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Let’s get some winter up in here ❄️❄️
get yourself a friend that stares at you like you're an idiot 😘 you'll thank yourself later.
Dewitt Park had surprisingly nice colours. Styling by @ahjreanna
Because of this perfect white background, I believe I will soon set up an indoor studio in my own house. That means a lot more conceptual photography! Model: @w.greta
Modelo: @ma_chado
Some winter days still feel warm 11/365
sunset state of mind
Over 2,000 likes, WHAT WHAT WHAT 😍🙈😭😭😭. — FIRST THINGS FIRST: Thank you everyone who has like my images, send me DM’s commented, and followed my account. It means so much that you have supported my photography career. I absolutely love what I do, and it means so much that I am supported in it. I was blown away that @instagram picked up my picture and put in on the feature page! ♡ — I was just talking about things the Lord can do in a blink of an eye that blow your mind and THIS DEFINITELY BLEW MY MIND! 🙈 I am honestly nothing without Christ and am Beyond thankful for any platform I have that will exalt him. — SECOND: Like I said on my story this is a shoot I did with the @shorebrand last month that I will be posting ALL OVER INSTAGRAM SOON! It’s one of my favorite images from the shoot! @hannahbizick turned around so breathlessly for this shot! — I will be shooting with them again next month so watch out for BEHIND THE SCENES SHOTS! - XOXO 😘 WOZZ - Ps. Don’t you think she looks like one of the Olson Twins? @olsentwins comments below your thoughts! ♡
hiding 10/365
one of my favorites, and the last of lights for this season💚
I loved how this session turned out! Morning vibes with @w.greta
There's no snow where I live so here's just a picture from last year. I recently got home from Tenerife so I'll probably post some pictures from there soon :)
14/365 You deserve it • Idk why but I've been loving pinks in photos lately so expect more of that 😂😂😂anywho do any of you want her comedians in cars getting coffee?? I've been binge watching it before bed and it's so fucking funny, I highly recommend it if you haven't watched it👌🏻👌🏻 • #thefilmdiaries #tangledinfilm #casuallymortal #disloyaleyes #deleriousfeature #wtdgfeature #breathemydarkness #againstthecurrentt #ptogy #instagood #ftwotww #portbox #expofilm #travelmcqueen #inspireangelo #fineartphotography #featurethesea #365 #365project
i write songs about you all the time || #RealFriends
my love ✨ 8/365
»daѕ ѕcнlιммѕтe geғüнl ιѕт, wenn dυ nιcнт мeнr ĸannѕт υnd nιcнт мeнr wιllѕт, aвer мυѕѕт« ↯ - - Heute gebe ich meinem Zimmer den Todesstoß 💪 Adieu Maden und Ungeziefer 😂😂 #witz #odernichtoderdoch 😉 Seid ihr ordentlich oder auch Pottsäue wie ich? 🐖♥
What What day 2 Blog posts! ♡ — Click the Link in my bio to see 2 new blog posts on my website NOW! — @erin_grier has been working on her modeling skills and is doing amazing! See the most recent shoot “Part Two” I did with her in an open feel. It has beautiful warm color tones that make you all warm and fuzzy inside! — Enjoy! XOXO Wozz ♡
13/365 Creative minds • It's Friday! I'm taking my mama out to dinner tonight for her 55th bday and I'm quite excited :) anyone have any plans for the weekend? • #thefilmdiaries #tangledinfilm #casuallymortal #disloyaleyes #deleriousfeature #wtdgfeature #breathemydarkness #againstthecurrentt #ptogy #instagood #ftwotww #portbox #expofilm #travelmcqueen #inspireangelo #fineartphotography #featurethesea #365 #365project
I my head I do everything right. Styling by @ahjreanna
Such a chill day at Venice beach w @mermily_ 🌊🌴👈🏼 (probando nuevos retoques) Qué os parece? 😁 (Trying new process) tell me please what do you think about it ✌🏽🎆💜
12/365 No matter how far you are We're always together. • So I was going to describe what I meant for this photo to be but then j realized that that would probably ruin it! I want this to be something you can interpret and understand it in your own way, ya know? So I want to know what does this make you think of? Or feel? • #thefilmdiaries #tangledinfilm #casuallymortal #disloyaleyes #deleriousfeature #wtdgfeature #breathemydarkness #againstthecurrentt #ptogy #instagood #ftwotww #portbox #expofilm #travelmcqueen #inspireangelo #fineartphotography #featurethesea #365 #365project
through fear of boring art and losing passionate creativity, i am struggling to build a portfolio i’m truly proud of. so, i’ve decided to start the path to expanding more into experimental, editorial, and conceptual work. i think every artists’ style, after developed over time, never really completely changes or disappears. it’s just redirected/focused on a different area of technique, brought about by a desire to be the best they can be. so here i am, trying to reach for the best self i can be, through all aspects of my art. here’s to creating to no end, without limits of expectations! here’s to forever growing and learning from the success of failures.
all i ever wanted was to dream another sunset with you || #MaydayParade
At first I was scared but now I am stronger 7/365
Model: @kelly_bean44
Winter light.
Rhapsody in blue
hopefully taking NEW pictures this weekend 🤞. But my favorite lens is still not back so...
11/365 Be alone. Eat alone, take yourself on dates, sleep alone. In the midst of all this you will learn about yourself. You will grow, you will figure out what inspires you, you will create your own dreams, your own beliefs, your own stunning clarity, and when you do meet the person who makes your cells dance, you will be sure of it, because you're sure of yourself. ~Bianca Sparacino • #thefilmdiaries #tangledinfilm #casuallymortal #disloyaleyes #deleriousfeature #wtdgfeature #breathemydarkness #againstthecurrentt #ptogy #instagood #ftwotww #portbox #expofilm #travelmcqueen #inspireangelo #fineartphotography #featurethesea #365 #365project
I recently developed a habit of tilting my camera at funny angles. Model: @kelly_bean44
you used to make me feel like i could walk on waters, now most nights im just sinking down and down || #RealFriendsBand
silence and cold, waiting for better days 6/365
you are stronger than you think 5/365
Tap for music 10/365 Making Dreams A Reality • This is my first attempt at a loving photo and Ik it needs some work but I'm kinda proud😅 • #thefilmdiaries #tangledinfilm #casuallymortal #disloyaleyes #deleriousfeature #wtdgfeature #breathemydarkness #againstthecurrentt #ptogy #instagood #ftwotww #portbox #expofilm #travelmcqueen #inspireangelo #fineartphotography #featurethesea #365 #365project
Fire | #cyanicart
Modelo: @laureteoli
The Sky.
Out of my reach
I use to over expose and now I underexpose | #cyanicart
Model: @kelly_bean44
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