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Done👌 Закончила работу и теперь думаю над названием. Обычно я просто называю по названию натуры. Но тут хочется какого-то художественного названия, но на ум ничего не идет 😄 Поэтому пока просто Хоста. Акварель, 41х31 см, бумага Winsor&Newton. ______ #botanicalartlovers #акварель #цветыакварелью #ботаника #ботаническая_живопись #ботаническая_иллюстрация #ботаникамояжизнь #ботаническаяживопись #ботаническаяиллюстрация #хоста #одинденьсхудожником #рисуйкаждыйдень #art #artwork #watercolopainting #watercolorbotanical #watercolorart #watercolor #watercolors #botanica #botanical #botanic #botanical_illustration #botanicalart #botanicalillustration #lanaclemens_art
When I think about Christmas first thing I remember from my childhood is the smell and taste of a sea buckthorn tea which is truly magical...I love it so much I had to draw it:)#seabuckthorn #seabuckthorntea #wintersurvivalkit #christmastea #wintertea #magicaltea #watercolor #watercolorart #botanicalart #christmasmood #festivemood #festiveseason #teatime #tutuandpepe #motherhood
先日の関西蚤の市で手に入れた 念願のランプ点灯。 やっぱり 暖炉の上が合う❗️ . 綿毛 鬼灯 トトロ?人魚の鱗みたいなの。迷いに迷ってこの作品にしたのは、作家さんが ストールで一生懸命に暗室擬きを作ってくださって、光の透け方が1番よかったから。 それと内側が玉葱の花っていうのが気に入ったの。 . 友人の希望で手当たり次第に送った写真のクリスマスツリーが気に入った友人に付き合って2日目も行ったけど、お目当てsold outで佇む友人🤣. . 状態の良いアンティークを見ると 今私の手元にある作品もいつか海を渡って誰かの手に渡るかも。もちろん私の命が尽きたらだけど… 大切にしなきゃね。 . . . #関西蚤の市2018 #阪神競馬場 #仁川 #はいいろオオカミ #花屋西別府商店 #botanicalart #花のある暮らし #アート好きな人と繋がりたい #ファインダー越しの私の世界 #Sonya5100
Great fun with these lovely ladies and lots of flowers yesterday during my watercolor workshop @la_finca_cambutal 💗 We all had a good time, can you tell?! 😁🌼🌸🌺😃
Managing a few new paintings this week before Christmas mayhem! I love all winter foliage, especially eucalyptus. 🌱
Winter survivor
#ботаникавразрезе стартует🖤подробности @marker.school
#studiolife 💕Althea officinalis on Recycled paper One of the Danish endangered species. Do you know the Danish red list? A list of extinct and endangered species. 1000 Danish plants are found on the Danish red list, 19% of which are categorized as endangered or extinct. The latest survey is from 2010, currently being updated on an update, expected to be published 2018-19🧐 Man is responsible for the eradication of many of plants, fungi and animal species. Beware of botany and biodiversity #cop24 #redlist #research #biodiversity #ecosystems #redlist_of_ecosystems #botanicalart #artist #liliandorge #atelier2xd #artstudies #contemporaryart #fineart #modernart #abstractart #kunst #art #nordicart #danishart #photo #painting #drawing #goldenacrylic #artcollectors #artgallery #artexhibition #artistsoninstagram #artoftheday #art_we_inspire
I’m so excited to give this paper cosmos duo in this sweet @katrina.siladi vase away for Christmas! I’m always thinking and making handmade gifts, but this combo is my favorite so far! #paperflowers #cosmosflower #botanicalart #handmade #giftideas
Pressed Forget me not flowers✨💛 For her second tattoo a special one. Flowers from her mother’s garden. Thanks Verena again all the way from Germany😙
Despite those little accidents. I still love my job. Dip the tip of your brush with a darker color, you will get 2 toned in each stroke. #artlover #dailydrawing #mural #botanicalart #therapuetic 🎵
About to bundle up and head to the @nyc_flowermarket - which is one of my favorite things - and even that is getting increasingly more difficult as the days get colder and shorter. Anyone else struggle a bit this time of year? What are some things that help you adjust?
Heyhey 🌟 „Big Roses“ in S/M/L 🌹🌹🌹 sie eignen sich perfekt dafür, große Flächen damit zu schmücken bzw um Bouquets aufzufüllen und Volumen zu gewinnen. Aber auch als Bündel in einer großen Vase machen sie ganz schön was her 💥❤️ Entworfen hab ich sie damals für die Hochzeitsauslage für Demel @demel_wien , vielleicht könnt ihr euch noch daran erinnern? Damals war Jakob noch bei mir im Bauch und ich hab mich grad ganz genau an dieses Gefühl, die Zeit, meine Gedanken und meine Gefühle erinnern können 💖 vieles davon hat sich verändert und vieles ist so ganz anders, als ich mir es vorgestellt hab. Und das ist auch gar nicht schlimm. Auch wenn ich dachte es wäre leichter mit zweien, dass ich weiter arbeiten werde können, aus der anfänglichen tollen Herausforderung irgendwann Überforderung wurde. So schön ist es auch, dass ich meinen Bub noch viel mehr mag, als ich mir das je vorstellen konnte. Manchmal hatte ich Angst, dass ich nicht noch jemanden so lieb haben kann wie mein Mädchen. Aber vom ersten Moment an war da diese unglaubliche Liebe 💖 und die hat sich einfach nur verdoppelt. Ich mag jeden auf eigene Art und Weise. Niemanden mehr und niemanden weniger. Und wenn ich nun endlich meinen Blumenbabys auch wieder mehr Zeit widmen kann, bin ich eine superhappy Jule 🌸🤗💖 (Werbung/Namensnennung/unaufgefordert) #julesblumen #paperflowers #paperflorist #madetoorder #bloooms #instablooms #underthefloralspell #madetocreate #handmade #marthaweddings #weddingflowers #weddinginspo #pursuepretty #thehappynow #paperartist #botanicalart #whimsicalflowers #kleinerfeinerfeed #supportsmall
There are only a few more days left to get your orders in! Just a reminder that I am closing on Friday evening for a month long break so don't miss your chance x
Last enamel post, then back to jewelry. 4x4” enamel painting. 🌸🌿 #enamelart #enamelpainting #handmade #botanicalart #flowerpainting #mewchiu #enamel
Flower set 🌼🌿 —————————— Lissovacraft.etsy.com
Close up of our plant print featuring 30 illustrations of your favourite houseplants. This is a limited addition of 250 pcs with less than 50 left in stock. If you'd like this in time for xmas and are based in USA or Eastern Europe, please order by tomorrow (13th Dec) to be sure it has time to reach you! UK peeps, your order deadline is 19th Dec! . . #plantart #plantjoy #urbanjungle #indoorjungle #plantprint #botanicalart #plantgoals #plantsmakemehappy #plantaddict #houseplants #livingwithplants #houseplantlove #ihavethisthingwithplants #plantstagram #plantsofinstagram #anotherstudio
Finally finished my cyclamen composition.😅 It has been very challenging! You see 16 different stems here, although I used only a few flowers and leaves to create this composition. I rotated them and took many pictures from different angles and then depicted them. The reason why I did this is just because I didn't want to harm my poor live specimen! It's had enough!😄🥀 . . . . . #botanicalart #botanicals #botanicalillustration #botany #graphitepencils #graphiteart #cyclamen #floralart #naturalhistory #drawings #pencilart #pencildrawing #карандашныйрисунок #ботаника #художник #konst #artoftheday #pencils #sketch #leaves #flowers #illustrationdaily
I love this one for a little cowgirls bedroom. I’ll have it ready for prints soon. Oh, and the original will be @thefoundcottage this weekend.
“Holy Spirit” is off to the printing company to get scanned so that i can have prints made. I’ll be getting a canvas stretched for this space, but until then, i put “ Pearl” back. I thought i would share a shot of this entire vignette for #cottonstemheartstexture
The church is finished. Keep swiping to see detailed photos as well as the process of this piece. .................................. “Holy Spirit” 36x48 .................................. The church is a Carpenter Gothic or Gothic Revival style built in 1872 in Port Henry New York. It’s an Episcopal Church. If there ever was a church to represent Hollihocks; this is it. I fell in love when i saw it. The care that went into every detail of this little church astounds me. The dentil molding, corbels, and stained glass are gorgeous. I can hear the bell ringing. As much as i love the church in this piece, the story is in the flowers. They represent the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Before i knew Jesus, it would whisper words of affirmation and encouragement. The Bible talks about receiving the Spirit once we accept the Gospel, but i can see it’s work in my life long before i was a believer. Now, even though i continue to sin, and I’m constantly trying to stray from the path God has set before me; the Spirit is there to lovingly guide me back to Jesus.
Pretty jealous of Pearl for getting to spend all of her time in a bathroom like this. @little.byrd.house
Foxgloves and Hummingbirds 24x36 SOLD
I tried out this big 36x36 printed canvas of Pearl because i thought my mirror was a bit too small for this wall. I think i was right. This fits so much better. Too bad this ones going to @thefoundcottage I wanted plants on this wall so i put up these sconces and i have grow lights in them. They look great and keep my plants happy here.
Hollyhocks and Honey Bees 🐝 ***SOLD*** Number two in my flowers and flyers series. Photographing these large black and whites is tough. All of the detail gets lost. You can check out my stories for close up videos and the process. Today is World Bee Day. We need to make changes so these tiny gifts from God don’t disappear forever.
White Butterflies and Caterpillars with Butterfly Weed 24x36
I can’t tell you how much I love @simplyciani ‘s feed. I especially like what she has to say about Pearl. It was my intent when i partnered with Hobby Lobby to make my pieces more affordable for you. I’m very proud that there’s a piece of me in your homes. Did you know that while i was repainting pieces for Hobby Lobby, i prayed over them. I prayed for each and every one of you. Thank you all for letting my work grace your home. Blessings, always. 😘
Pearl as a paper print. I love how she looks with a black frame.
Brought back the flower trucks with the wood side and dropped a couple off to @thefoundcottage . I had scans made for prints this week. Prints will be available soon when the website launches.
Nothings better than flowers and rust. Check out my stories to watch me paint this today.
Pearl has officially been spotted @hobbylobby stores. If you buy her for your home, i would love to be tagged in a photo!!!! ****it is not at all HL locations yet. It depends on your store.
I have a few commissioned pieces that i have to do this week, but I’ve had a pretty big break. So, today i worked on a couple bunny paintings so that i could train my brain to paint again after so much time off. I’ll be bringing this little Easter Bunny to @thefoundcottage very soon. I have a few videos in my stories of the process.
HAVE YOU HEARD? I’m giving away tons of FREE stuff. See my post a few back to enter. I’ve been getting some incredibly sweet, inspiring, and heart wrenching stories. I quickly realized i have an almost impossible task ahead in picking a winner. I’m going to pray about it. A LOT! Thank you all for your comments and messages. I owe everything to you all.
Hydrangeas close up. I love the simplicity of this one. It is currently hanging in my living room. This is the only painting I’ve ever done that i might actually leave up in my home. I’m so critical of myself that i can’t seem to hang my own work without driving myself crazy.
I wanted to show you a closeup of this one. It has so many great layers of texture. Oh, and I’ve chosen a name. “God Bless Ewe” 30x40 Available
I’m not sure if this is completely finished just yet, and it needs a name. Any suggestions?? You can see part of the process in my Insta stories.
Well it’s February. This is the month. You can find Pearl the Cow at Hobby Lobby stores soon. I’ve been working with them on lots of other pieces that will be available in the coming months. Be on the lookout. I’ll let you know soon what other pieces will be available, and when. Let me know if you spot her!!
This bouquet of hydrangeas is making its way to @thefoundcottage too. They’ll go on being this beautiful forever. Unlike the real thing. Hydrangeas 25x25
On Earth as it is in Heaven 30x40 #cottonstemheartspink
It’s good to be back after a break. I was feeling burned out. I had to put the brush down to think. I painted this for my friend @mustardseedbeginnings she has a love for barns and hydrangeas.
The “I-just-washed-her-for-church” flower farm truck. 😉🤣
Sweet little Poppy is available on canvas or paper prints. Just click the link in my bio on Instagram
Pearl the Cow. I've been wanting to do this full version for way too long. I finally had an amazing reason to work on it. I can't tell you why yet 😏
Fall pears 🍐 too.
This is one of my favorite pieces ever. It's now available in prints. Canvases are available on Etsy and they ship free with the code THANKYOU
Last of the baby farm animal series for now.
Baby Farm animal number 3: Chick**SOLD**
Next in my baby farm animal series: Grace the lamb. It sure is convenient that my friend @lizmariegalvan has a lamb when I had plans to paint one.
1st in a series of baby farm animals.
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