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foto door es, edit door lies. | @capturedes_
is it all for show?
it's like i'm meeting you for the first time again-- seeing you in the same colors but the colors are deeper. they have extensive names-- they are not "blue" and "red" and "yellow"-- but they are "cerulean" and "crimson" and "aureolin." how interesting to get to know you like that.
Still waiting for the day i’m not angry about the same things anymore
got me frozen in the spotlight
chaotisch posten is het beste posten.
Just now finished my first two exams. Four more to go.
One of my favorite parts of the wedding day is the morning before the ceremony, when everyone female from the bride's #bridetribe come to prep for the day. The bride is surrounded by her hype-girls, there’s music and jitters and everyone’s rushing to finish their makeup and hair-- everyone stops every few minutes because they can’t believe that the wedding day has finally arrived and that their best friend / sister / cousin is getting married… meanwhile, the guys probably still haven’t gotten up yet 😂
Love this cutie so much💛 Happy B-day boo😊 #finallylegal 🌟
Thank you to my six year old brother who took this shot and screw the bugs that bit my legs. #WorthItThough .
a little throwback because there is already snow on the ground and I miss the vibrant colors of the trees and the light that casts’ off beautiful shadows... winter photos coming 🔜
Pretty faces and perfect bodies change, grow and age, but a beautiful soul will remain a beautiful soul ~nourish and express the soul 🌸 #ftmeed #cityfeature #click_vision #of2humans #featuremeprimrose #featuremeofh #777luckyfish #seekingthestars #seekmests #instagramphoto #inspireangelo #pulsefilm #photographer #rainbowfeatures
'There is Hope' . This final photograph speaks of hope, illustrated by rays of light and new growth...that while violence against women is ongoing, we are all joining together to raise awareness and take a stand in the hopes that one day, this will no longer be a problem plaguing our world. . In collaboration with @500pxstudio and @unwomen for the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, part of the United Nations' UNiTE to End Violence against Women Campaign. Check out unwomen.org to learn more about the cause and the progress that is being made worldwide. . Full photo essay and article in bio ⬆️
I feel safe, I feel scared, I feel ready… and yet unprepared @idelacruz_
"Oo who is she" catchphrase courtesy of @keirstinrylie
one of my favorite moments from the day ❤️
I wanna be a giant yellow skyscraper in a sea of generic grey buildings🌟
Back in Septemeber, I met many wonderful models but I've never posted any of the pictures from that shoot. So here's one, with a promise of more to come soon. Thank you for your patience. I'm eading into the start of finals at the end of the week. Almost done with my first semester of college! After that I will finally have time to sit down and focus on my photography. Anyone want to shoot over break? Hit me up! Especially since I miss my PL people to pieces! September 15, 2017 - - - - - #freezemytime #vogove #featuremefilms #smallfeature #fractaltones #seamyphotos #featuremepf #featuremeprimrose #PortraitGames #BravoPortraits #loveofportraits #startersofig #portraitsnyc #igpodium_portraits #ftwotw #featuremeseas #featuremysoul #featmerose #quietthechaos #featurecollective #ivoryfilm #whyweshoot #portraits_mf #Creative_Portraits #portraitvision #foundvisuals #envisiontones
Sneak peek of this gorgeous senior
'Release' . Image 4 of 5 in collaboration with @500pxstudio and @unwomen. This image portrays the healing and cleansing process, showing that there is freedom to be found once again. . For the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, part of the United Nations' UNiTE to End Violence against Women Campaign, I am partnering with 500px Studio and UN Women to create a photo essay. For 16 days (November 25 - December 10), we are coloring the world orange in an effort to raise awareness. . Link to photo essay and article in bio ⬆️
wedding day love letters
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