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Anyone who journeys into the publishing world without the aid of an editor is inviting failure. Professional eyes over your manuscript finds those moments that lack strength, direction and motivation. In my search for an editor, there was a great deal of research and reading! Find the right editor for you and your work - someone who wants this for you. And I’m sorry, but your mother is NOT your editor. 📖 Receiving my editor’s letter back was extremely helpful in guiding me to achieve my dreams. Feel free to drop any editor recommendations in the comments below. Enjoy the process. #writingtips #igauthors #igauthorcommunity #writingzone #writingcommunity #writingcommunityofig #igwriters #igwritersclub #writingcommunityofinstagram #authors_community #authorsofinstagram #authorssupportingauthors #urbanauthors #editorsasmr #editor #findinganeditor #bestsellingauthor #bestsellingbooks #writersblock #writerslife #selfpublishing #authorslife #aspiringauthors #aspiringauthorsofig #indieauthorcentral #indiewriters #indiesareworthit
BEING IN LOVE What does being in love feel like? I really don’t fucking know But I’d like to know I’ve loved I’ve been emotionally attached I’ve been slightly obsessed I’ve been addicted to I’ve cared deeply about I’ve had tremendous respect for I’ve felt intense highs Very low lows And all of the lukewarm in between I imagine being in love feels magical When things are good And feels something like hell When things are bad And Feels like purgatory When feelings are or become unequal or unreciprocated Although I’ve never been there I’d love to have that “in love” experience So I will continue to wait patiently for him #highestself #readersofinstagram #writerlife #reading #authors_community #authormemes #authorlife #publish #publishers #publishing #readpoetry_ #poetrycommunity #poetrybooks #poetryporn #oprahmagazine #positivepsychology #resilience #GetUPP #TedX #gratitudepractice #newbook #newauthor #author #authorsofinstagram #writer #writersofinstagram #poetryauthors https://youtu.be/BmB5Y0leiMA https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/1504371380/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=&sr=
I’ve spent a good portion of my life thus far trying to be just the right amount of everything or not too much of one thing, that, up until recently, I feel I’ve failed myself at being truly anything. I grew up attending private schools where I’d try to not be too black, in America where’d I try to not be too Haitian/immigrant from 3rd world country, in a heteronormative societal and familial culture where I’d try to not be too gay/bi, in a professional/aspirational world increasingly devaluing the arts where I’d try to bury the slice of my soul that made me too artsy expressive, etc. . . The list can and does go on. I’ve lived a life thus far where I’ve been conditioned to believe that there’s only one answer or way, and if the beautiful complexities of my soul and heart don’t fit or follow that path it’s because I’m wrong or too much or not enough. . . Well, I don’t claim to know much and I’m still learning a great deal, but I have learned and do know this: FUCK THAT SHIT! I am everything I need and plan to be, not despite of, but because of my differing parts & complexities. I am weird, I am multicultural, I am bisexual, I am mental health warrior, I am poet, I am open mind, I am belly laugh & witch cackle, I am life of party & hermit, I am confident & incredibly terrified, I am lover & fighter (if need be), I am so many things I have yet to uncover... . . But, most importantly, I now truly believe that I can be and become all these different things while still being WORTHY! And fun fact: SO 👏🏾 CAN 👏🏾 YOU 👏🏾 ! STAY DIFFERENT STAY KIND STAY WORTHY HAPPY STAY DAY FAM! ————————————————— Please be sure to check out @staywear to learn more about the incredible clothing and overall positive movement they’re looking to create/inspire daily! ————————————————— Follow @lostboyspoetry for more poems, thoughts, and beautifully knotted messes of creativity! ✌🏾💙🦄 —————————————————
Literally just came up with this today! Anyone have any name ideas? I'm thinking "The Invaders" or "Invading Heaven", totally open to suggestions! Check my bio plz #book #books #imagination #newbookidea #newstories #unicorns #angels #pegasus #write #writerscommunity #writersofinsta #writersofinstagram #aliens #artistsofinsta #artistsofinstagram #art #writingsociety #authorsofinstagram #authorsofinsta #authors_community
This time last year I saw @harrystyles at Madison Square Garden and it was a damn near religious experience
People say to be afraid of emotions. They don't know, "Stronger you feel, Stronger you stand. " -Alisha Follow @wordsforlife.byalisha for more... . . Read the whole post at my website, link in my bio! . . wordsforlifebyalisha.wordpress.com . . INSTAGRAM | Tag and follow @wordsforlife.byalisha to share my work . . DM for collaboration and shout-out.
So I truly have no idea how it happened but I messed up the prompts! Somehow I added an In The Middle Prompt that wasn’t on the list and switched Sick Of Losing Soulmates to If I’m Being Honest. But I’m back on track today with my baby @harrystyles and i@ pretty sure all my mistake means is that I’m rightfully obsessed with @doddleoddle
DREAMS I feel so relaxed and peaceful. I am able to fall asleep faster, And sleep deeper. I never really did that much before. When your heart is open, And your mind is relaxed, Does it create the space for dreams To enter consciousness and manifest? Does holding onto stress, And ideas, people, and experiences, You know you should let go of, Block your ability to dream? Release them and you’ll know…and have. #highestself #readersofinstagram #writerlife #reading #authors_community #authormemes #authorlife #publish #publishers #publishing #readpoetry_ #poetrycommunity #poetrybooks #poetryporn #oprahmagazine #positivepsychology #resilience #GetUPP #TedX #gratitudepractice #newbook #newauthor #author #authorsofinstagram #writer #writersofinstagram #poetryauthors https://youtu.be/BmB5Y0leiMA https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/1504371380/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=&sr=
This message made my day!!! : ; So who’s next? Who’s ready to stop procrastinating and start writing? : : I have a few openings for book consultations this week. : : During a book consultation, we will discuss : • How you can become an author in less than 90 days • Your vision • Writing styles • Overcoming writer’s block • Publishing options • and more... : : DM me for additional details ✍🏾 #mompreneurlifestyle #writerscommunity #writing #businesscoaching #lifecoaching #womensupportingwomen #collaborationovercompetition #authorshelpingauthors #authors_community #bookpublishing #bookcoach
JULY IS ALMOST HERE!! Here are the prompts (broken down by weeks to help make it easier to read) for #jukeboxjuly with #emmagraceprompts hope you are inspired by the song lyrics just as much as I am! Shoutout to @fadedwriting for the idea! If you notice anything from your favorite artist tag them below! Who’s ready for another month of mayhem? 😊
Title : That Hug @wordsforlife.byalisha I want that hug I've been waiting for To feel cared by you Since the time began What I want is due None is gallant enough Path seen obstacles new I want that hug It's been so few Need that rare comfort To help me through To know in my heart Everything has a start anew I want that hug From you... -Alisha Follow @wordsforlife.byalisha for more... . . Read the whole post at my website, link in my bio! . . wordsforlifebyalisha.wordpress.com . . INSTAGRAM | Tag and follow @wordsforlife.byalisha to share my work . . DM for collaboration and shout-out.
Starting and ending with @magpie.poetry just loving these FEATURES and the born this way and leave your lover prompts that inspired them! Look out for next months prompt later today 💖
"Freedoms edge"
Wow! Thank you 500 followers. This has been an amazing first week on IG as an author. I’m grateful for everyone’s support on this new and amazing journey! Thank you for your encouragement, your likes, your tips and tricks, and ,most importantly, your kindness.
HALF A HEART by TB❤ I live with half a heart. I’ve lived with half a heart for a long time. I don’t know where the other half went, But I’m pretty sure it chipped away slowly. Have you ever tried to love with half a heart? If you’ve tried, then you know you can’t. Half-hearts are like half-truths, They only appear real. Loving someone with half a heart, Cannot make his heart whole. And being loved by someone, Cannot make your heart whole. Stop searching for the other half of your heart outside of yourself, And stop looking to be the other half of someone else’s heart. You are the only person who can make your heart whole again. Therefore, make loving yourself your top priority, your life depends on it. #highestself #readersofinstagram #writerlife #reading #authors_community #authormemes #authorlife #publish #publishers #publishing #readpoetry_ #poetrycommunity #poetrybooks #poetryporn #oprahmagazine #positivepsychology #resilience #GetUPP #TedX #gratitudepractice #newbook #newauthor #author #authorsofinstagram #writer #writersofinstagram #poetryauthors https://youtu.be/BmB5Y0leiMA https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/1504371380/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=&sr=
Title : Life I lead Burning chest Limping feet Bleeding threat The life I lead -Alisha Follow @wordsforlife.byalisha for more... . . Read the whole post at my website, link in my bio! . . wordsforlifebyalisha.wordpress.com . . INSTAGRAM | Tag and follow @wordsforlife.byalisha to share my work . . DM for collaboration and shout-out. @wordsforlife.byalisha
Today’s poem 🖤
~ Have you ever had someone in your life you wished just saw you the way you see them? Someone that, no matter who you try to date or where you try to move or what you try to do, you can never truly get out of your mind? Someone that you’ve never stopped hoping will one day finally just look up from all the craziness of life and just see...you? Someone you can’t seem to stop waiting for, even though they’ve shown countless times they’re not really waiting for you—they don’t even realize you want them to? Well, if you don’t have or have never had someone like this in your life, I envy you. It’s not healthy. It’s not good, but sometimes, when it comes to your feelings for them, there’s nothing you can do. It’s no excuse, it’s just the cold hard truth. It honestly just be like that sometimes, you honestly just feel like that sometimes, and it honestly just don’t make any type of sense like that sometimes. This piece is about those “someones”, and the subsequent “sometimes”, in our lives. Be physically and emotionally safe this weekend Fam! Happy Pride! ———————————————— Follow @lostboyspoetry for more poems, thoughts,and beautifully knotted messes of creativity! ✌🏾💙🦄 ————————————————
Be good, that's what I have tried to follow all my life. I remember growing up, I always tried to be the person who goes and talks to the new girl in school, get my bff her favourite food item for no reason, letting a "friend" I met two hours ago borrow my most prized possesion. Most people would think, it was to be cool but now that I think of it, it was never about that. I just liked making people feel special and wanted. Call it bragging, but I was that kid who believed that being nice to people will make their day. Nobody taught me that, I guess I got it from my dad. Little did I know, I'd get so carried away and never know when to stop, to draw that thin line, giving someone something I love, to think before going the extra mile. I am so gullible today that saying a no causes me anxiety, so scared that I choose to lose my mental peace over losing and letting go of memories and people that don't make me happy anymore. I am still that kid, I will still do whatever I can - materialistic or something emotionally charging, to make my loved ones smile. From cracking jokes that don't make sense, to cracking puns that make too much sense, to thinking twice before speaking and blabbering shit when I'm out of my senses, I've done it all. But in the end, I always come around. I know how to say sorry, I know how to accept, sometimes I fail, but I keep trying. But now, I realise maybe I just choose to hold on to the memories and the people just because I don't know where else to find my happiness. I say I am awkward around people and I don't know how to act, but maybe after all I am a people's person. The kid who grew up being nice to everybody is scared to death that people will leave and she will lose them. I think my mother's words have started to knock some sense into me finally, losing is growing, people are temporary, what you do for yourself defines how good you are. So here I am, accepting what comes my way, inviting the bitter experiences and going extra extra extra miles for me and myself. I'm ready to be nice and lovely and whatever I am already, but not at the cost of losing my own self. It is time, I hurt and be hurt for being a good "me".
By the way these FEATURES forgive you
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