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Follow @fitness.gym_ig MOVIE STAR BODY by: @chaddriscoll - Do you want to achieve the body of a movie star, decrease fat, gain muscle, and look better naked? Go hit the link in my bio, click 1 on 1 coaching, and fill out the form! - Ever wondered how these guys get so jacked and ripped up for the screen? There’s a few wrinkles they are using in their training to get there. - First, you need to know these guys are hitting their calories and protein numbers on a daily basis and training hard. They are below 15% BF probably closer to 10%. All things you can do too! - Back to training. They are sort of hacking the system by targeting the shoulders, lats, and upper chest to give them that wide v-tapered look. - They are hitting these muscles groups at least two, maybe even three times per week in a variety of rep ranges. The reps are quality, granted they have a trainer ensuring it, but still the reps are usually flawless. What exercises do they use? - SHOULDERS: overhead press, front raise, side raise, face pull, Arnold press, machine lat raise, etc. - UPPER CHEST: Incline Bench, incline DB, incline fly, cable cross over, decline push ups, etc. - LATS: Chin ups, pull down, straight arm pull down, DB row, seated row, t bar row, etc. - To reiterate, the whole point is to make their body look like it has that V-shaped by targeting the muscles that make their back and shoulders wider! - It’s not impossible and no they aren’t really being enhanced with technology. They are just really jacked! - If this is something you want I can show you how to get there! Go fill out the form in my bio right now! - Have an awesome Tuesday! - Chad - #moviestar #hollywoodbodyclub #hollywoodbody #chicagofitness #gymtips #proteinfoods #meatprotein #musclebuilding #massgain #shoulderworkout #bigback #jacked #jackedguy #muscleman #rippedup #bodybuildingstyle #zacefron #buildmuscles #buildmuscleburnfat #fatlossjourney #fatlosshelp #chestday #chestdayworkout #musclesfordays #chicagofit #chicagofitness #chicagopersonaltrainer #chaddriscoll
today was one of those grind-it-out, i dont wanna days. When i push past initial excuses, i find these are the progress days. 11pm🤘💪 #teamnosleep #instafit #chicagofitness #fitfam #fittribe #gains #gymbro
Dumbbell swings, snatches, cleans and jerks with @bulldoza44. This workout turned out to be one the most intense sessions we've had. It was challenging, dynamic, and utilized the entire body. Check out my IGTV for the full workout videos, including the 10 round challenge! . . #elitestrengthandfitness #teamesf #esfchicago #chicagogym #chicagofitness #chicago #personaltraining #personaltrainer #trainer #instafit #instahealth #privategym #powerlifting #powerlifter #coach #strength #fitness #conditioning #swings #cleans #jerks #olympiclifting #oly #motivation #teamwork #cns #dynamic #challenge
Higher protein in every meal = Fat Loss. It’s as simple as that. Limit the carbs to half of what your protein is and add in a veggie if you can! 🔥
As @biolayne said, volume is the main driver of strength adaptation....and Jesus Christ, today was a volume nightmare. 114 rep today and 47,130 lbs of volume. - - - Squat 440 x 7 (6 sets) Bench 275 x 7 (6 sets) Deadlift 570 x 5 (6 sets) I always say, never fail a lift in training but today I was just waaaaay to fatigued to get my last rep on deadlifts. - - - This is the “over reaching” phase of the PH3 trainer and usually if you overtrain and follow that week up with a low volume deload, you actually may see strength gains....which im praying happens in about a week when I max out. @bopking_14 on the spot
*Intermittent Fasting* -Try this way of eating which really helps to start losing fat at a good pace. It’s called Intermittent Fasting which is, you pick an 8 hour window during the day that works best with your schedule and you eat your meals during that 8 hours. For the other 16 hours you will be fasting which means you won’t consume any food or drinks besides water and/or black coffee. This usually works best when you incorporate it with your sleep for example I use intermittent fasting to stay lean so I eat from 2pm-10pm and I fast from 10pm until the next day 2pm again and so on. I always drink water during my fasting time. - The best time to workout is an hour or two before you break your fast (2 hours before you are going to have your first meal) which you’ll be in a fasted state and burning stored fat in your body🔥👌🏽
Did I mention that we will be partnering with this cutting edge boutique fitness studio in the Gold Coast/Old Town area starting in 2019? The Runners High studio is legit and we are happy to develop our partnership with them.... #chicagofitness #chicagoig #fitness #fit #workout #treadmillworkout #treadmill #exercise #fitnessstudio #boutiquefitness
Shop the new limited edition color Winter Rose during @hidratespark Black Friday Sale 11/23-11/26. Go to my link in bio to sign up for access to sale. Get your password and then use my code JenP10 for 10% off. This is a definite must have for the holiday season🖤. So exciting! #fall2018 #fallinchicago #falloffun #chicagogram #infatuationchi #livingasweatlife #chicagofitness #fitspiration #fitspo #hidratespark #winterrose #blackfriday #hidration #hidrationnation #hidratewavemakers #sponsored
> Be loud > Be bold > Be silly > Be weird > Be fun > Be fierce > Be proud > Be brave . Be YOU. . Because you, my friend, are exactly who the world needs 💞
What better way to celebrate our kids’ birthdays than with a little exercise and camaraderie?! It’s fun and a great way to encourage a healthy lifestyle. We would love to create a small bootcamp for your next birthday party...DM us 💪🏻💪🏻
Warm head, clear mind, can’t lose. The square script beanie features a new leather etched patch. Only $20 this week. #alwaysreppin #teamreppin #chicagofitness #fitnessmodel #chicagomodel #beanie #skully #cold #winterhat
Felt like a rocky fight boxing with Russia battling with @chihulk310 this big mf brings the best out of me straight up. #ironsharpensiron
Focus: Triceps, Anterior delts, pectorals Tip: Along with dips, I feel this is the best exercise for building strong and thick triceps. Use a grip set about 6-8 inches apart and lower the bar to about nipple level.
Focus: Traps, forearms Tip: This movement builds great holding power/strength. Use straps to focus only on the traps and without straps to focus on traps and forearms.
Focus: Lats, traps, rhomboids Tip: Change the width of your grip to stimulate different parts of the back. You can also experiment pulling to the upper, mid, and/or lower chest.
In one of our busiest weeks EVER, these holiday heroes racked up 100, 200, 300, and 500 class anniversaries! 🥇 The hurried nature of the holiday season can get in the way of personal goals. Instead...Be like these folks! 😍 Just keep showing up for yourself. 👋 One hour at a time. ⏰ It adds up. 📈 We promise. 🎉 #findyourstrength #cpgstrengthjourney #strongfirst #strongfirstchicago #chicagoprimalgym #cpg500club #kettlebellworkout #chicagofitness
#Repost @barefeetpoweryoga with @get_repost ・・・ The Holidays Are Coming 🎄❄️☃️ and we have something special for you! Holiday Yin & Flow w/ Jenna Dec 8 4-5:30pm Oh tidings of comfort and joy! Give yourself a break from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season with a combo yin & slow flow class, set to Christmas tunes. Take time to breathe and embrace the holiday spirit. Stay for cookies & seasonal drinks after class. #yogastudio #yoga #westloopisthebestloop #yogagram #yogagirl #yogaeverydamnday #yogini #igyoga #poweryoga #yogaeverywhere #yogaaddict #bfpy #hotyoga #poweryoga #chicagoyoga #chicagofitness
Put it on your calendar now. Steel Mace with @coach_tj_lawson tomorrow at 6:30AM. Be there. 👊
Lately I’ve been obsessed with ice skating and also doing my best to keep up with my #strengthandconditioning in the weight room. But I gotta be sure to balance it out with my upper body training on the pole. #PracticeMakesPerfect #StrongBack #PoleFitness #PoleDance #SpinPole #Xpert #Xpole #PoleStrength #BlackGirlsPole #UpperBodyStrength #WomesFitness #CoreTraining #ChicagoFitness #ChicagoPoleDance
I love talking shit and lifting weights more than fucking I think 😂. #facts 💯
Focus: Lats, traps, rhomboids, lower back Tip: Keep the knees slightly bent to help support the low back. Bend the torso at about an 80-degree angle. Pull the bar to the belly button to activate the lats to a greater degree, and closer to the chest to hit more of the mid/upper back musculature.
Focus: Thighs, hamstrings, glutes Tip: Make sure to keep your head up, lower back slightly arched, and the bar set on the upper traps as you squat slowly to a position where the thighs drop just below parallel to the ground.
These pants were too tight when I bought them, but I bought em anyway 🤣 . . . In order to stay consistent and successful on this fitness journey, I’ve really had to look outside of the number on the scale. To be honest with you guys, I think I’ve started to equate my success with seeing a lower number on the scale every time I step on it. It’s GREAT to be lighter than where I started, but that’s not my only victory. I see success in the way my clothes fit, the way my anxiety has been at ease, the way my my body feels, and the way I crave healthy foods versus those that drag me down. Your success is NOT determined by the number you see on the scale - focus on your actions and feelings. Are you eating right? Staying active? Taking care of yourself mentally? If you are, that’s a VICTORY that deserves to be celebrated! . . . . #smallvictories #thanksgivingbreak #20lbsdown #fthescale #teacherswholift #teacherswhoworkout #iteachtoo #athomeworkout #newtofitness #fitnessnewbie #girlswholift #chicagofitness #workouttoeat #healthymind #healthybody #transformation #itsnotadiet #lifestylechange #fitsisters #revengebody #accountability #results #instafit #iteachfifth #fifthgradeteacher #anxietyrelief
Focus: Thighs, hamstrings, lower back, traps, forearms Tip: Instead of rebounding the bar off the floor or rack pins on each rep, come to a dead stop instead, which will remove momentum and force more muscular action.
Benchpress and rowing were part of tonight's WOD. I've been struggling to get to the gym. I believe it's a combination of colder temperatures and being all caught up in my feelings. One thing is for certain, crossfit makes me feel so much better. #primarycrossfit #chicagofitness #livesorechicago #uptownchicago #uptown #crossfit #strong #therapy #benchpress #row #strongnotskinny #tuesdayworkout #motivation #bodybuilding #fitness #crossfitgirls
Focus: Chest, Anterior Deltoids, Triceps Tip: Keep the rib cage high, the lower back arched, and the shoulders down and back to engage the pec (chest) muscles.
It’s almost Thanksgiving! 🦃 We are so thankful for our PSFers & we want to share their #inspo with YOU! . . “I am thankful for Beth Enochian! No matter what crazy thing I throw at her, whether it be in Yoga Fusion Sculpt or TRX express, she digs right in and goes for it. I always look forward to seeing her and knowing that she’ll be determined and hardworking during class, making me want to be the same! ” ~PSF Instructor Alex . . #psfchicago #thanksgiving #thankful #fitspo
Meera look 😩 lol #TransformationTuesday This was my very first Herbalife event ever. Extravaganza 2017 💃🏽 JGZ told me I had to go so I went. I had no clue what was going on, nor the real opportunity I had laid out in front of me. It seemed like everyone was crazy af and overly emotional about EVERYTHING. Fast forward to a year later I truly understand what amazing opportunity I have, I see a better life laid out before me, and I see what I have to do to get there. I now understand the emotion that comes with fighting your bad decisions and growing pains. Not quitting because that would be the easy way out. I understand the excitement of accomplishing something and seeing others do the same. (Plus notice my results though body fat gone) Here’s to leveling up 💪🏽
Whether you are running in your local Turkey Trot or running in our Turkey Burn, be prepared! Tip #1 for winter running: Dress for 10-15 degrees warmer than the temparature outside. Your body will natually heat up while exercising so wearing too many layers might be annoying while running⚠️
If you know me, then you know I'm not the biggest fan of veggies. I have been recieving @imperfectproduce for a bit now to help me try to eat more fruits and veggies, but what I found is that I also get the opportunity to try some that I wouldn't normally buy. Tonight, I did just that with brussel sprouts by roasting them and costing them in balsamic vinegar and honey. Give it a try! #happyplace #girlsthatlift #chicagofitness #chicagofit #infatuationchicago #infatuationchi #foodie #foodiegram #vintagewinekittens #chicagofood #chicagogrammers #cookingugly
It’s almost Thanksgiving! 🦃 We are so thankful for our PSFers & we want to share their #inspo with YOU! . . “Christy Reh always comes to slay! Whether she’s cycling or in the main studio, she is a force to be reckoned with! She comes to work hard in every class and brings a positive attitude with her. Thanks for being you Christy! ” ~PSF Instructor Alyson . . #psfchicago #thanksgiving #thankful #fitspo
New me killed the old me I must be possessed turn down for what. #focused
It’s almost Thanksgiving! 🦃 We are so thankful for our PSFers & we want to share their #inspo with YOU! . . “Katie Burns is a rockstar working mom of three boys. Katie never stops moving and pushing herself in any PSF class she’s in! If she can’t make it to a morning class you can bet you’ll see her in one (or a few) evening classes busting her 🍑! I’m so thankful for Katie’s energy and enthusiasm!- PSF instructor Meredith ” ~PSF Instructor Meredith . . #psfchicago #thanksgiving #thankful #fitspo
It’s almost Thanksgiving! 🦃 We are so thankful for our PSFers & we want to share their #inspo with YOU! . . “I’m thankful for Jennifer Solava! I love having her in my classes! She’s always up for a challenge and pushes through it no matter what. You’re the bomb dot com Jennifer!” ~PSF Instructor Alyson . . #psfchicago #thanksgiving #thankful #fitspo
Almost cancelled on tonight's class 💃 but so glad I didn't. Pretty sure we're all ready to be Beyonce's backup dancers now 😁 Dancing and a lot of me having no rhythm but it made it be such a fun time! I won't get better if I don't try 🎇 Really glad to be able to share these experiences with other like minded women and have such a great time doing it. Here's to more fun memories! . . . . . . #asweatlifeambassadors #teamasweatlife #livingasweatlife #livingmybestlife #everythingisbetterwithfriends #chicagofitness #chicago #fitness #dance
It’s almost Thanksgiving! 🦃 We are so thankful for our PSFers & we want to share their #inspo with YOU! . . “Mary Kaye Pohl is the ultimate warrior! This cycle queen always comes fully ready to make her stride! Whenever I see MK on our roster, my day is made. She gives her all, constantly on the leader board in butt kicking 💪🏽 No matter what, she always makes me smile and feel as though I can do anything as long as I put in WERK just like her! I’m beyond grateful for her spirit and her motivation every. single. DAY! She is a ROCK-SUPER-STAR ⭐️” ~PSF Instructor Brittany . . #psfchicago #thanksgiving #thankful #fitspo
It takes 21 days to become a habit and 90 days for it to become a routine. It also takes the same amount of energy to create positive or negative routines. Choose better 💪🏼
Post Legs Day Selfie❤ Today was one of those awesome days! Felt strong and confident and my lifts showed. Walking Lunges 150 reps (75reps w/45lbs) Hip thrusts × 8 sets max 335lbs. Squats x 5 sets working up in 20lbs. Leg Press x 4 sets working up in 90lbs. Seated Adductor/ Abductor x 4 sets ending @130lbs #crushingwatermelons . Leg extensions x 10 sets of 10 single leg
Building a solid base of strength throughout the body has a lot of benefits. The ability to handle heavier weights each time you’re in the gym using compound lifts will translate to increased lean muscle mass, fat loss, improved performance, and a better quality of life. Try these compound exercises on my next posts. Share with a friend! ➡️ Dm, comment, or email any questions 📲 Onelife.alwaysfit@gmail.com
Nervous about the upcoming season of sweet and savory treats? If you're having trouble making good food choices, the new EDGE nutrition offerings are here! 🍴If you want the convenience of having food prepared for you, we are now a meal delivery destination for @kettlebellkitchen 🍴If you want to make your own food using easy-to-follow templates based on your individual nutritional needs, we now offer access to plans by @rpstrength 👉 Find more details on both of these programs at https://bit.ly/EDGENutrition
Lately life has been getting in the way of workouts, but I’m bound and determined to knock out a sweat sesh everyday over the next five days. . From train to car to car to train, I’ve got hundreds of miles to go for Thanksgiving and while I’ll have little time to slip away, I’m making a promise with myself to carve out an hour each day for me. . Because while getaways are meant to be relaxing, they are also meant to be a time for recharging. And I don’t know a better way to do that than crush a workout. . Still no real pounding of the pavement just yet, but it’s getting closer! Until then I’ll be getting my work on with @kristinandrus videos. We’ve got 40 some days left of 2018, and I’m using them to get back on track. Why wait for 2019, right? Seize the day. Seize your goals. Take that first step to your dreams💪🏻❤️ . . . #thesweatlifechi #chicagofitness #chifit #chicagofit #chirunner #chicagorunner #chicagorunning #runnergirl
Stronger by the day ain't shit but sweet pussy 🐱. #iamnotahuman 🛸
Family gatherings= not a reason to miss my 100 push-ups! #noexcuses #strongfirst #kettlebellsandcomjcs
@sandysland has come in and worked since day one super proud of her. Be sure too book her for you next face painting event 🆘 - Hit The Link In The BIO to Sign up!
Cryotherapy was such a cool experience..... l i t e r a l l y ❄️❄️❄️❄️ But for real, I felt so great & refreshed after. If you’re ever in #bucktown , come say Hi to Sara (not me, the owner) of @thecryobar and try this out. . . . #chicagofitness #chicago #fitness #fitnesschicago #chicagofitnesstrainer #chicagofit #fitfam #workout #fitnessmotivation #strengthtraining #chicagogram #motivation #fitstagram #cardio #fitlife #chitown #chicagotrainer #stayhealthy #cryotherapy
Love love love hitting machine flys! It’s a great exercise to open the chest up and switch onto a pull movement to get a different focus!! Necessary to any chest routine!!
Enjoy your potatoes over this thanksgiving weekend. Potatoes are one of my main carbohydrates sources along with fruits, rice and vegetables. They are easy to prepare and are nutrient dense. Potatoes are high in: Vitamin C Potassium B6 Fiber Magnesium Antioxidants
New PR for me today. 225lbs 10 months later on sumo deadlift. I know I always tell you where I started..but just so you know that it didn’t take me a day, a week or a month to get where I am today..it took me 10 months of consistency! While it might not be a huge deal for some, it is for me because a year ago a 45lbs bar was what I could lift pulling it with my back not knowing a proper form🤦🏼‍♀️ A huge thank you to @bodysculpt_fitness_chicago @brian_mccabe_natural_pro and @austin_mccabe33 taking me further every single session! ❤️ My next goal is to hit 300lbs even though @brian_mccabe_natural_pro said let’s hit 250lbs first 🤣 #teambodysculpt #figurecompetitor #sumodeadlift #bodybuilding #girlswholift #chicagofitness #lovethisshit #iam1stphorm #duespaid #1stphorm
✨ flow. found. ✨ • Was so sweet to return to teaching today after a couple weeks away. Taking off my teaching hat for a little bit let me slow down and appreciate my practice and teaching life in Chicago in new ways. Now that I’m back I’m so excited to announce a new class to my permanent schedule! I’ll be leading the 9am 75min Hot Power Plus @studiothreechi starting tomorrow!!! After starting on the front desk team @studiothreechi when I quit my corporate job in 2016 I slowly started subbing classes and now I couldn’t be more excited to have a regular spot on the schedule. I’m filling big shoes (@ginamarciano 😘) and will do my best to inspire your practice every single week. • Can’t make it tomorrow? Here’s my schedule for the rest of the week: Weds: 9am @studiothreechi , 5:30pm @thespacebetween_yoga Fri: 8:30am @thespacebetween_yoga Sat: 9am @mirepoixstudio • 📸: @_rebekahjade
Praying for results didn’t work so I started WORKING instead. Let’s work baby! Being my own life coach is a beautiful thing - we don’t put up with excuses around these parts. #work #mindset #weightloss #fatloss #weightlossjourney #obesetobeast #ua #underarmour #myfitnesspal #mfp #fitfam #fitspo #bodybuilding #bodybuildingcom #xsport #xsportfitness
*BLACK FRIDAY SAVINGS NOW* in honor of a this Friday AND my birthday 🎁 I’m offering 40% off ALL my training plans! . Use code FRIDAY40 now through Sunday to gift yourself (and a loved one) a dynamic training plan or 3! . • FUNCTIONAL FITNESS DEFINED: - 8 week training plan and nutrition guide incorporating dumbbells, barbell, kettlebells, & med ball. This most closely resemble how I personally train. . • TRAIN LIKE AN ATHLETE: - 6 week training plan using only dumbbells. No repeated workouts. Focus is on HIIT & metabolic conditioning w/ constantly varied programming. . • 30 DAY TRAINING PLAN: - combo of body weight & gym workouts. Half of the workouts require no equipment so it’s great for travel! . There are NO REPEATED workouts throughout all 3 training plans! Most workouts are around 30 minutes using compound movements. . http://blondeponytail.com/2017/08/training/
No time to do a class, try a workout with your friend!!! #ufc #ufcgym #fitness #boxing #kickboxing #healthylifestyle #mma #chicagofitness #southloop #gym #gymmotivation
Coach Josh one on one! Join us with your whole family! Check out our BLACK FRIDAY deals! #ufc #ufcgym #fitness #boxing #kickboxing #healthylifestyle #mma #chicagofitness #southloop #gym #gymmotivation
Day 0: profile made solely for accountability. See you on June 30 @ironmantri.
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