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Had a refreshing time meeting a like-minded person and photographer @dannybalister 💫
What are you looking forward to doing in #simplysantafe this weekend? Whatever it is I hope it’s a great one! ✨
Fam, we’ve teamed up with a few of our ambassadors to bring you guys a huge Christmas giveaway. We're hookin you up with over $500 worth of Lander gear——that includes two backpacks, two phone cases, lanterns, power banks, charging cables, and more. RULES: • Must be following: @explorelander @hiltyy @skilla__eebs @jacobingle @gbonii @grahamnking @zackary.mason @alexanderthegreat @jordanrpassey @alexhinphotography @s_loomis (We will be checking!) • Tag as many friends in the comments as you'd like—each tag counts as one entry. • One winner will be chosen on Tuesday the 19th! GOOD LUCK! . 📷: @s_loomis
This is that day that holds the opportunity of many one time special moments. It is such a gift to be able to honor and share those special opportunities with my camera. Sarah was glowing this whole day, and it was a wonderful experience to celebrate how she looked and felt on her wedding day. Every woman is special and deserves to be honored and celebrated, and that is why bridal portraits feel so important to me. Sarah has an identity of beauty, grace, and strength. I loved having this quiet moment to spend honoring the woman that Sarah is.
-40 degrees and couldn’t be happier. From last years February trip to Alaska
// I knew I was home when I saw you //
We’ve only been here a week and Ally’s already gone full Aussie.
Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.
skizzy mars - way i live 🔥
Just chillin 🌿
🌚 New moon 𝐍𝐞𝐰 𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭 🔝
Found this little cabinet attached to the wall down a random alley in Bondi. Opened it to find out it’s a book swap! Great idea!
How Tribe Pilot does Fridays... Dan crushed 34 El Sancho tacos & raised money for the Boys & Girls Club in the process. Solid work! 🌮🙌🌮
Clouds on the Mountains...
We have ONE spot left for our January meet up!!! I am so so excited about the turn out for our first event of 2018 and Victoria and I are SO stoked to spend the afternoon with all of you! ❄☃ • 📸 Have you been up to the ski hills in your area yet?! @andreapatz shares a gorgeous view from a recent trip. Thanks so much for tagging us! 😍🗻 • To be featured tag #womenofthewilderness and to register for our winter meet ups click the link in our bio! 😁✨
Minnewanka memories. Photo by our team member @kent_johns
The Clackamas River carving its way through Mt. Hood National Forest. I had never been out this way before. I'll definitely be coming back to this area again.
My friend @gorka.sylwia took this of me right after we hiked our first peak together. We started 780 meters lower and climbed to this spot at 5546 meters across a sketchy spine of a ridge. When we first got there the clouds socked us in, then to our delight they blew away and gave us an amazing 360 view. But I’m showing you this photo. Why? Because right now I’m climbing a different mountain and I’m almost to the top. Definitely dropping the website tomorrow. A little nervous of putting myself out there, developing a brand on my own, and letting people have at my art. Feeling nervous, and feeling dorky. Kinda like how I felt here, as I stood on this questionable rock but proud of taking risks and towing my edge. There may be some clouds in the beginning, but I hope with some hard work and faith they will blow on by. _______________________________________________ #mountainpeak #visualsoflife #all2epic #hikingboots #createexplore #gotitnyc #takeitallin #createexploretakeover #forgeyourownpath #exploretocreate #getoutstayout #mg5k #adventurethatislife #yak #yakmilk #himalayas #animalshot #epicshot #black #landscape #fineart #grass #animalsaregood #trekking #sexybeast #sony #illgrammer #heatercentral #uncalculated #moodygram
Loneliness- April2015
Top 5
So I got my wisdom teeth pulled today as you all may have seen on my story and @nickrlake was the first one to get a random video i sent him of me all shmacked😂my bad dude... anyways, here's a super sick shot I got @pixleprohd to grab of me out on the freezing cold "tundra" as said by @bbloss8 😂 meanwhile @kelseymedellin is sleeping in the heated car covered in blankets...
There is peace even in the storm. __ Photo by @theolator | #TheModerndayExplorer
Joy comes to us in ordinary moments.
#december in the #city
Anybody else want more snow?
good ol’ Cali lovin
🌵Just a casual stroll down an empty desert highway 🌵
December Nights 🎄😍❄️ #midwesttilldeath
Taking that selfieographer lunch break
The heat is turning up, time to cool off🌴💦🌴
The beginning of a journey is full of buzz and excitement. You feel anxious and like you have butterflies in your stomach because you are unsure of what lies on the adventure ahead...My first time backpacking was no exception. Havasupai was beautiful and brutal. Luckily, I got to experience it with an amazing group of adventurous friends. I think we can all agree this was a great trip, but a definite reality check for those of us who had never done anything remotely close to it before. However, I think most of us are already trying to plan our return to the magical waterfalls. 😉
A few years back we had the amazing opportunity to visit the @wolfmountainsanctuary where you can actually interact with their wolves. This sweet girl was one of their elder wolves who kept posing for my camera. An amazing experience which supports an amazing cause. These incredible animals have the ability to reconstruct entire ecosystems. To be up close and personal with such a powerful creature is something I will never forget 🐾
sitting on my balcony, having tea and pastries, listening to jhene aiko, and watching the sunset #happyfriday ❤️
Heading up north tonight in Ferdinand. Its 12 degrees out and I miss the heated seats from our Discovery dubbed "Murphy." @turo
We all have our own little retreat away from the world for times of clarity and reflection. Do you have a hideaway spot? #RetreatLife #Hideaway #ExploreNature #AustralianNature
We're gonna party like it's the weekend (and then work really hard all day Saturday to stay caught up on Christmas orders!). Hand up if this is so you! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Happy Friday, bosses. We so got this! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ @geronimo
Bye for now Berkeley! I ate my share of apple tarts from Acme, had some SemiFreddis cinnamon toast and cortados from Barteville and shopped on 4rth street. Wonder if I can come back & enroll at UC Berkeley as an old art student? . . . #abmstyle #cabin #canadianstyle #canadiancraft #dstexture #designstyle #designblogger #housestyle #etsyalbertateam #forgeyourownpath #instabaker #ceramicfixtures #ceramiclighting #lighting #ucberkeley
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