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- "I'm not like YeEeEEeEESSSSS". Finn being extremely honest is what I'm living for right now.
Natarlie + Style (by Taylor Swift) you lie to yourself if you don’t think Taylor wrote this for them
𝔾𝕠𝕟𝕖 𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕡𝕥𝕖𝕣 𝟚 comment “❤️” if you want me to continue this story !! — the worst thing about making stranger things AUs is the little screencaps we have 😩 i really hope you guys are enjoying my story and not getting bored :( hope you liked this part !! — the story will be found under the hashtag #ssgoneau [ #momstevegrpowners ]
Have a good day guys, I have a lot of work for today! 💗 #nataliadyer @nattyiceofficial
I’ve made a discovery. See, for the past few months I’ve been taking medication for my anxiety and while I was in school, it helped a lot. School always made me exhausted so it felt normal to not want to do anything afterward. Now, however, my family has mentioned that they feel like I’ve changed. I’m not as happy and cheerful as I used to be and I never want to do anything. I planned to do a lot of sewing, writing, drawing, and posting this summer but that hasn’t happened. It’s not that I don’t want to, I do. I want to do all of these things and be really active on here. But every time I’m about to do it, I don’t have the motivation. I just don’t do it. I’m about to get a new prescription and I hope that helps me. I’ve had a difficult summer and I think that contributes to it. I want to come back really ready to be active because I miss it. I haven’t done the things I love, like this. I’m going to do my best to change that✌🏻✌🏻cr: .things.edits Thank for following @stranger_things_hq_ We promise to give you the most beautiful pictures and videos !!! #strangerthings #milliebobbybrown
i love you
get you a man that looks at you the way Diego looks at Diablo 💔😂 Thank for following @stranger.club.tv We promise to give you the most beautiful pictures and videos !!! #strangerthings #milliebobbybrown
Este suspense, comienza con la huída de 4 hermanos y su madre hasta llegar a una casa apartada. Jugando con la intriga durante gran parte de la película, van apareciendo elementos (espejos rotos, dinero escondido, la muerte de la madre...) que configuran la trama y van dando pistas de por qué huyen. El final inesperado es sin duda lo mejor. 👻👻 #charlieheaton
she has the most beautiful, interesting face
“I Believe in Unicorns” Portraits (2014) 📸 #nataliadyer @nattyiceofficial
i don’t care about likes or followers or any of that, i’m only here to show my love and support for millie, just thought i’d make that clear
I only stan four queens 💖💁🏽‍♀️ - ac: regimechxlls dt: everyone in the ST fandom and the OUAT fandom
the cutest
this account is basically a big gallery filled with beautiful high quality pictures of millie, i’m having so much fun posting on here
innocent poses
intruders was such a good series i wish it had a second season
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