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🚫sexual assault🚫
I drove out to #Perris , Cali to the #Turpin home where 13 of the #TurpinFamily children were Shackled and starving. Right in the heart of a California bedroom community in suburbia. I will put up. #YouTube video Lter tonight when I get the chance. I did upload a short video on my YT channel in the meantime. www.YouTube.com/c/blackconservativepatriot #humantrafficking #humanslavery #childabuse #modernslavery
🚫child abuse/rape🚫
Could you or someone you know benefit from an online database of learning resources built to help teen and young adult survivors of child abuse succeed in independent adult living? If so, click the link in our bio for access. 💙
🚫physical violence/sexual abuse🚫
. When you’re the only one who actually shows up in a leotard-y top for figure-skating themed girls night out at the movies. I #spandex alone. #ebayfind . (Thanks a lot @michellemenough , @shelleydeegirgrah and especially @foleyfineart 😜!!) . Went into I, Tonya thinking it would be entertaining in a guilty pleasure kind of way. Instead, I found it violently heartbreaking. #LaVona : Talk about the #worstmotherever ! #PoorTonya . Not just #hardscrabble ...straight up #childabuse and #domesticviolence ! . @MargotRobbie and @allisonbjanney were phenomenal! @thebroadnola @tonyaharding @itonyamovie . . . . . .
Sick parents 😢😡😢 @Regranned from @theinsidedrop - California couple charged with locking up their 13 kids - #regrann #lifeisbutavapour #13kids #shackled #childabuse #whatswrongwithpeople #sad #sadbuttrue #sick #twisted #why @momm_ty
*TRIGGER WARNING: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, CHILD ABUSE, SELF-HARM, MENTAL ILLNESS, SUICIDE* STORY NO. 4 [pt. 4/4] - ...“God said it’s not time” “God will work everything out eventually” or “God told me to quit my job.” We have tried to get her help but she refuses to and doesn’t really see what’s wrong with her. When I try to confront her or express my feelings about how depressed I get when she doesn’t see me she shuts me down says “did u just call to make me fell bad” “I can’t handle this and all the negativity” and hangs up the phone on me. The way my mother is still does affect me and I do still have trauma from the things my father put me through but I have stopped cutting and I am able to open up to people and finally be myself again. I have learned to cope in healthy ways through art, writing and music. So please don’t give up. Life is hard trust me I know, but it is never the end. Life goes on and your situation is always temporary. You are not stuck there is always a way out. You are loved and people do care. You are not a waste of space there is always room for you somewhere you just have to find where you belong. Don’t be afraid to ask for help there will always be someone out there willing to listen to you and wanting to help. Find your passion and turn all your negative energy into a masterpiece. Instead of taking your pain out on yourself or others, paint, draw, work out, talk or write it out. You can get through this and you will. Thank you for reading my story. I would love to hear yours. 💙 #ShareYourStory #ShareYourStoryMovement
*TRIGGER WARNING: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, CHILD ABUSE, SELF-HARM, MENTAL ILLNESS, SUICIDE* STORY NO. 4 [pt. 3/4] - ...They told our teacher and the guidance counselor called my dad and told him. My dad was very upset and sentimental about it and asked to please never do it again. He also said if I did do it again he would “put a scar across my mothers face so every time I looked at her and she looked in the mirror she would remember.” He blamed me cutting on my mother being inconsistent in my life and he said I did it as a “cry for help for her.” When in reality I did it for relief from all the pain both my parents put my through. I stopped cutting for 3 months after that but then shortly released. My dad barely was working and we had no hot water and barely any food. We literally had to boil water on the stove and put it in the bath tub if we wanted to bathe in hot water instead of taking a insanely cold shower. My father had his own issues too. After his mother passed away he wasn’t the same. Seeing our mother constantly hurt us, hurt him too because even though he did abuse us he did still love us dearly and he was a good father sometimes. So to hid his pain he started doing drugs and not just any drugs but cocaine. (I did not figure this out till later on) Then one night he was so drunk and was yelling at us for the stupidest reasons ever and my sister was trying to tell him that he was drunk and he doesn’t know what he was saying so he got offended and slapped her in the face for no reason. We all moved out that night and did not see him again. Except for me, I saw him once after that and would talk to him on the phone but that was it. He tragically committed suicide 4 months after that (3 months ago). I am 14 now. My mother still does the same thing, you would think that she’d come around now more than ever because my father passed but she still is inconsistent in all of our lives. Me and my sibling have come to the conclusion that she is schizophrenic because she sort of does live in her own world and doesn’t see reality for what it is and she using God as an excuse and says things like...
*TRIGGER WARNING: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, CHILD ABUSE, SELF-HARM, MENTAL ILLNESS, SUICIDE* STORY NO. 4 [pt. 2/4] - ...From that day on I was just an even different person. I became super shy around people even with my family. I was afraid to be myself because I thought people wouldn’t like who I was. My mom finally saw me on my 12th birthday and I just remember being so happy to see her but also like what do I say because I hadn’t seen her in a year. That night when she left I just cried because I was so glad to see her but I didn’t the next time i’d see her or hear from here again. After that she did come around here and there but never often. Along with all of this my father and his girlfriend (of 4 years) relationship became very toxic and they constantly fought verbally and sometimes it even got physical. He started drinking and it got to a point where he would drink every single day. He would go off on me and my siblings if the garbage wasn’t taken out or if there was a dish or two still in the sink. He cursed at us in every sentence and took his anger all out on us. He would throw and break things and I’d be so afraid to even move or go to my room. He threatened us constantly to get us to do things like “If that house isn’t cleaned spotless by the time I get home I’m going to break all your fingers and smash your phone.” We constantly had to move from house to house because there was a problem with the landlord or we just couldn’t afford it. I would try to vent to my friends but they never understood so I gave up and kept it to myself. I was also afraid to tell them because I thought my dad would find out. He always would always tell us “what happens in this house stays in this house” and would threaten us about what would happen if we told anyone. My depression got worse and worse and I didn’t know how to cope. I started to cut and it quickly became an addiction. It was such a relief for me that I used it as my coping mechanism. I didn’t tell anyone and I just kept doing it. Until my friends started noticing the scars on my wrist. They didn’t do anything about it thought until they realized I was doing it way too often and it was really bad...
*TRIGGER WARNING: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, CHILD ABUSE, SELF-HARM, MENTAL ILLNESS, SUICIDE* STORY NO. 4 [pt. 1/4] - my parents got divorced when I was just about 3 years old. I always lived with my mother and would just sleep over and visit my father up until I was 9. I was super close to my mother and we were inseparable until something’s changed and me and my siblings had to move in with my father (and his girlfriend and her two daughters). It was extremely difficult for me to live without my mother. She used to always do everything for me (my hair, pick out my outfits, make my bed, etc.) As months went by she gradually started coming around less and less and two years later when I was 11 I didn’t hear from her or see her for a whole entire year. I would stay up really late just crying and all I could do was think about her and try to figure out why she didn’t come around and what happened that made her not come around but till this I still don’t know the answer. I started to isolate myself and would be in my room 95% of the day except for when I had to shower or use the bathroom. I didn’t eat as much either and I starved myself for a bit because I hated the way I looked and was extremely insecure. I rarely hung out with friends and my family would constantly ask me “where are your friends?” and make jokes about it because my siblings always were with their friends. I hid my pain from everyone and when people asked me why I was always in my room i’d just say I was doing something or make up excuses like “oh i’m watching a movie”. Then one night my father called me into his room and said he wanted to talk to me. I sat down and he said “You’ve constantly in your room and you never wanna come out, you make excuses and use “watching movies” as a coping method to hide how you feel” I was really confused but inside I knew where this was going. He said “you’re depressed”. Tears immediately came to my eyes. I was only 11 and I’m depressed (and my depression started when I was 9). It was just so surreal being a little girl and realizing I was depressed. What 9-11 year old even knows much about depression? They don’t even teach you about depression until 8th grade...
Parents charged with torture held 13 children ages 2 to 29 captive. Officials: An investigation is underway in California after 13 siblings -- ages 2 to 29 -- were allegedly held captive in a home, some "shackled to their beds with chains and padlocks," the Riverside County Sheriff's Department said in a news release. Parents David Allen Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin, 49, were arrested in the alleged torture and child endangerment case in Perris, California, about 27 miles south of San Bernardino. The investigation began early-Sunday morning when a 17-year-old girl apparently escaped from the home and called 911, saying her 12 brothers and sisters were still being held captive there, the sheriff's office said. Responding officers said the teen "appeared to be only 10 years old and slightly emaciated." Inside the home, several children were "shackled to their beds with chains and padlocks in dark and foul-smelling surroundings," the sheriff's office said. "The victims appeared to be malnourished and very dirty." Seven of the alleged victims were adults, ranging in ages from 18 to 29, the sheriff's office said. The others were children as young as 2. The siblings -- who authorities say claimed to be starving -- were given food and drinks and interviewed, the sheriff's office said. They were then hospitalized for treatment, the authorities said. The parents were interviewed and later booked on charges of torture and child endangerment, the sheriff's office said. Bail was set at $9 million each. VideoVia: GMA on ABC News #diabolical #allenturpin #louiseanneturpin #religion #mentalillness #childabuse #cognitivedissonance #mentalslavery
Found out today that I am quoted on a website (www.makepressafe.com) based on a #childabuse scandal at #presentationhighschool in the area where I grew up. "IF WE REMAIN SILENT ABOUT THE EPIDEMIC OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE, WE PROTECT THE PERPETRATORS- NOT OUR CHILDREN" - Johnna Janis 1) Kudos to the brave survivors who have been coming forward! 🙌🏼🙏❤️🌻 2) No child should ever have to worry about their safety while they are attending a school. 😡Shame on you @mylifeisplaid for trying to cover it up! 3) Change is coming!!!!! (The people I know in this movement are making big waves!) 💪🏼 4)Staying silent breeds even more abuse and protects the perpetrators 5) Do not ever be ashamed if you are a survivor of #childsexualabuse It is not your fault!! 💚 6) If you are a teacher please educate yourself or reach out to @d2lorg to have someone train your district on how to recognize signs of abuse in kids! 📝 @svavabrooks pls post a link below where people can find aomeone near their school. 7) I am so glad I made my documentary film @invisiblescarsdoc 🦋. Its time to heal the world!! 🌍 #invisscarsdoc #perspective #usd #changemakers #itsistime #lovemorefearless #shameonyoupresentation #bayarea #presentationhighschool #sanjose @itsmalloryhagan I am the storm too girl... 🌪
We were so happy to be included as a community partner at the @juniorleaguesd 5th Annual Human Trafficking Awareness Rally this past Saturday! Thank you to everyone who came by our booth to hear about what we are doing to help end sex trafficking and to keep our Casa Kids safe!
With tragic #childabuse getting seriously condemned countrywide #sahirlodhi 's show #apkasahir comes under the fire as it aims at sexualising underage young girls Encouraging them to dance to vulgar tasteless steps People are urging for an IMMEDIATE BAN❌ 🚫 #yesplease #timeisup #saynotochildabuse
So Craig Willam Turner Sr punched my mom in the face back in 2015. He was calling me trying to get me to get her to come back home. Here is a snippet of the 30min long call. As you can hear I try to set him up and get him to confess 🤷🏾‍♀️ My mom listened to the whole recording and still decided he didn’t do anything.... You can’t tell me his refusal to discuss this isn’t a confession in itself! #dontsilenceme #childabuse #youhaveavoice #seekingjustice
10 yaşındaki kızını taciz eden komşusunu öldüren babaya, tahliye ... İZMİR'in Buca ilçesinde, oturdukları apartmanın asansörünün önünde, komşusunun kızı Y.A.'ya (10) arkasından sarılarak cinsel istismarda bulunan ve bu davranışı güvenlik kamerası tarafından da kaydedilen Erol T. (55), küçük kızın babası B.A. (36) tarafından tek bıçak darbesiyle yaralandı, hastanede öldü. Tutuklanıp hakkında müebbet hapis cezası istemiyle dava açılan B.A., 'kastın aşılması suretiyle öldürme' suçundan 2 yıl 6 ay hapis cezasına çarptırılıp, tahliye edildi. İtiraz edilmeyen karar, kesinleşti. #cocukistismarinahayir #childabuse #pedofili #pedofilisuçtur #taciz #tecavüz #cocuk #cocukbedenimedokunma #adalet #namus #kız #kadın #asansör #komsu #izmir #buca #10yaş #tahliye 🌟Lütfen destek olmak için takip ediniz @ataturk.1_8_8_1 👈🌟 #Ataturk #ataturk1881 #turkiye
Teach your kids about abuse and what they should do in certain situations! Don’t keep your children in the dark anymore and tell them what they SHOULD know! #ilsmagazine #savethechildren #childabuse
‼️tag a person who has kids…🚭…👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👩‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👨‍👧‍👧…..🚬⛔️ . . . . . . #medheed #liveover100 #smoking #cigar #cigars cigarettes #baby #baygirl #babyboy #babylights #kid #kids #lovemykids #lifewithkids #childhood #childrenphoto #childernoftheworld #child #childabuse #children #stop #aroundtheworld #pipe #men #future #protect #parenthood #protectivestyles #protection #parenting #parents
I got to do a live zoom workout with my coach today! We both were about to get in our workout and decided to do a zoom workout. Crazy because she lives all the way in Plymouth Massachusetts. We killed booty day together!! 🍑🍑 To be honest I pushed even harder!! When usually I wanted to give up she was encouraging me. We might have screamed and grunted a lot, but we got done. Plus it was great bonding time for us. Also try something new that we can do with our challengers. Love doing workout with ya @allison_pelton !! Were stronger together! ❤ Its not to late join us!! Just message us! . . . . . . . #missmymom #southernbelle #beachislife #charlestonsc #dogrescue #catrescue #waitresses #futurern #bartender #introvert #inspirationalwomen #childabuse #jeephairdontcare #jeepinstagram #blogging #girlboss #freelifestyle #workallday #bulidingconfidence #findyourpurpose #findyourtribe #friendship #dreammakers #financialfreedom #shygirl #fuelyourbodyright #beachbum #timeismoney #freebird #itsajourney
I'm speechless. I could write a long drawn out post about this, but I won't.The headline says it all. God bless the children, and adults (some of the abused were adults). I hope they get the necessary support to deal with this prolonged trauma. You've been heard sweethearts, you've been heard. 💓😟💓
This post accurately describes my whole childhood and adolescence. I have severe intimacy and relationship issues now. When I was 17 I got into a very abusive relationship for nearly 2 years as the #covertincest with my father primed or groomed me for further abuse. I had no idea what a healthy relationship was supposed to look like. And now, at age 26 I still am repeating these awful patterns. I'm having extreme difficulty with sexual intimacy and I'm fearful all the time. #childabuse #emotionalincest #unintentionalabuse #dysfunctionalfamily #covertsexualabuse repost from @heartchords
Like most abuse victims I thought I caused or antagonized my father into abusing me. I thought I was a bad kid so I wouldn’t report it. Nobody makes themselves get abused, it's got nothing to do with what you do or don't do or how good or bad of a student you are. Child abusers abuse because they're child abusers. Nobody should be abused, NOBODY! If you're worried about getting your co-dependent non abusive parent in trouble you probably would only cause them to get help along with you. Talk to someone at school, clergy or even a friend's parent for a support. . . Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-4-A-CHILD (422-4453) . . Topics like this and more can be found in The Teenage and Young Adult Survival Handbook which is included in all of my 4 fiction novels: Runaway, Child's Island, Who Am I? and The World is Wrong. . . www.PowerPublishingCorp.com . . #teacherresources #socialworktools #socialworkers #guidancecounselors #suicide #suicideprevention #childrenofalcoholics #childabuse #abuse #childneglect #emotionalabuse #verbalabuse #physicalabuse #bullying #bullyingprevention #stopbullying #selfesteem #depression #runaways #selfhelp #actionnovels #sciencefiction #scifi #scifibooks #scifinovels #youngadults #teenagers #youngadultbooks #yaauthor #yabook
müzik tarihinin en nevi şahsına münhasır seslerinden biri dolores o'riodan malumunuz bu dünyadan göçtü. bu sabah ölümüyle ilgili haberleri okurken onun da 8 yaşından itibaren 4 yıl boyunca istismara uğradığını, sonrasında bu durumla başa çıkmak için yeme bozukluğu geliştirdiğini okudum. • kısacık hayatını çocukken yaşadığı bu travma nedeniyle depresyonda geçirmiş, yediklerini kusmuş, kendinden nefret etmiş... hatta birkaç yıl önce intihara kalkışmış ama çocuklarının varlığı ona hayata tutunma gücü vermiş. • babasının cenazesinde kendisini taciz edenle karşılaşmış. yıllarını o adamla karşılaşacağı anı düşünerek geçirmiş. tacizci adam cenazede dolores'e ağlayarak babasının ölümü nedeniyle çok üzgün olduğunu söylemiş. • bunları okuyunca ölümüne daha da üzüldüm. ilk gençliğimde birçoklarınız gibi çok dinlediğim, çok sevdiğim, çok kendimi bulduğum bir müzisyenin ölümü zaten sarsıcıyken, yaşadıkları daha da katmerledi. çok üzgünüm gerçekten. • bir insanın bunları yaşamak zorunda kalması, bu nedenle acı çekmesi, hayatta kalmak için çok fazla çaba harcaması filan kalp kırıcı, çok incitici... • bütün bunları düşünürken fark ettim (dolor'u biliyordum tabii de dolores'in adıyla hiç bağlantı kurmamıştım), "dolor" ispanyolcada "acı/ağrı" demek. dolores de çoğulu; "acılar/ağrılar" anlamına geliyor. • grubun 99 tarihli "bury the hatchet" albümündeki şarkılar boşanma, depresyon ve çocuk tacizi gibi konulara dair. albümdeki "fee fi fo" çocuk tacizini anlatıyor. şarkının adı roald dahl'ın "the big friendly giant" adlı kitabından bir cümle. dolores o cümleyi alıp bu etkileyici şarkıyı yazmış. insan, ardındaki hikayeyi öğrenince daha da sarsılıyor şarkıyı dinlerken. • dolores keşke bunları yaşamamış olsaydı. keşke dünya çocuklar, hayvanlar, kadınlar, lgbti'ler, engelliler ve tüm "diğerleri" için bu kadar acımasız bir yer olmasaydı. ölümden sonra bir hayata inanmıyorum. ama şayet gerçekten ölünce bir yere gidiyorsak, umuyorum bu nedenlerle korkunç hayatlar yaşayan insanlar daha güzel şeyler yaşayacakları yerlere gitsinler. • canım dolores... umarım acıların biraz hafiflemiştir... ❤️😥 . . . . . #doloresoriordan #thecranberries #feefifo #childabuse #rock #video #dolores #restinpeace
Well ain’t that the damn truth 🙌🏼 no matter how hard it gets or how big that fires burns I will beat it 🔥💦 #fighter #strength #strong #abuse #abusesurvivor #childabuse #anxiety #ptsd #anorexia #anorexianervosa #anorexiarecovery #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness
Nighttime’s are definitely the worst. During the day there are plenty of distractions and then as soon as I even start thinking about going to sleep it’s like a switch turns on in my head and it’s like ‘oh hey I’m everything you don’t want to remember’ thanks Brain. #ptsd #posttraumaticstressdisorder #nightmares #flashbacks #anxiety #abuse #abusesurvivor #childabuse #anorexia #anorexianervosa #anorexiarecovery #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #deepbreathes 🙃
We've got some new paintings on the way. Ones about depression, addiction, abuse, and memory repression. All of these are acrylic and most are painted on canvases that were found at goodwill. One of the great things about being in college is finding unique ways to avoid paying full price for things. We'll go out to goodwill and find canvases that have generic things printed on them (on perfectly good canvases!! Such a travesty!) then paint over them. Canvases can be pretty pricey, and we're poor, so this has been such a help. #art #painting #acrylicpainting #smoking #cigarette #edgy #dissociativeidentitydisorder #depression #amnesia #memoryloss #childabuse #abuse #trauma #mentalhealth #mentalillness #mentalhealthawareness #canvas #canvases #college #artmajor
#Repost @mehdifoundation_urdu (@get_repost ) ・・・ New Video: Masoom Zainab: Qasoorwar Kon? | By His Holiness Younus AlGohar
CEO of Mehdi Foundation International, Younus AlGohar, reacts to the recent horrific, barbaric crime carried out against an innocent 7-year-old, Zainab, in Qasur, Pakistan. . What is Opening of the Spiritual Heart? http://www.theawaitedone.com/teaching... . Watch the live recordings of these lectures every day at 22:00 GMT at: http://www.younusalgohar.com . Can't access this video? Watch it on Daily Motion: http://www.dailymotion.com/mehdifoundation Listen to this speech on the go with SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/younusalgohar/ . New monthly publications! The True Mehdi Magazine: http://www.thetruemehdi.com/ Messiah Herald Magazine: http://messiahherald.com/ . #InnocenZainab #kid #معصوم_بچی #kids #childabuse #kidnap #معصوم_زینب #قصورپاکستان
Before ya’ll start the whole “KYLO WASN’T NEGLECTED BY HAN AND LEIA” let me just say that Adam Driver himself said that was the case and apparently the force awakens novel did also.
@wils_pat A small video for this little girl 💔 Note- This is not for publicity 🙏🏻 . . . . #childabuse #justiceforzainab #ashamed #justiceforzaainab #justiceforzainab Please follow @justiceforzaainab
This is Assistant District Attorney Rob Connelly standing with Liz, a young survivor he represented in court. Bob and the entire team are so proud of Liz for the courage she showed while testifying and for her incredible resilience in life. Liz is happy to be part of #NowYouSee and is the young hero we honor today. Thank you Liz! #childabuse #childprotection #survivors #strong #sexualassault #sexualassaultawareness #bravekids #boston #beautiful #eyes #inspire #inspiring #survivor #childabuseawareness
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