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¡Comenzando la Patagonia! 🙌🏻🗻All this is about camping and enjoying the beautiful landscapes! ❤️ . . . . #patagonia #argentina #visitargentina #camping #roadtrip #motorcycleatrip #adventure #adventurenow #rideon
Close up 🍃
Windward by name, windward by nature ⛵ Carriacou, just North of Grenada, is a small but exceptional little island. It's known as the "Land of the Reefs," and combined with its neighbour, Petite Martinique, has quite the history. I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't even go snorkelling (!!), but I did spend my time checking out the Island's historical connection to Scotland. The French were the first colonisers of the island, but after 1763 when it was surrendered to the British, Scottish settlers started moving in! Windward, the town pictured here, became home to a bunch of Scottish boat-builders and over the years they've maintained their traditions, which are still used in boat building today. Many of the families living in the village still have surnames like Mackenzie, Macintosh, MacLeod! 🇬🇩 #CarriacouIsland #Grenadines #TravellersEdition
"The only photo from this series that isn’t Scotland! This is Blea Tarn, one of my favourite places in the world… Particularly when the weather cooperates like it did on this day! I wasn’t supposed to be going to the Lakes, but I was on a long drive from Oxford to Scotland and couldn’t resist a detour. After too many long hours in the car, the reward of this view was greatly appreciated." Photo and words: @annablackwell 📷 - - - - - #forevernature #roamanywhere #themagicinnature #madetoroam #adventureisforeveryone #explorationdream #endlesslyexploring #hikeeveryday #gogetlost #adventureenthusiasts #lettheoutsidein #exploremoreoutdoors #adventureoften #ukadventure #ukadventures #bestunitedkingdom #walkinguk #ukhillwalking #adventureuk #exploreuk #adventurenow
She’ll be comin’ around the mountain #flashbackfriday
Ever fancied having your own personal piper on a trip through Scotland?! WELL now is your chance! 😉 Our "Outlandish Scotland" @Breacans trip dates are set (20th to 27th July 2019) & the trip specifics (price & itinerary etc) are being released on Monday! Check out the link in my bio to find out more 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👌🏻 #OutlandishScotland #UnusualGuides #KiltedAdventures
Walking in to the weekend with a million things on my mind. I move to Austin in less than a week. This weekend I’ll be finishing up my packing & spending as much quality time with my friends and family that I can squeeze in. What are you all up to this weekend? . . . Shop my look by following me on the LIKEtoKNOW.it app: http://liketk.it/2A59x @liketoknow.it #liketkit #LTKcurves #LTKweekend
Copping your friend's old shirt at a thrift store without knowing it #circleoflife
🌏Do you like the beach?🌞 📸 by: @adventuretourism 🌴
I hope one day I live in a place where the winters are cold and snowy, where we have to drive past icing sugar sprinkled on trees to get to the shops, where I can spend a whole day baking or reading by an open fire because it's too wild outside to venture out. And then I hope when that place defrosts in the spring, that the bluebells and the crocuses that bloom are extra beautiful as the new season breathes life into the world once more. ✨ - An update on my last post for all of your kind souls who have checked up on me since, I'm feeling much calmer and braver, and have managed to venture out a few times since I last posted! Thank you again for your kindness, your well-wishes gave me the courage I needed. 💓 - More news! I'm just starting my final round of edits on my novel, which means it's so nearly ready to start sending to agents which is exciting and on top of my priority list for this year. I also have several other novel ideas to get cracking with once I get this one sent off so all is feeling super positive on the writing front! If you like magical adventures, strong female friendships, windswept landscapes and tales of adversity, I think you'll love what's to come.. 📚 - What have you guys been up to lately? Have you got anything you really want to achieve this year? 😊 🎶: "Anywhere Is" by Enya - - - - #exploremore #whimsicalwonderfulwild #embracingtheseasons #asecondofwhimsey #wildlifegirls #forevernature #roamanywhere #themagicinnature #madetoroam #hikeeveryday #gogetlost #adventureenthusiasts #lettheoutsidein #exploremoreoutdoors #adventureoften #ukadventure #ukadventures #bestunitedkingdom #walkinguk #ukhillwalking #adventureuk #exploreuk #adventurenow #scotspirit
Continuing her takeover this week, Anna Blackwell shares a stunning film photograph from a memorable winter trip: "So many of my favourite photos are from Scotland. This one is from the Cairngorms, from a winter mountaineering course, believe it or not… The snow may not have been up to par for what we wanted to do, but it gave me the perfect opportunity to have my camera out constantly. This one was taken on film." Photo and words: @annablackwell 📷 - - - - #forevernature #roamanywhere #themagicinnature #madetoroam #adventureisforeveryone #explorationdream #endlesslyexploring #hikeeveryday #gogetlost #adventureenthusiasts #lettheoutsidein #exploremoreoutdoors #adventureoften #ukadventure #ukadventures #bestunitedkingdom #walkinguk #ukhillwalking #adventureuk #exploreuk #adventurenow
Did you know that high blood sugar shortens the life of a 40 year old diabetic by 10 years - this is more than smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. . . Or that 60% of women with gestational diabetes are likely to develop type 2 diabetes? . #gestationaldiabetes . . It’s not a dirty word and you don’t have to be ashamed or embarrassed by it. I had it with my last pregnancy and am SO THANKFUL we did early testing for it during this pregnancy. Both times, I have been super diligent about my diet and have been able to control it with diet alone. This is something I am super proud of and stoked on - I love encouraging other Mama’s on their GD journey. . . This has been by far my BEST pregnancy physically and emotionally and I’m contributing it to a few things... . . ☝🏼 God ✌🏼 NingXia Red 🤟🏼 Following my blood type diet 🖖🏼 Removing guilt from setting boundaries . . Glycemic research on the NingXia Wolfberry indicates that blood sugars can be DRAMATICALLY decreased by consuming it - and Mama’s...wanna guess the main ingredient in NingXia Red? . . I take 2-4 oz of this beauty daily; my kids each drink an ounce, and my husband drinks 2 ounces. It has hands down changed our lives by epic proportions and I know in my heart that it’s one of the many reasons why we’re maintaining healthy blood sugar levels (not to mention immune systems) all the while making sure that my baby to be is perfectly average in size. Knowing this gives me so much peace; Evan had shoulder dystocia...having a baby as big as Evan was or nearly as big wouldn’t have been good news for us. . . Discipline and love is all it takes - and you’ve got plenty of both. . . Also...totally random...we showed Harper the Oregon Trail game tonight and does anyone else think that game was TOTALLY MESSED UP? #jenniferdiedfromdysentery
Topping up on that Vit D ☀️ • Editing Tips 📝 I kept this edit pretty simple! I wanted to bring brightness back to the image, so I lifted the Shadows, and the whites. I also wanted to enhance the warmth from the sunset so I added a orange/golden tint to the shadows 😋 Why don’t you try it? • • #instatravel  #travelholic  #travelwithme #traveldeeper  #worlderlust  #youmustsee #lifewelltravelled  #placestovisit #enjoyeverymoment  #letsflyawayto #travelbuddies  #welivetoexplore #adventureisoutthere  #bestdiscovery #heisnotlost  #travelblogger  #exploremore #teamgetlost  #enjoylife  #travelove #forevertravel  #adventurenow  #travelworld  #travelpassion   #melaninpoppin #darkskin #blackexcellence
Shortknees of Grenada 🇬🇩 Carnival is celebrated at different times of year throughout the Caribbean. In Grenada, the islands of Petit Martinique & Carriacou celebrate in February (or March) and on the big Island of Grenada everything goes down in August! Each island in Grenada has its unique selection of characters, such as the "Jab-Jab" (a devil-like character) and these "Shortknees" here. Shortknees most often appear during carnival season, and they're unique in their rhythmic chanting which address subjects like incest, adultery & rape. They sometimes "out" members of their communities who commit crimes through these chants (!!), but conversely express their approval for good citizens by throwing talcum powder on them (donating money to the Shortknees constitutes being a good citizen!). 💰 I bumped into this lot the other day at the Grenadian Independence celebrations and got a tiny insight into the significance of Shortknees & Grenada's Carnival Spicemas🌴🌴🌴 #Spicemas #CarnivalSeason #ShortKnees #TravellersEdition
Anna Blackwell continues her week-long takeover with another stunning shot! This is what she had to say: "Glencoe, Scotland. A landscape photographer’s paradise. Particularly on a day when the wind vanishes and you’re able to capture reflections like this…" 📷: @annablackwell ✨ - - - - - #forevernature #roamanywhere #themagicinnature #madetoroam #adventureisforeveryone #explorationdream #endlesslyexploring #hikeeveryday #gogetlost #adventureenthusiasts #lettheoutsidein #exploremoreoutdoors #adventureoften #ukadventure #ukadventures #bestunitedkingdom #walkinguk #ukhillwalking #adventureuk #exploreuk #adventurenow
Every day, while I’m sitting at work, cold calling personal trainers who’d rather be getting swole than talking to me, I think about how I’d rather be capturing love than getting hung up on 🙃
Comme une envie de reprendre la route, d'explorer de nouveaux lieux et de voir des maisons différentes des nôtres, comme celle ci, croisée lors de mon road trip en Gaspésie. Elle semblait sortir tout droit d'un film 🎞️ #gaspesie #quebectourisme #canada #roadtrip #farmerlife #folklore #memories #carnetdevoyage #bluesky #canadianstyle #autumnmood #ifyouleave #nofilter #cinematica #lookslikefilm #sceniclocations #visitquebec #adventurenow #liveforthestory #beautifulhouse #lensculture #broadmag #jonatbounceday
SAN DIEGO!!! Are you in love???? Come take pics with me!! $100 mini couples sessions - editing included!!! Available until March 31!!!! Message me for more details. Can’t wait to shoot with YOU!!!
Grenada, Carriacou & Petit Martinique have a history which is entwined with Scotland. Many locals on the islands have Scottish heritage (and very Scottish names!) and as a result it makes for quite a few interesting interactions when you're dressed in a kilt! Locals in Carriacou are called "Kayaks" and this Kayak here, Lennox, decided he'd join for a small bagpiping session at one of the best viewpoints on Carriacou Island, the local hospital! 🇬🇩 #KiltedAdventures #Grenadian #Carriacou
Anna Blackwell returns with an enviable view after several days of classic, wet Scottish weather: "I spent two nights across New Year’s Eve in Shenavall Bothy in the Northwest Highlands in Scotland. After two days of utterly miserable weather and almost no visibility, we woke up on the first day of the new year to magnificent views and classic dramatic Scottish light. The soaking wet boots and socks were worth it for that one day." 📷: @annablackwell - - - - #forevernature #roamanywhere #themagicinnature #madetoroam #adventureisforeveryone #explorationdream #endlesslyexploring #hikeeveryday #gogetlost #adventureenthusiasts #lettheoutsidein #exploremoreoutdoors #adventureoften #ukadventure #ukadventures #bestunitedkingdom #walkinguk #ukhillwalking #adventureuk #exploreuk #adventurenow
what a year. we went through the ringer, especially in these last several months we’ve really been in the storm. and it’s no secret that I’m still finding my footing from it all (insert corny walk on water joke here 🙄) — but in the midst of it, Mark pointed out something remarkable the other day: we are emotionally healthier today than either of us has ever been in our entire lives. it doesn’t mean things are perfect - it means we’re doing the imperfect work we promised to do when we got married. and it’s changing us for the better. this holy work gets at the root of things. whether the friction is internal to us or external in life circumstances - marriage has been the glue and the steadiness and the stage upon which i’ve seen most of my miracles happen. ✨ sometimes it feels like everyone is just happy and life is perfect on social media - that’s bull crap and we all know it, and it’s nice to hear the other side for a change. my hard earned little bit of wisdom today: the places of friction in our lives set the stage for the miracles to come. and that’s worth a lot. 🖤 sharing this now, though I wrote these words three months ago. posting it today on a day one of our miracles didn’t happen. because somewhere deep down I still have hope, even if it’s bruised up. I hope you do too.
Creo que es el cactus más grande que he visto. 😃🌵Norte de Argentina ❤️ . . . . . #Argentina #visitargentina #southamerica #roadtrip #motorcycletrip #cactus #amazing #discoveringtheworld #adventurenow #rideon
Time lapse when you have all the time in the world 🌲🍃
I got on the @mariekondo wagon and got rid of A TON of my stuff. I kept only what was necessary and my absolute favorite. I’d say that so far, in 2019, my favorite things would be my good travels, my open heart, my willingness to learn, my renewed dedication to my crafts, minimalism in my material items, and true appreciation for those items I’ve chosen to keep (including these kickass kicks) #favoritethings #bangsshoes #livebangs #adventurenow
Happy #BANGSblitz day!! . . The theme is: Favorite Things . However, my favorite things are not things at all . . They are my family. . . ❤️ . . Find your own little adventures. #adventurenow @bangsshoes @bangsambassadors
Three days at home until my next trip. Paula got home last night and looked shattered but was determined to go out for a run. So we went together. It wasn’t fast or far, and I need new trainers - these just aren’t comfortable anymore - but it felt good to stretch the legs out. Reward? Fish finger pitta. Followed by yoghurt and almonds. What’s your post exercise treat?
I wanna shoot more!!!!!! And it’s not raining in Southern California for once!!!!!! I’m still doing discounted mini sessions this month!!!!!! DM if ya want some cute pics if you or you n ur love!!!!!
Here’s to hoping your Tuesday doesn’t feel too much like a Monday. Praise B for a short week & for strong coffee! ☕️
"Scotland is undoubtedly one of the best places to explore by kayak. A very spontaneous decision led to my friend Molly and me spending three days kayaking and wild camping on Loch Lomond. I had recently returned from a 5-month expedition, kayaking 4,000km from London to the Black Sea in Romania, and after taking thousands of photos on that expedition, I was not worried at all about getting my camera out on Loch Lomond!" Photo and words: @annablackwell 🌊 - - - - #forevernature #roamanywhere #themagicinnature #madetoroam #adventureisforeveryone #explorationdream #endlesslyexploring #hikeeveryday #gogetlost #adventureenthusiasts #lettheoutsidein #exploremoreoutdoors #adventureoften #ukadventure #ukadventures #bestunitedkingdom #walkinguk #ukhillwalking #adventureuk #exploreuk #adventurenow
Little reminders for what I know for sure ... all we have is NOW . . . . #adventurenow #beherenow #blvcklotvstattoo #blessed
Some days you find yourself daydreaming about a different outcome to your past... only to remember, every experience is here to teach us something and no experience is wasted. Remind ourselves, that even though we have moments where our hearts are yearning, that life is calling us to our paths in being our most authentic selves. . . . From my heart to yours... #52inspirations #anewearth #beherenow #imissyou #noexperiencewasted #adventurenow
#instinct - follow it.
One big 👍🏼to @greatwolflodge for the best second birthday ever🕺🏻
Health isn’t about a “number on the scale” ... it’s about living a life you love without physical limitations. ❄️ This is so embarrassing - but I remember 6 years ago snowboarding in Canada while my husband was in a conference for work and being horrified to realize that - while I could still race DOWN the mountain - I couldn’t STAND UP from a seated position on the hill after strapping on my bindings. I felt like an actual turtle on my back!! I had to flip to toe edge every time because I was too heavy! 😱🙈😱 ❄️ I remember beingso happy on that trip to get back on a board after a long hiatus with pregnancy & babies, but I just wasn’t myself. I felt like an old, frumpy mom. I was inwardly humiliated! ❄️ I’m grateful now - at 40 - to be at a healthy weight and to not be fearful of being unable to do something active or embarrassed & on the sidelines. 50 lbs lighter now, I am able to pop right up. 😂 ❄️ What would it mean to YOU to be in a healthy place physically? How would it feel? How might your relationships or activities be different? ❄️ Another thought yesterday while on the hill with my kids ... what might an extra $500 a month mean to your family? Perhaps healthy coaching with me ought to be something you consider. Helping people is the best. I’m a big fan of adventure with my people. And, I’m a big fan of freedom. Let’s live a life that lets us have both. ❄️ #timefreedom #lifewithoutlimitations #optimalliving #barrettfamadventures #predictabletransformation #stacybarretthealth #healthymind #healthybody #healthyfinances #adventurenow #mountainlife
In the arctic, you can spend time with the Sami people and their reindeer herds. For 5000 years, Sami society has blossomed in a place where others find it hard to survive. Listen to their stories and songs around a campfire, spend time with hundreds of wild reindeer, and connect to culture very different from our own. 📸: Andrew Browning via our friends at @adventure_smith #arctic #arcticvoyage #arcticexpedition #adventuresmithinthearctic #adventuresmith #arcticlife #arcticexplorer #arcticadventure #wildlife #animals #ilovewildlife #wildlifespotting #wildlifephotography #thisadventure #adventurenow #traveldeeper #adventure #adventuretravel #expedition #expeditiontravel #travelgram #wanderlust #earthoutdoors #simplyadventure #bestadventure #adventureanywhere #exploremore #travel #gosomewhere
Bloomin' excited to announce that our next @Breacans Trip will be in SCOTLAND!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Date: 20th - 28th July 2019 Click the link in my bio to find out more or head to my insta-stories and swipe up!! ⛰ #BreacansTrips #OutlandishScotland #IsleofSkye
Carnival Season! 🇬🇩🎉 I seem to have visited the Eastern Caribbean at the perfect time of the year. February (and the start of March) is very much carnival season which means a serious amount of music, colour & food! 🥳 I, very naively, thought most Caribbean nations had carnival at roughly the same time, for the same reason and everyone celebrated with similar music. I couldn't have been more wrong; however, literally everywhere I go, they've been playing "Hookin' Meh" by Farmer Nappy, which is far too catchy to not like!! 🇹🇹👌🏻 Throughout the Caribbean, carnival is celebrated at different times of year. In Grenada (a tri-island state) the islands of Petit Martinique & Carriacou celebrate in February (or March) and on the big Island of Grenada everything goes down in August! Each island in Grenada has it's unique selection of characters, such as the "Jab-Jab" (a devil-like character) and these fellas pictured in the photo here, "Shortknees." I bumped into these chaps the other day at the Grenadian Independence celebrations and got a tiny insight into the significance of Shortknees & Grenada's Carnival Spicemas 🎉 If you want to read a more about Shortknees, Google “Spicemas Grenada Shortknees” - there a brilliant link which comes up 🌴 #KiltedAdventures #SpiceMas #Shortknees
This week, the incredibly talented @AnnaBlackwell will be taking over our feed with some of her beautiful photographs. There's also an interview with Anna up on our journal so head over there to read more about her! "This is my favourite photograph from the UK, and one of my favourite photos in general! I’d spent years talking about getting up to Glencoe in Scotland and was over the moon when the opportunity finally arose. It fully exceeded my expectations. I don’t think I’ve ever pulled over as many times as I did on drive to and through Glencoe… It really is evidence that we live on one of the most beautiful islands there is!" 📷: @annablackwell - - - - - #forevernature #roamanywhere #themagicinnature #madetoroam #adventureisforeveryone #explorationdream #endlesslyexploring #hikeeveryday #gogetlost #adventureenthusiasts #lettheoutsidein #exploremoreoutdoors #adventureoften #ukadventure #ukadventures #bestunitedkingdom #walkinguk #ukhillwalking #adventureuk #exploreuk #adventurenow
薩摩揚げ 👀
Na procura do amor, é ele quem se adianta e vem ao nosso encontro!
Eu, você e Deus. 🙏🏼
Diderick e Rafa, estamos literalmente nas nuvens com vocês... ❤️
Ja visitou nosso site hoje? Se não visitaram tratem de correr pra lá e conferir o Pre Wedding da Diderick e do Rafa que acabamos de colocar no ar, está lindo e apaixonante! Arraste para o lado e confira alguns cliques, e para ver o trabalho completinho clique no link que está em nossa bio.
Gosto das cores, das flores, do verde das árvores, e de poder dividir tudo isso com você!
Nosso amor é cheio de vida, e será ele que irá colorir nossos dias!
É com muita gratidão e amor que dividimos com vocês essa imagem. Sempre somos presenteados com momentos especiais em nossos ensaios externos e esse que aconteceu com a @diderickseibel e o Rafa é mais um momento de gratidão, de agradecer a DEUS pela sua magnitude e por tudo que ele me proporciona enxergar através do meu trabalho! Divido essa foto com vocês com o coração repleto de luz e amor por tudo que temos vivido e com a certeza que não basta somente ter talento ou simplesmente ir fazer “umas fotos”, temos que ser esforçados, temos que acreditar, confiar e esperar... esperar o momento certo e ele estará ali, bem diante de nossos olhos. 🙏🏼❤️ ( Postamos nos stories o antes e depois dessa foto para que vocês vejam que o trabalho de edição é usado para aperfeiçoar e harmonizar as cores e a imagem mas que é o grande mestre, o cara lá de cima que sempre da seu toque especial )
Lá no final dessa estrada, no fim daquela curva, a felicidade há de estar...
“Senhor da razão, a luz que me guia nos trilhos da vida escolhi amar, estrela maior paixão que inebria eu conto o tempo pra te ver passar”
O sorriso mais bonito é aquele que vem sem pedir nada em troca, solto, livre e sincero.
Mais uma caminhada rumo ao grande dia se inicia, e juntos vamos viver com eles todos os momentos e todas as emoções dessa linda história de amor! Diderick e Rafa ❤️
Há encontros na vida em que a verdade e a vontade de fazer valer a pena, lhe trará o melhor caminho para a felicidade.
A gente canta e a gente dança e a gente não se cansa, de ser criança a gente brinca na nossa velha infância 🎼❤️
Felicidade que contagia!
No aconchego dos seus braços eu sinto a paz.
Noronha e seu céu de cores... A ilha do amor que nos apaixonou...
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