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—White Linen— A simple cocktail that brings out the best in Hendricks..the unusual Scottish gin made oddly using Bulgarian rose and cucumber to add notes and flavors. By putting cucumber in this cocktail is to enhance the cucumber notes from Hendricks. It just works well together. Balanced and refreshing. • 2 oz Hendricks @hendricksgin 3/4 oz simple syrup 1/2 oz lemon juice 1/2 oz egg white(half egg) 2 slides English cucumber - dice Dry shake Add ice Shake Pour in rock glass Garnish with thin cucumber slide and cracked black pepper • . . . . #cocktails #homemadecocktails #cocktailrecipe #cocktailrecipes #cocktail #style #mixology #mixologist #drinksragram #imbibe #homebar #homebartender #homebartending #drinks #homemadedrink #homemadedrinks #dailycocktail #cocktailhour #cocktailoclock #cocktailpassion #qualitycocktails #cocktaillover #gincocktail #gincocktails #wongsuwatgin #wongsuwatcucumber
This winter dessert drink is having me want to grab some skies & hit the slopes. Well, the bunny slopes for me 😅⛷It features French Genepy des Alpes, an alpine liqueur that is reminiscent of it's herbal cousins chartreuse & absinthe. I mixed it with creme de cacao & coffee liqueur & topped it with cream, for a decadent drink you'll want to cozy up with post slopes. It can be seen as a minty White Russian or a coffeey Grasshoper, but like David S. Pumpkins, it's its own thing! —————— The Fine Alpine •1.25 oz cream •1 oz Dolin genepy des alpes •1 oz creme de cacao (I used Tempus Fugit) •1 oz coffee liqueur (I used @stGeorgeSpirits ). . Shake all ingredients in a shaker and strain into a glass with ice. Garnish with pine sprig. . . . . #craftandcocktails #imbibegram #tasttingtable #ttcocktails #craftcocktails #dailycocktail #cocktailhour #drinkstagram #drinkup #cocktailtime #feedfeed #saveurmag #liqpic
A whole lotta bottled up goodness! Order up the Johanna Mason gin cocktail today. #CocktailsWithCharacter #TheHungerGames #Gin #BottledCocktail
Beautiful libation at the ever-fabulous Mandarin Hide in downtown St. Pete. Love everything about this place-the space, the top notch cocktail program, the bartenders, all of it. @themandarinhide
“Feline” tan rico que podrías empezar a ronronear como un gatito 🥃🐱🐈🐾 ___ “Feline” so tasty you will be purring like a kitty cat. 🥃🐱🐈🐾 ___ #sauvage #purr #feline #cat #cocktails #enjoy #flavour #craftcocktails
—Vegas Heights— Featuring Ocho Tequila .. We met the Ocho Tequila at La Tequila bar and resturant in Guadalajara, our Mexico trip in June,2017 via Margarita and in love with it’s smokiness. We found a bottle here at Astro wine, NYC recently and it tastes different.. somehow very smooth and not that smoky. I was a so confused but later on I found the answer...each batch made from different agave estate(Rancho) which contributing distinctive characteristics of that place. It is the first tequila to designate both the year it was produced and the precise field from which the family grown agaves were sourced. It demonstrates that “terroir” exists in agave. ‘Terroir’ is the French term used to describe the natural elements (influences) that have an effect on agriculture. These elements include soil composition, altitude, temperatures day and night throughout the year, rain fall, humidity and exposition to the sun and winds. It is becoming increasingly understood and agreed upon that the concept of ‘terroir’ also exists within the growing of agave and the resulting tequila made from it. In Jalisco, the largest tequila producing state of Mexico there are two main regions for agave growing and tequila production – ‘Tequila Valley’ and ‘Los Altos’. It is said that the tequilas made in Tequila Valley are masculine, forward in flavour, with an earthy, peppery and herbal taste profile. in comparison, tequilas made from agaves grown in Los Altos are feminine, softer, rounder, more fruity and floral. 📸 :@eattheworldnyc • 2 oz Tequila Blanco or reposado from Los Altos @tequilaochousa 1 oz watermelon juice 1/2 oz lemon juice 1/2 oz yuzu juice 2 pumps Agave syrup Shake all together Strain to coupe glass Garnish with lemon wheels • . . . . #cocktails #homemadecocktails #cocktailrecipe #cocktailrecipes #cocktail #style #mixology #mixologist #drinksragram #homebar #homebartender #homebartending #drinks #homemadedrink #homemadedrinks #dailycocktail #cocktailhour #cocktailoclock #cocktailpassion #qualitycocktails #cocktaillover #tequilacocktails #tequila #wongsuwatyuzu #wongsuwattequila #wongsuwatermelon
Leche De Tigre 😎😍😘🍍 ___ #barsauvagebcn #lechedetigre #djjoecabana
I am an admitted ginger addict and devoted fan of its many health benefits. Makes me feel extra good about drinking ginger martinis. I highly recommend Domaine de Canton. Delicious stuff. @domainedecanton
Sunday Vibes 😁😚😎😂 ___ #stereo18bcn #stereoarcade #love #friends #family #staff #stereodogs
Encuéntrese en el centro de atención...aunque sea solamente por la noche. 📍🍾🥂🎶🎵🔥💥 ___ Find yourself in the limelight...if only for the night. 📍🍾🥂🎶🎵🔥💥 ___ #redcarpet #stereolove #disco #sundayfunday
The guys from @casatiff have some great new drinks menu, you all should try it! 😉 Have a great Sunday! 😊 °°°°°°° 📸 @cristina.pavelean °°°°°°° Don't forget to use our #CocktailsofRomania #hashtag for a chance to be featured!
A year has already passed and it’s time to begin voting for the 2018 @oregonbridemag Best Of awards! While weddings aren’t everything we do, they are a huge portion of what keeps our company busy throughout the year and every year it gets better to work alongside such fantastic people at fantastic places to make a couple’s dreams come true. We’ll post the link in our profile to go vote, if you feel we are the best! Open to everyone, but be sure to vote in at least 6 categories! #oregonbride #oregonbridemag Photo: @shelleykphotography | Donuts: @bluestardonuts | Floral: @foragedfloral | DJ: @herandhimevents | Coordination: Julia Holm ⠀
Beet it 🤛 Dance to beat, but drink to the BEET. Tequila beetset: healthy with a side of YAS || carrot 🥕 || beet syrup || TEQUILA ||
Unlocking knowledge of higher worlds through spiritual awakenings...aka cocktails 🍹 🍸 🥃 Tipsy tea brunch is a GO! 📸 @nycfoodsnob
Brunch is the jam! Do you have a go-to brunch drink? This is one of my favorite cocktails right here the Breakfast Bramble with gin, jam citrus & a secret ingredient: Greek yogurt. It's a bright & tart cocktail with a subtle creaminess that works perfectly alongside flapjacks, toast, or a full breakfast. You can use any jam, but @thejamlab 's apricot rosemary is the sh*t 🍊🌿Recipe in the archives.
Doesn't this make you thirsty? It's the Bourbon Basil Twist at Mesh on Mass in Indy. Made with Woodford Reserve, fresh basil, simple syrup, and fresh lemon juice. Perfect brunch cocktail. So good! @meshonmass @woodfordreserve
Cheers to saturday. #originallongdrink
It's the freakin' weekend, what are you filling your glasses with?! I am feeling like something moody, boozy & stirred 🥃🥃🥃
The struggle is real 😂😂#dryjanuary
On Friday night we think you deserve a well crafted cocktail. This is a drink Danni came up with - It’s slightly spicy and very thirst quenching. Come see us! @_danni.smith_ @plymouthginus @anchoreyes
If you are not willing to risk the unusual my dears, you will have to settle for the ordinary 🎪💡 Ordinary is not the ethos here at @tanner_smiths
Cool as ice. #originallongdrink
El “Danny Trejo” el actor respetado y Sauvage ...¿Alguien puede adivinar la famosa película en la que interpreta a un barman en "The Titty Twister"? Tequila, Pisco El Gobernador, Pomelo, Pimiento Rojo Chile, Lima, Aperol, Cancha (Maiz Peruano) 🍊🌱🔥🌶💥❤ ___ The “Danny Trejo” the well regarded and Sauvage actor… Can anyone guess the famous film he plays a bartender at “The Titty Twister” in? Tequila, Pisco El Gobernador, Grapefruit, Red Pepper Chile, Lime, Aperol, Cancha (Peruvian Corn) 🍊🌱🔥🌶💥❤ ___ #followthewhitewolf #love #cocktails
—Despacito— Didn’t take me too long to try this new Pisco cocktail from @bon_vivantito Amazing recipe!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I can’t wait to see you play more with Pisco! 🥂 📸 :@eattheworldnyc • 1.5 oz Pisco @lacaravedopisco 1/4 oz marachino liqueur @luxardoofficial 1/4 oz Aperol @aperolspritzofficial 1/4 oz Demerara syrup (modified) 1/4 oz lemon juice 1/4 oz lime juice 1/2 oz egg white Dry shake. Add ice. Shake. Double strain to coupe glass Garnish with rosemary sprig • . . . . #cocktails #homemadecocktails #cocktailrecipe #cocktailrecipes #cocktail #style #mixology #mixologist #drinksragram #imbibe #homebar #homebartender #homebartending #drinks #homemadedrink #homemadedrinks #dailycocktail #cocktailhour #cocktailoclock #cocktailpassion #qualitycocktails #cocktaillover #wongsuwatluxado #wongsuwatpisco #wongsuwataperol
Beautiful Bay Laurel cocktails at @truelaurelsf 🌿 Celebrating the pairings of delicious food from @chefryanpollnow & drinks by Nicolas Torres of True Laurel with @greygoose featuring their Alain Ducasse interpretation with toasted wheat. Started off with this punch •Bay Laurel/lemon/float of cab/Grey Goose Ducasse• followed by a trio of pairings like this hen roulade & oyster celery relish paired with •grey goose/fino Sherry/oyster liquor verju/chamomile/celery leaf oil• Actually depiction of me all night: 🤤🤤🤤
With both lovers and drinks, never except anything less than sweet, smoldering and smokin' 🔥 🥃
Brindando por un día especial ;) @condal_tapas
Happy #nationalhottoddyday ! Warming whisky and a hit of spice this tasty number will get rid of that pesky cold. Try this riff on the classic, a Pear, Honey and Whisky warmer by the brilliant @beautifulbooze.
I am really into just opening up a bottle of wine since the holidays, anyone else?! I have hardly picked up a shaker in the past few weeks 😱 I know crazy. But with one extra step past opening a bottle (throwing fruit, spices & wine into a crockpot) you can have a delicious warm punch ready to go. I have put the leftover mulled wine in a covered pitcher in the fridge & just reheated in mugs for a couple days after as needed, easy peasy lemon squeezey! Currently undergoing a small apartment redo & prop organization while recovering from two knee injuries so seeking all the simplicity & wine I can get! 🙈🍷🍷🍷Recipe for the Cranberry Pomegranate Mulled Wine on my site.
Guys!! I joined the gin today!! How are your New Year resolutions going....? 😂⠀ ⠀ #sageadvice from smartass Steph⠀ ⠀ lavender & sage infused vermouth, coriander bitters, Aviation gin⠀ ⠀ PC: @trishbarkerphotography
Doing our best to keep warm over here....⠀🌴🔥🥃 ⠀ Alo'Alo: fresh pressed lime, house made hibiscus syrup, reposado tequila, hawaiian sea salt⠀ ⠀ #tropiclikeitshot #moderntropical #moderntiki #hawaiianwinter ⠀ ⠀ PC: @trishbarkerphotography
LA REVISIONISTA When @grancentenariotequila sent me a bottle of their añejo tequila, the art deco lines of the packaging got me thinking about Pre-Prohibition bartending, the era that gave us legendary cocktails like the Manhattan, the Martini, and the Sazerac. Sadly, tequila wasn't widely used in this period, so I decided to right this wrong by creating a refined tequila cocktail in true Pre-Prohibition style. My first decision was to avoid citrus. A Margarita is a wonderful thing, but I wanted to approach tequila from a different angle. The nuances in a great añejo are obliterated by the sharp sword of lime and it was important to me to show that tequila is more versatile than the Sour. I started with an Oloroso sherry to accentuate the dried fruit and nut qualities of the aged tequila. These two marry together beautifully; it's hard to tell where one begins and the other ends. Oloroso is a relatively dry sherry so there's room for a touch of sweetness. To this end I used Maraschino liqueur, a favorite trick for early 20th century bartenders. A good Maraschino isn't overly sweet and it contributes a lot of aromatics due to the fact that the namesake cherries are distilled with their pits. This reinforces the almond and stonefruit aromas of the sherry, adding more depth and richness. I finished with another common technique from the Golden Era, an absinthe rinse. Because this recipe is so close to the Manhattan (aged base spirit, sweetened fortified wine) I knew a bittering element would work well, and the wormwood in the absinthe does that wonderfully while the notes of anise and fennel softly whisper of a time gone by. All in all this is a deliciously sophisticated cocktail that puts tequila on the top shelf of the bar where it belongs. Cheers! #bartendersblueprint #lettersandliquor #grancentenario 2 oz Gran Centenario Añejo tequila .5 oz Oloroso sherry .5 oz Maraschino liqueur Absinthe rinse Orange twist . . . . . . . #cocktail #craftcocktails #esquire #cocktailtime #cocktailmaking #dailycocktail #imbibegram #drinkrecipe #craftbartender #mixology #drink @feedfeed.cocktails #cocktailphotography #drinkporn #tequila #bartending #homebartender
Repost from @barsweethome using @RepostRegramApp - —Pisco Sour— Pisco sour is national drink of Peru and Chile. A Peruvian version uses Peruvian Pisco and Chilean version is sweeter, not necessary included the egg white and(of cause) using Chilean Pisco. Although the preparation of pisco-based mixed beverages possibly dates back to the 1700s, historians and drink experts agree that the cocktail as it is known today(with egg white and Angostura bitters) was invented in the early 1920s in Lima, the capital of Peru, by the American bartender Victor Vaughen Morris at Morris' Bar he opened in 1916. The pisco sour underwent several changes until Mario Bruiget, a Peruvian bartender working at Morris' Bar, created the modern Peruvian recipe of the cocktail in the latter part of the 1920s by adding Angostura bitters and egg whites to the mix. 📸 :@eattheworldnyc • 2 oz Pisco @lacaravedopisco 3/4 oz lime juice 3/4 Demerara syrup 2 dashes Angostura Bitters 1/2 oz egg white(half egg) Dry shake. Add ice. Shake. Double strain to coupe glass Garnish with Angostura Bitters hearts 💕 • . . . . #cocktails #homemadecocktails #cocktailrecipe #cocktailrecipes #cocktail #style #mixology #mixologist #drinksragram #imbibe #homebar #homebartender #homebartending #drinks #homemadedrink #homemadedrinks #dailycocktail #cocktailhour #cocktailoclock #cocktailpassion #qualitycocktails #cocktaillover #piscosour #wongsuwatpisco
Another beautifully presented cocktail at The Iberian Rooster. So much goodness to experience along Central Avenue in my beloved St. Pete. @iberianrooster
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