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16 Lanes of Traffic. So glad I don’t commute! What’s your favorite podcast?
🎁 🚀 Here are some advanced sexual energy bedroom experiences for couples. Go to BetterLover.com and search 🔎 “energy.” I have a whole’Future Of Sex’ video series as my gift. Double tap this pic or click the ❤️ if you love to play with sexual energy. Follow me for more free sex tips.
Waiting for Tim to come give me an Expanded Orgasm date. We’ve had this orgasmic manual stroking practice for 14 years. Once or twice a week I lay down and he gives me a sensual massage that leads to a specific stroke series on my clitoris and then my G-Area. This was the turning point in our sex lives where we became orgasmically explosive together. You can learn about Expanded Orgasm (a couples version and very heart-connected style of Orgasmic Meditation, OMing or Deliberate Orgasm aka DOing) by grabbing my 3 Free Expanded Orgasm Pleasure Reports at expandherorgasmtonight.com
🐙 Mural. Encinitas, CA
Women of Sex Tech is my gang. Here’s a podcast you will like. . . . #Repost @shesaidpodcast ・・・ NEW EPISODE!! Women in Sex Tech with @brirader CEO of @juiceboxapp. Host @isabel_fields and Brianna chat patriarchal sex tech funding, sexist Facebook ad regulations and more! Listen using the link in bio or search She Said on Stitcher, iTunes, or SoundCloud. Produced by @lizcoleman (📷: @khrystyana )
Shine your light. #shineon Cephea “Cauliflower” jellyfish. ❤️ Like this beautiful creature.
The NEW Rules of Sex. Do you know them? Sign up for a free event in which I’m featured, along with amazing peers in the innovative sexual potential movement. (It’s free.) #Repost @dr.laurenbrim ・・・ What do 20 sexual health experts look like? They look like this! 👩🏻‍🏫👨🏽‍🏫👨🏼‍🏫 Don’t miss the chance to learn from the leading voices in sexual education and health starting July 30, 2018. Join The New Rules of Sex Summit for FREE at www.TheNewRulesofSex.com. You deserve a sexual education! #sexed #sexeducation #thenewrulesofsex #meettheexperts #thedoctorisin #freesummit #onlineeducation #everyonedeserveseducation #learningtime #thetruthheals
Safe Hot Sex. There are Sexual Agreements and there are Sexual Boundaries. Both help you have Safe Hot Sex! Do you know the difference? Having your boundaries thought through in advance will make you a more confident lover. I’ve done a number of videos telling you exactly what to say! 😄Just go to BetterLover.com and it’ll direct you right to my YouTube channel. There’s a search box on the home page of my channel. If you type in “safe sex” or “boundaries” you’ll see the videos. Post any questions you have below the videos and I’ll answer them. Repost thanks to @cervicalwellness for an apt quote. My IG friends rock and so do you! You’re so cute. Either tap this picture twice to “love” it. Or just click the ❤️ under the pic to send some love.
🍆🎯☑️ Penis size... I have many guys on IG and my Better Lover YouTube channel asking me about their penis size... asking me to look at their equipment to see if it “looks ok,” asking how to gain length and girth... Especially since I did the Blow and Grow Blow Job Penis Growth Technique and Penis Pumps Video Series on YouTube. Add to that all the guys who have premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction and well as general sexual shame and sexual abuse — which the #metoo movement omitted — and so many guys are afraid, isolated and lonely. This is why I posted this image. Men are as sensitive as women. Please bring a compassionate heart and no more size jokes, friends. Bring the love and acceptance. 🔚 Link in bio to my YouTube channel. Please click the heart or double tap this picture to show your support. ❤️ Repost from @tantric.witch
👄 👅 ⭕️ We are tubes. That tube from your mouth to your vagina is called a lumen by some. (Lumen: We are light beings.) and by others a Bamboo Flute. You can play your flute orgasmically. You are as orgasmic orally as vaginally. You can connect both ends — your mouth/throat and your Yoni — to experience full-body orgasm. It simply takes awareness. ( Now you know. ) and practice. ( Now you choose. ) 👄 👅 ⭕️ Relaxing your mouth relaxes your Yoni. Read my posts on the sphincter system for more insight. That’s why kissing makes your aroused! The throat is as juicy and able to have orgasms and ejaculate as your vagina and urethra are when you get lubricated and ejaculate from your genitals. If you experience female ejaculation from your Yoni, you can also ejaculate from your mouth. It’s pretty amazing! (Everyone can do it. Ejaculation is a natural response that anyone can learn.) You can safely explore this with a male-bodied partner or a dildo for same-sex pleasuring. There is a world of untapped orgasmic pleasure inside you. When you begin to have mouthgasms and throatgasms it enhances your vaginal orgasms as well. You will begin to orgasm simultaneously from your mouth and Yoni. And you can intentionally “connect the dots” up your body as you orgasm. This leads to tummygasms and full-body orgasmic pleasure. It’s just awe-inspiring how orgasmic our bodies are! Reposting @sassylisalister ’s image. And there’s an excellent discussion on her post by women who have suffered vulvar trauma and been rendered mute or been sexually abused and lost their ability to speak up for themselves. Check it out if you’re that person. Now tap this picture twice to “love” it. Or just click the ❤️ under the pic to send some love.
Pillow Sex Position: He lies down. Head on pillow. Legs comfortably open — resting on pillows. 🙌🏽 She climbs on him. Facing his feet. She goes down on him while he admires her Yoni from behind. 🍑 She enjoys her mouth, lips and tongue on his penis. She holds his shaft with one hand, while tickling a bit lower. 🍆 She uses his tool for her pleasure. Kissing, licking and sucking him as she likes. For as long as she wants. This picture shows you how to set the bed up for maximum relaxation. Relaxation is key to arousal. Excitement is built on the foundation of relaxation. Orgasms are so healthy and relaxing. So try this set up. If you want more oral sex ideas, I give away free ebooks and have sexy sex ed video links in my bio. You’re invited to check out my free giveaways to get to know me. I also sell Steamy sex@ed online programs on advanced orgasm techniques and seduction with integrity skills. But there’s never any requirement to buy anything unless you want to learn that technique that’s up to you. I also just love my fans, as well as my devoted customers. (Love you all!) ❤️💋🍑 Anyway, I hope you try this blow job pillow position. It’s one of my Blow Job Secrets. 🍆 Have a great day. Double tap this picture to give me some love. 💋😘
💋👙💥🍒🌅❤️🌴Spreading the love! Double tap if I make you happy.
Women ask me all the time, how do I get my guy to take control in the bedroom? Answer: Tell him you want him to, invite him to, give him permission to make mistakes, and learn together. Sexual Soulmates are co-created. And here’s a free gift for you: The Sexual Soulmate Pact. @sexualsoulmatepact.com. Get it. (Don’t forget to double tap this post first.) and if you have questions, ask below. . . . #Repost @be_a_better_lover ・・・ Let it be fascinating! Don't stick to "just fine" thing. Be on it and set some fire on it.⠀ .⠀ #sexpert #sexuallyhealthy #organicerotic #letstalkaboutsex #sextalk #sexplay #sexeducation #sexblogger #seduction #sextips #sexadvice #betterlover #sexologist #sextech #sexy #susanbrattonlovesme #womenofsextech #femaleceo #intimacyexpert
🎬🎯🎥🎞💓🔛Just shot a fun video on How To Sexually Magnetize A Man with Antia Boyd. Coming soon!
50% DISCOUNT ENDS TODAY!! BETTER LOVER will help you rediscover and reconnect with yourself, unleash the lover within and connect sexually with your man in ways you never imagined. This course is as much for your enjoyment as it is for your man. Get ready for the Ride of your life. And Tell your man to get ready too, because he's about to get acquainted with his wife, the Better Lover. If you haven't registered by now, you have till midnight today to take advantage of the 50% discount. Send me a DM to register. And please tag a friend who needs it. #betterlover #sexualintimacy #greatsex #sexualcreativity #olawunmiesan #sextherapist #no1sexcoach #routinetoamazing #sextherapyinnigeria #happiness #love #live #couple #sextherapyinnigeria #sextherapistinnigeria #sextherapist #sextherapistlagos
💥🔥🌟The party has started. #houseparty #partytime #sexparty (just kidding...)
Use your fingers to find the legs and arms of your clitoral structure under your pubic hair and up inside your vagina. Then stroke it with organic oil until it gets erect. This will intensify your pleasure.
🍆 You really gotta watch this funny series on YouTube. Type in BetterLover.com and You’ll get right to it. Don’t forget to double tap this and follow me for more great sex tips.
What a soft landing for your space probe.
Green juice and orgasm-powered.
My series on penis pumps for ED, length and girth is live now. Type in BetterLover.com and you’ll go right to it.
🦋 When two become one we fly to new realms of bliss together. Have you had a Sexual Soulmate connection in your lovemaking? Sexual Soulmates are co-created. I’ve netted out the six essentials to Sexual Soulmatery. The first is an agreement that allows you both to surrender to your pleasure together called, The Sexual Soulmate Pact.” This is a game-changer for lovers and I give it away for free. Link to the gift in my bio. 💋🎁💙
Sheer joy.
🙀My girlfriend asked me tonight if I was somehow making money on the #flightclubmastermind because I was talking about it so much in my feed. Like, “When you gonna drop a ‘buy now’ link?” I didn’t realize my enthusiasm for my mastermind would be taken that way and I appreciated the reflection. I’m not selling anything. I don’t make money. I pay to be involved! I just LOVE being in the mastermind and want to encourage you to find your tribe too! Here are some more pics. These are amazing friends and we have each other’s backs as entrepreneurs. That’s all. Being an entrepreneur is lonely. Even though Tim and I have each other and a CTO and a damned amazing team, we get lonely for business friends too. Look how picture perfect these people are. They are as kind and smart as they are gorgeous. Who can blame me for glowing and going on about them!?! Wouldn’t you want to brag about your friends if they are this awesome? 😎 👏🏾 🙌🏽😻
In Japan 🇯🇵 Tim and I went to a few sex shops to 👀 at their offerings. Tons of Chinese-made adult toys, aisles of #tenga and #blowupdoll options and floors of #manga and #ecchihentai magazines. I loved seeing the variety of fantasies depicted! And I was amazed at the pervasiveness of giant-breasted and super-big bums depicted on the doe-eyed girls. I wonder how these images affect Asian girls? Similar to the airbrushed perfection of Madison Avenue commercials — it must make most women feel, “less than.” (I must admit I’m still turned on by the tentacle porn.) 🐙
Sphincters. I’ve been writing to you about how our human sphincters operate as a system. Kissing opens our Yoni to more turn on because when the mouth relaxes, so does the vagina. So cool! This is the inside of a grouper fishe’s mouth. It looks like an anal sphincter, doesn’t it? #Repost and apologies to photographer @alexmustard1 for using his gorgeous fish pic as a sphincter lesson. Go see his gorgeous photos! 😽 ・・・ #tropicalfish #grouper #cuba #scubadiving
#Repost @freshkid_silencer (@get_repost ) ・・・ Better Love is out for download... Trust me you gonna fall in love with the song 💖💖🔥🔥 Click to download link on my bio I still look up to my humble mentors @kendricklamar @_rae_srummurd_ @draketheicon @phynofino @wizkidayo @davidoofficial @official2baba @djkhaled @_runtown.official @eminem #assurance #accolades #betterlover #soco
🧜‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏾‍♀️ Three Muses. Beauty and brains. Heart and balls. Creativity and mutual support. These two gorgeous women are in my Mastermind. Elyse helps #YouTubers gain more traction for profitability through her agency. Sabrina trains healers to have successful coaching practices and is the brains behind #abundantentrepreneur . Aren’t I so lucky that this is who I do business with? Just one of the many benefits of being in a business Mastermind.
I signed up for an Online Course sometime ago and while taking the course, I got stuck. So I emailed the provider with my issue and the response I received made me wish I hadn't purchased the course. I was On My Own. The reason I set up WhatsApp platforms to accompany my online courses is because I have a genuine desire to help you work through whatever challenges you might face and to encourage you to take action for positive results. Can an online course exist without that kind of support? Of course, it can. As a matter of fact, many online courses are built that way. However, I am more concerned with you achieving positive results and all my online courses will always come with a means of reaching out for support. If you haven't registered for my Online Course, BETTER LOVER FOR WOMEN, (Swipe Left) you are missing out on alot of value that can take Sexual Intimacy in your marriage from "Just there" to "Come over here" 😉 (Like the testimonial above) Slots are filling up and Registration fee is currently N10,000 but goes up to N20,000 after the 15th of July. Don't say I didn't tell you. Your location doesn't matter, you can take the course from anywhere you are in the world, in as much as you can access the internet and a WhatsApp app on your phone. Send me a Direct Message to register. #sexualintimacy #greatsex #sexualcreativity #olawunmiesan #sextherapist #no1sexcoach #routinetoamazing #sextherapyinnigeria #happiness #love #live #couple #sextherapyinnigeria #sextherapistinnigeria #betterlover #betterloverforwomen
😎🤜🏻🙏🏽👀Catamaran trip with our Mastermind group. Jet skis. Great music. Free flowing drinks. Double grip snacks. And an AWESOME group of friends and business partners. So blessed to be in an industry that supports each other’s growth and success, shares knowledge and is collaborative.
My friend and business partner, Shannon. #flightclubmastermind #clickbank
🚢 Catamaran Party in San Diego harbor. #flightclubmastermind
😍Fell in love with this angel today.
🙌🏽💵🕺🏾💰💃🏾🥂🌇🇺🇸 Met a fantastic guy today — Blake Hartshorn — who will likely be our agency for launching our new sexual vitality products! All because of our FlightClub Mastermind membership. Masterminds can open doors and accelerate your business in ways you’d never imagine. #betterlover #sexpert #sextips #bossbabe #bossladymindset #wealthmindset #millionairemindset #bossedup #westgatehotel #gaslampquarter #abundancemindset #abundance #millionaire #millionairelifestyle #millionaires #lawofattraction #visualization #visualizesuccess #money #makemoney #rich #wealthy #wealthylife #flightclubmastermind #businessmastermind #mastermind
🦄 Sexual Trend Alert: It used to be that a bi-sexual woman who would make love with a couple was called, “a unicorn.” This was a rare occurrence, hence as rare as a unicorn. But today, gender fluidity and bisexuality in women is gaining traction at an accelerated pace. Many Millenial women are having as much sex with women as men. Women are marrying later and having more sexual experiences, including threesomes and more women with women sexual sessions. . . . #Repost @kitscheart “Ironic Rainbows” 💞
🐙🐬🙌🏽 We’re drawn to connect. What are you doing today to connect with others more deeply? A kind word? A hug? An expression of appreciation? A double tap? . . . . . #Repost @latashia_thilldw
Do you belong to a Mastermind? Masterminds are vital for growing one’s business. You gather with other business owners to share success strategies and get help solving problems. This is our FlightClub Mastermind. Today we talked about copywriting, reaching customers across many channels, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), selling high-ticket coaching, clearing chaos and drama and focusing on what’s important, podcasting, quiz funnels, supplement formulation, retargeting, and many more things. We meet for two days of presentations and breakout groups. Then we have a third day just to hang out and converse, process, integrate and ideate. I always leave with amazing nuggets. And I’m always impressed with how generous our group is at giving great advice and supporting each other. If you don’t have a Mastermind in your industry, consider starting one. It’s valuable for entrepreneurs and career professionals both. . . . #betterlover #sexpert #sextips #bossbabe #bossladymindset #wealthmindset #millionairemindset #bossedup #flightclubmastermind #laptoplifestyle #workfromwherever #goaldigger #entrepreneurlifestyle #sexblogger #sexadvice #sexologist #sextech #womeninsextech #sexy #sexualwellness #susanbrattonlovesme #femaleceo #intimacyexpert
💃🏾💥💋☄️Date Night in San Diego.
☄️💥🔥New Sex Position! It’s a triple-stimulation cowgirl style sex position. I call it, “Headboard Daddy.” And I describe how to do it in my new YouTube video at BetterLover.com. Double tap if you like it HOT! 🔥🔥🔥Link in bio. (I’m giving away all the sex position illustration images in a link below the video too.)
Aubusson Tapestries and Rugs. One of the first five Steinways ever manufactured. Magnificent hand-cut Baccarat crystal chandeliers made in Milan for the Westgate Hotel. Everywhere you look is eye candy.
A gorgeous sitting room off the lobby. Westgate Hotel. Gaslamp Quarter. San Diego.
💦❤️ Fountain of Love. François Boucher. Westgate Hotel. San Diego, California.
I think this marvelous gem is a François Boucher painting. A French painter from the 1700s in the voluptuous Rococo style. That’s the Fountain of love flowing in the painting. It’s a precious masterpiece on many levels.
👌🏻More beautiful scenes from the Westgate hotel lobby. The exquisite antiques are artfully arranged. They bill themselves as Timeless Elegance and it’s true.
🥒 🍊 🌹 🍑 Which flavor would you try first? . . . . Gorgeous rooftop pool here at The Westgate Hotel. And I love the idea of these new Ketel One Vodkas. Rose and Grapefruit. Cucumber and Mint. Peach and Orange Blossom. They smell amazing! Can’t wait to try one. Did you know Ketel One is made in Holland? Yet another thing I love about the Dutch! . . . . We are here for our FlightClub Mastermind.
👌🏽 Exquisite taste in classic art here at the Westgate Hotel in San Diego’s Gaslamp District. Here for the FlightClub Mastermind.
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