez --- Don't doo anything I woodn't doo. Peace Middle East #rock
A sneak peek from yesterday’s shoot! Can’t always be strictly business with us. So fun in floral in a field was a must! . So much thanks to @septembergracephoto for putting up with our craziness! We appreciate you! . #everybrunetteneedsablonde #bubblybleuboutique
Heart on Long Island Planted in Cincinnati && future where the wind may take us. . Home is wherever I’m with you ❤️
@megafordkingkrush and the JSJ truck put on one of the wildest shows of the evening at @cowboysorlando diring @officialtrucksgonewild Monster Eve Tugs. We’ll leave it a mystery whether this was scripted or not 😜 #kingkrush #forprez #cowboys #florida #dieselnation #letthecoalroll #ford #powerstroke #superduty #tugofwar #triplexlife #showusyourtriplex #wemakeyoufamous
Sweaters are better when worn together 🤗 . 30% Off All Day, All Sweaters! Use Promo Code: 12DAYSOFBUBBLY . Bubbly Babes, it’s cold outside! Bundle up! ❄️
Feels so good after 3 weeks of non-stop hectic travel to spend my Saturday post workout camped on the couch, uploading new inventory for the coming week & counting life’s blessings. . No place I’d rather be. ❄️☕️🙏🏼
Live from Bubbly headquarters! Mission Statement: FurMom Fashion For All! . Pictured here: The Triple Shot The Taz Man The Sara
Let me tell you— this whole Black Friday from Home, thing is amazing. . Best of both worlds enjoying the hype & seeing people so excited for their purchases yet being in my home with family & checking on the business from bed —Priceless y’all! Feeling super blessed this year! . This amazing weekend has only just begun! @bubblybleuboutique . #Shop the boutique all day today for 35% off every order. Use Promo Code BLEUBLACKFRIDAY at checkout! Link is in my BIO! Happy Shopping!
Perfect day for a scarf! . Cozy up with one of our faves! . The Carolina The Almond Joy The Fuzzy Flamingo . Last day to take advantage of our Pre-Black Friday sale . 15% off all orders using promo code BLEUBEFOREBLACK
Cruising #maui like #vote for @officialdannytrejo ✌🏼#forprez
Completely complete! . Shop the look: The Grey Skies fringe scarf with The Chilled Smooth in Burgundy! . Use Promo Code BLEUBEFOREBLACK All weekend for 15% off your orders! 😘😘
My boy Tiny! He's not a young man anymore, but he carries himself with regal royal attitude. All Hail Prince Tiny, the master of all laps. #love #dog #tiny #forprez
And all the momma's with littles popping teeth said "AMEN". #copaiba #forprez
All I ever hear from niggas is what they prolly doing🤔but they be really talking bout what I be doing 🤷🏽‍♂️😎 #Milly #forprez
I wear a ton of hats. 👒 . I am a proud #wifey An obsessed dog mom A best friend, a sister, a daughter. I love my cousins. I run 3 different businesses that I am insanely proud of. I am a mentor, leader & peer to a couple hundred of the best people the wine industry could ever know! 🍷 I hold my health as a top priority & value my God given ability to exercise. I love being busy but developed a side of introvert I'm not mad about. . This past month, my business partner & best friend took on a huge undertaking of opening our own boutique-- a long time dream of both of ours. If you haven't already, check it out Bubbly Bleu Boutique! . We have been blown away by the way it has bloomed over the past few weeks and incredibly blessed by the support we've received. It's been a wild ride, but you know what they say, if the Hat fits-- rock it. So proud to add this to one of my many hats. . I'm home on Long Island, enjoying 2 weeks of working from my parents house, seeing all of my favorite people, and eating the best food. 🙈😂 I can't help but feel so blessed as I sit here banging out a few hours of work and so fortunate to have the opportunity to work for myself, build my dreams from wherever I plant myself & work my tail off to create the perfect "Ever After" for Zac & I. It's times like this I have to pinch myself. I guess I don't know where I'm going with this but to say I'm wildly lucky to live this life of mine. . May we all take a min to soak up the little things. After all, they are the big things. 🤗
&& that's the story folks! 🐾 . #dogmomaf . Shop this tee here www.etsy.com/shop/teehouseboutique . Or click the link in our bio!
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