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I’ve been seeing a lot of people saying that an “AB, Earl Thomas and Nick Bosa” offseason would make us superbowl contenders. I don’t necessarily agree with that, I think we still need a really good Guard and maybe another solid Edge but I can’t lie, if we went into next season with this squad, that would be pretty nasty. Especially with Jimmy and Jet coming back, I think it would take us from playoff contenders to almost a lock to make it. What would your dream offseason look like? 🤔 #niners #49ers #questforsix #nfl #nflmemes #faithful #49erfaithful #ninerempire #superbowl #superbowl52 #jimmyG #jimmygaroppolo #GeorgeKittle #TrentTaylor #KendrickBourne #DeForestBuckner #JaquiskiTartt #Quaski #PierreGarçon #MarquiseGoodwin #AntonioBrown #AB #RichardSherman #GoNiners
Video: SWR Trent Taylor against the Rams; 3 Receptions, 17 Yards, 5.7 Avg, 9 Long & 2 PT conversion. #49ers #TrentTaylor @trent5taylor
Future looking good for WRs/returners 👀🔥 #TrentTaylor #DantePettis 2 slot receivers right now, more to come!
You know what the crazy part about this picture is? It’s the fact that we already have everyone depicted except for one. Faithful, we already have a MONUMENTALLY talented offensive squad, and with the ever looming Antonio Brown trade, this unit could be propelled to the top of the NFL. For starters, we have Jimmy G, a proven winner and ace who commands the respect of every present defensive player. We also have the best Tight End in the NFL in George Kittle, who had the SINGLE BEST YEAR that a Tight End has EVER HAD, with a backup QB. Our Running Back core is another strong point of this unit, with the Duo of Jet McKinnon and Matt Breida possibly becoming as impactful as those two guys down in NOLA. Breida is a little powerhouse who has the ability to tank hits and power through holes, similar to Mark Ingram, whom of which doesn’t have the same impact in the passing game. My Alvin Kamara comparison is Jet, who is shifty, quick, agile, and flexible. He can definitely provide us with an Offensive Swiss Army Knife-like impact on the offensive front. We also posses Raheem Mostert, who is the NFC’s Best Special Teamer and a nice change of pace back. Our Wide Receiver core is no laughing matter either, with us already having Marquise Goodwin, who with Jimmy, almost managed to break 1000 yards in a single season. Let’s not forget about Dante Pettis, who towards the end of the season, looked like an X-Factor weapon, with great elusive ability and route running. He’s going to be something really special for us, for a long time. And finally, we have a great opportunity to trade for the BEST Wide Receiver in the league in Antonio Brown. Guys, AB possesses Extreme Red Zone Efficiency, Deep Threat Capabilities, and PERFECT Route Running. I don’t care about his monster contract, or what we’d have to give up for him, or how he’s 30. He is constantly in the MVP Conversation year in and out, and we have a LEGITIMATE CHANCE to acquire him. And if we do get him, expect the league to see us Strike Gold very, very soon. So what do y’all think? Do you like the idea of Antonio Brown becoming a 49er? 🤘❤️💛
FAITHFUL, THIS IS NOT A DRILL! NFL PERENNIAL PRO BOWL, ALL-PRO WIDE RECEIVER ANTONIO BROWN HAS REQUESTED A TRADE OUT OF PITTSBURGH. Now, many players request trades all the time. But as you can see, our very 49ers players took a shot at recruitment, to be met with an actual response by Brown himself. That’s insane. Brown absolutely would not do that if he didn’t not only desire to be released/traded from Pittsburgh, but also want to come to the Niners. He responded to George Kittle’s tweet, which was retweeted by Jimmy G, and commented on by Adrian Colbert and EA Sports. That is a very serious action, and it could hint at a possibly massive move in the coming days. Check your news faithful, something big is coming. Would you welcome Antonio Brown to the 49ers? 🤘❤️💛
🆎❗️ Last night 49ers star TE George Kittle Tweeted out to Antonio Brown, after Brown was involved in an Altercation with Big Ben, and Jimmy Garoppolo retweeted it. Many rumors suggest that AB could be traded due to bad blood between him and his quarterback, and it seems like Antonio Brown, George Kittle and Jimmy G could be hinting towards a potential team up in San Francisco. IMAGINE. THIS. TRIO. Of course it would mean giving up a few draft picks, but the result could end up being the best offense in the NFL. If you’re John Lynch, do you make this trade? If so, what would you give up? #niners #49ers #questforsix #nfl #nflmemes #faithful #49erfaithful #ninerempire #superbowl #superbowl52 #jimmyG #jimmygaroppolo #GeorgeKittle #TrentTaylor #KendrickBourne #DeForestBuckner #JaquiskiTartt #Quaski #PierreGarçon #MarquiseGoodwin #AntonioBrown #AB #RichardSherman #GoNiners
Video: we need to see more @trent5taylor #49ers #TrentTaylor
Beautiful sideline pass by QB #NickMullens and even better catch from WR #TrentTaylor 👀🔥
Make sure that ACL is ready come training camp Jimmy, we need our franchise QB back on the field. Faithful, I think that this game should’ve been the wake up call. Jimmy G is our Quarterback of the Future, and that absolutely is not disputable. His poise is commanding, his potential—unmeasurable. With Jimmy on the field, our team’s ability is elevated far beyond what we are currently seeing with Nick Mullens. This post isn’t meant to throw shade at Nick, he’s been a nice bright spot of the season. But at the end of the day, Nick Mullens is our BACKUP Quarterback of the future. Trading Jimmy isn’t something that will be considered by the 49ers Organization in any regard in the near future. Today’s game was completely winnable, and we’ve had plenty of similar outcomes this year. We gain small leads over our opponents, only to falter and completely fall flat come the second half. That doesn’t happen with Jimmy, and he’ll guide us to Victory come next year. So what do you think? Do you have faith in Jimmy? 🤘❤️💛
Video: game was getting chippy but our boys stayed strong 💪 @fred_warner @gcells @trent5taylor Don’t mess with Trent he’s tougher than he looks. 💥 #49ers #TrentTaylor ----------------------------- #49ers_fanlove #49ers #sanfrancisco49ers #49ersfaithful #49ersnation #49ersallday #49ersempire #49ersfan #49ers4life #49ersfootball #49ersfamily #49ersbaby #49ersfans #49ersgirl #49ersgang #49ersgame #49ersforever
Video: game was getting chippy but our boys stayed strong 💪 @fred_warner @gcells @trent5taylor Don’t mess with Trent he’s tougher than he looks. 💥 #49ers #TrentTaylor ----------------------------- #49erz_empire #49ers #sanfrancisco49ers #49ersfaithful #49ersnation #49ersallday #49ersempire #49ersfan #49ers4life #49ersfootball #49ersfamily #49ersbaby #49ersfans #49ersgirl #49ersgang #49ersgame #49ersforever
Video: game was getting chippy but our boys stayed strong 💪 @fred_warner @gcells @trent5taylor Don’t mess with Trent he’s tougher than he looks. 💥 #49ers #TrentTaylor ----------------------------- #49erz_4life #49ers #sanfrancisco49ers #49ersfaithful #49ersnation #49ersallday #49ersempire #49ersfan #49ers4life #49ersfootball #49ersfamily #49ersbaby #49ersfans #49ersgirl #49ersgang #49ersgame #49ersforever
Video: game was getting chippy but our boys stayed strong 💪 @fred_warner @gcells @trent5taylor Don’t mess with Trent he’s tougher than he looks. 💥 #49ers #TrentTaylor ----------------------------- #49erz_everything #49ers #sanfrancisco49ers #49ersfaithful #49ersnation #49ersallday #49ersempire #49ersfan #49ers4life #49ersfootball #49ersfamily #49ersbaby #49ersfans #49ersgirl #49ersgang #49ersgame #49ersforever
Video: game was getting chippy but our boys stayed strong 💪 @fred_warner @gcells @trent5taylor Don’t mess with Trent he’s tougher than he looks. 💥 #49ers #TrentTaylor
Here’s a look at the 49ers Wide Reciever Core. Now, I’m gonna just sum things up—Marquise Goodwin and Dante Pettis are the only two WRs that are “safe” for the future. Quise hasn’t had a ton of production this year, but we can all agree that his connection with Jimmy is very sublime. They really seem to click, and we all know what those two are capable of. Quise is also just 28 years old, and still has plenty of years left in him. His speed and connection with Jimmy should be something that we’ll be seeing for a long, long time. Dante Pettis is another guy that has really, and I mean REALLY, intrigued me, however, my fascination only bloomed recently. Over the past four weeks, Dante has accumulated 338 receiving yards and four receiving touchdowns. If the season were to have started four weeks ago, we’d be looking at a guy with a 1200+ yard, 10+ touchdown season on his hands. He could be HUGE for us, and in my eyes, looks like he could very well be the #1 Wide Receiver that the Niners need. He reminds me a lot of my favorite player, OBJ. They both possess a playmaking ability that no 40 yard dash, 3 cone drill can show. Dante’s ability to run PERFECT routes, explode off of runs, and produce in the red zone makes him a very good WR #1 option for us. As for the rest of our core, they’re all fine. I just don’t really see them as very explosive or game changing. They don’t make a defensive coordinator bite his nails like the Dante and Quise do, which is ultimately what it comes down to. What do y’all think? Who do y’all feel like the 49ers should do with Wide Receiver Core? 🤘❤️💛
Rejoice, for we have finally defeated the Seattle Seahawks for the first time since 2013! Our defense was crushing, our offense efficient, and our special teams, merciless. We did what had to be done, and we played efficiently. Well done Niners, this win was totally worth losing that #1 draft pick. There hasn’t been a sweeter Victory Monday in YEARS. Who was your player of the game, and what was your favorite moment? 🤘❤️💛
Trent Taylor is about that Action ‼️😤😤 #QualityTime #BeatTheSeahawks #UmadBro
👥 ⤵I like this, do you like it ?💪 🤐 It's from: Tag owner, sorry idr 😞Video: WR/PR Trent Taylor made this clutch catch towards the end of the game. Doesn’t look like much but it helped us get the W! Way to go TNT 💥🤫 Stats: 1 Receptions, 6 Yards, 2 Returns, 18 Yards. #TrentTaylor @trent5taylor #49ers ..................... 𝐷𝑜𝑛'𝑡 𝑓𝑜𝑟𝑔𝑒𝑡 𝑡𝑜 𝑓𝑜𝑙𝑙𝑜𝑤 𝑚𝑒 =========== #49ers #niners #ninergang #ninerempire #ninernation #questforsix #ninerfaithful #sf49ers #49ersfaithful #sanfrancisco49ers #49erfaithful #sfniners #ninersfaithful #49ersnation #49ersfan #go49ers #49erempire #49ersbaby #49ersgirl #49ersgame #49erslove #sanfrancisco49ers_bigestfans
Here’s my take on our best options/moves come Draft Day. The best decision that we could make is take the best man available, which will most likely be Nick Bosa at number 1 overall. He’s gonna be a great player in this league, and if you thought that his ProBowl brother was Elite, which you would not be in ANY WAY incorrect for thinking, then imagine what his brother could do. Joey is a top 10, if not higher ranked, DE in this league and is only getting better. Nick looks even BETTER than his brother did coming out of college. Just to give you some more perspective into Nick’s prowess, Joey was drafted at 4th overall by the then San Diego Chargers a few years back, and number four was considered to be a slight FALL for him as a prospect. Nick falling to 4th overall this year would take a massive, and I mean MASSIVE scandal. Taking Nick at 1st overall would be fine by me. I think that our second best possible move would be drafting based on NEED. Free Agency is going to be huge for us this year. Last year, we as a fan base totally misinterpreted Kyle Shannahan and John Lynch’s approach. They wanted to build a foundation in years one and two, and that’s done through the draft. That’s why our Free Agency outings last year were relatively “quiet”. This year, we’ve got the foundation mosly figured out, with George Kittle, Jimmy G, Defo, etc. being clear foundational pieces. Now we’re going to be addressing things based on immediate need. DE is, without a DOUBT, our number one problem. However, Free Agency this year is going to be seeing quite a few big name DEs on the Market. With the likes of Jadeveon Clowny (yeah he’s an OLB, but he would fill a BIG hole nonetheless), Demarcus Lawrence, Ezekiel Anshan, and more hitting the market, it’s hard to see DE plaguing us into the draft. So, options like Greedy Williams at Corner would make perfect sense, especially since the CB market is lackluster at BEST this year. And finally, we could always just trade down. We only have five draft picks this year, and trading down for maybe 3-5 more picks is fine, of course depending on our activity in free agency. So what do y’all think? What would you do during the 2019 draft?🤘❤️💛
Video: WR/PR Trent Taylor made this clutch catch towards the end of the game. Doesn’t look like much but it helped us get the W! Way to go TNT 💥🤫 Stats: 1 Receptions, 6 Yards, 2 Returns, 18 Yards. #TrentTaylor @trent5taylor #49ers
One of my favorite moments this Sunday was the game sealing catch by Trent Taylor. He’s battled from back injuries all season and has had a tough season, but it was good to see him step up and make a big play. Keep fighting bro! Much needed #QualityTime
We won a game while maintaining a continuous lead throughout the game! Finally. And, on top of that, we maintain the first overall pick too!! Now let’s get to the men who made it happen. We’ll start with George Kittle. Oh man did he have a game. 210 yards? And a touchdown? Insanity, he most definitely is the BEST Tight End In the league. It’s completely unanimous now, and he will be a key building block for us in the future. Next up is our star Right Tackle, Mike Mcglinchy. He had a damn good game playing against VON MILLER. He gave up only one sack and being able to do that against said FREAK (Von Miller isn’t a human ok let’s not kid here) is incredible—and I haven’t even mentioned that 69 is a rookie. We also had three other rookie contributors today in Marcell Harris, who brought some serious hurt to the Broncos, along with Dante Pettis, who brought the heat in the most intense moments of the game, and DJ Reed, who played out of his MIND today. DJ Reed had 12 total tackles, and a strip sack. Incredible. And finally, we have Ahkello Witherspoon, who showed up when he REALLY, and I mean REALLY, needed too. People don’t realize that Spoon is only 23 years old, and has a whole career ahead of him. He’s been having an off year, we’ve all noticed, but we can’t give up on this level of potential just yet. A really solid win today faithful, now let’s enjoy this victory Monday! Who was your player of the game? 🤘❤️💛
Video: a player I know a lot of fans want to see more of @trent5taylor had 1 Reception for 11 Yards last week. He’s been dealing with a back issue this year and 3 different QB. #49ers #TrentTaylor
If I see one more “trade Jimmy” comment or post, I’ll explode. Do you realize what we have riding on him? Do you understand that we have a whole 5 year, 127.5 million dollar contract inked to him? Why on earth would we trade our franchise quarterback? Seriously, I need to hear why people can even FATHOM shipping him for any kind of payment. Does anyone legitimately think that Nick Mullens has OUTPLAYED Jimmy G, the successor to TOM BRADY? Insanity. Jimmy is our future, and he will be the centerpiece to the 49er foundation. Jimmy G is the leader, and nobody is gonna change that except him. Period. What was your favorite Jimmy G moment? 🤘❤️💛
Week 13, SEA VS. SF Score: 43-16 L Analysis: What a horrible game. Our defense has officially reached a new low, with Russel Wilson scoring 3 touchdowns—off of 4 completions, in the first half alone. Disgusting. I’ll have a breakdown on our defensive struggles soon, but for now, let’s just talk about the game. Deforest Bucker is the only defensive player worth MENTIONING today, with a 2 sack performance. He did a pretty solid job, so I’ll give him a shoutout. 9 total sacks on the season is damn good, and he totally deserves a ProBowl nomination. Jeff Wilson is another guy who had a pretty good day today, with around a hundred total yards from scrimmage. However, he did have a fumble, and no matter how BS that call was, it still happened and that’s that. George Kittle had a decent game, with 70 yards and nice 28 long, he should be an All-Pro. However, the only 49er that really showed today was Dante Pettis. Wow. 129 yards and 2 touchdowns, with all of those yards coming from him as a running receiver. He juked, he dipped, he ducked, and outran. What a game. Well done Dante! You really looked like a top WR today; giving me some shades of OBJ. Now all you have to do is throw the ball 😂 Who was your player of the game? 🤘❤️💛
THEY REALLY JUST PENALIZED OUR COACH. YOU CANT MAKE THIS UP 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ THEY EVEN BROUGHT UP “disqualification” 😂 man what a joke of a game. Get ready for one hell of a post game analysis 🙄🙄
Big mood right now. Keep the faith y’all, it’s bad now but I can promise you that we’re gonna be on top again. That’s where our 49ers belong! When did you realize that this was a lost season?🤘❤️💛
And I’m back faithful!!! I’m sorry for being inactive for so long, I’ve had to work on college applications and my time was completely devoted to school. But I’m back, and judging by the season, I didn’t miss much 🤦‍♂️ aight now let’s (try to) get this dub! 🤘❤️💛
Gameday against the Seattle Seahawks tomorrow!! Can’t wait to see what these two do 👀🔥 ————————————————————————- TAGS: #GeorgeKittle #GeorgeKittle85 #KittleOverTheMiddle #TrentTaylor #TrentTaylor81 #QualityTime #49ers #NinerFaithful #NinerEmpire #Go49ers #GoNiners #RedAndGold #NFL #Faithful #SanFrancisco #Football @gkittle46 @trent5taylor
#Repost @endslaverytn (@get_repost ) ・・・ The @49ers have revealed their picks for "My Cause My Cleats" this year, and @trent5taylor chose us! We are so honored and love the colorful cleats he designed! Go to the 49ers website to see why he chose us. ⠀ We're looking at our home team @titans to represent us next! ;)⠀ #BeTheLoveSeeTheChange #MyCauseMyCleats • • • • • #49ers #football #trenttaylor #humantrafficking #tennessee #titans #sanfrancisco #california #49ersfaithful #49er #49 #sanfrancisco49ers #endslavery #trafficking #sextrafficking
The @49ers have revealed their picks for "My Cause My Cleats" this year, and @trent5taylor chose us! We are so honored and love the colorful cleats he designed! Go to the 49ers website to see why he chose us. ⠀ We're looking at our home team @titans to represent us next! ;)⠀ #BeTheLoveSeeTheChange #MyCauseMyCleats • • • • • #49ers #football #trenttaylor #humantrafficking #tennessee #titans #sanfrancisco #california #49ersfaithful #49er #49 #sanfrancisco49ers #endslavery #trafficking #sextrafficking
With only 5 draft picks this year, the 49ers will have to be very aggressive during the free agency period. Luckily they have a ton of cap space, unfortunately, they also have a ton of needs. The 49ers are also currently set to have the number 1 overall pick, which they simply can’t afford to whiff on this year. So I thought I would compile a short list of players that should be on the 49ers radar this up coming offseason: S Earl Thomas - Yes, it’s very well documented that ET would prefer to go to the Dallas Cowboys, but we can’t forget that money and commitment also matter when signing a FA. The 49ers could give Earl just about as much as he wants, and pair him with his old buddy Richard Sherman. WR Josh Gordon - Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve always been a huge fan of Flash, and with a big need at receiver, Gordon appears to be the only one worth a look this offseason. We tried to trade for him earlier in the season and he’s even stated that he wants to come here. He is proving that he can stay out of trouble and is definitely worth taking a look at. EDGE Demarcus Lawrence - Chances are DLaw gets extended by Dallas, but in the unlikely event that he doesn’t, he should be the first priority for the 49ers. If we can’t get him, Clowney, Graham, Fowler abd Ansah are also names to consider. Either way the 49ers have to add a pass rusher. CB Jalen Ramsay - This would be a trade scenario, I would only do this if we don’t have to give up our 1st this year. It’s unlikely, but if JAX puts him on the block, we should definitely go hard for him. EDGE Nick Bosa - Take him with the number 1 overall pick. He’s the game changing pass rusher we desperately lack. Pair him with a solid FA and we have our pass rush of the future. Who do yall think we should add this offseason? #niners #49ers #questforsix #nfl #nflmemes #faithful #49erfaithful #ninerempire #superbowl #superbowl52 #jimmyG #jimmygaroppolo #GeorgeKittle #TrentTaylor #5AVA6E #KendrickBourne #DeForestBuckner #JaquiskiTartt #Quaski #PierreGarçon #MarquiseGoodwin #ReubenFoster #RichardSherman #GoNiners
Reuben Foster has been cut, Solomon Thomas only has one sack, Ahkello Witherspoon has given up way too many big plays, I don’t even know what happened to Trent Taylor, Adrian Colbert is on IR and Joe Williams didn’t even make the team this year. Let me just say I’m not claiming anyone in this image is a bust, it’s just been a huge sophomore slump for some of these guys. I don’t blame Lynch for drafting Foster, even with the character concerns what he did was still unpredictable. I still don’t want to call Thomas a bust until we see him play at his natural position. Witherspoon started out promising but now opposing QBs immediately look at the guy Witherspoon is covering. George Kittle is easily the best player out of the bunch, he’s the most productive player on our offense and is a top 3 TE this year. Trent Taylor just hasn’t been used this season, Richie James is seeing more time and we hardly see Taylor on the field anymore. Adrian Colbert was having a pretty down season before his injury, he gave up a ton of big plays. Almost all of these guys showed promise last year and to be fair the team as a whole has had a down year. #49ers #ReubenFoster #SomomonThomas #AhkelloWitherspoon #GeorgeKittle #TrentTaylor #AdrianColbert #JoeWilliams
Damn it’s been a minute since I’ve posted. It turns out trying to get a degree is harder than it looks lol. I’ve been ridiculously busy with school and the fact that Ohio State has shitty internet sometimes doesn’t help. But nonetheless, I thought i’d put something together just for fun. Here’s a draft prospect who I think the niners should really go hard after. DK Metcalf is the exact thing that’s missing from this offense, a big bodied, 50/50 ball red zone threat. There are other guys such as N’Keal Harry who I really like but considering we’re currently slated to have the first pick im the 2nd round and there’s a good chance Metcalf can fall, I definitely think he should be their primary target if N’Keal is gone. I’ll try to post a little more and do some more draft prospects but who do you guys think we should target in the draft? #niners #49ers #questforsix #nfl #nflmemes #faithful #49erfaithful #ninerempire #superbowl #superbowl52 #jimmyG #jimmygaroppolo #GeorgeKittle #TrentTaylor #5AVA6E #KendrickBourne #DeForestBuckner #JaquiskiTartt #Quaski #PierreGarçon #MarquiseGoodwin #ReubenFoster #RichardSherman #GoNiners
Been a while since @grizzlyadams831 and I have skated with @seeker_searcher in my back yard. Feels like the good old days. 🎶: @producertrenttaylor_ Trent Taylor - On a Suspended License #trenttaylor #independenttrucks #boneswheels #thankyouskateboarding
Trent Taylor is OUT tonight against the Packers. RB Matt Breida, WR Pierre Garçon, and TE George Kittle all listed as questionable but WILL play tonight. #TrentTaylor #49ers #49erscentral
Niner gang in Green Bay!!! We are representing! #niners #49ers #MNF #trenttaylor #81 #ninersvspackers #trentsnotplayingtonight 😔
#PierreGarçon (shoulder and knee), #TrentTaylor (back) and #DantePettis (knee) sat out practice Friday. Pettis has already been ruled out, and Taylor is not expected to be available for the 49ers’ game Monday night against the Green Bay Packers. Per: Matt Maiocco
Waited for a minute to pick up this SSP Trent Taylor RC from last year’s Contenders release. #49ers @trent5taylor #trenttaylor #contenders
Video: Slot Receiver/RS Trent Taylor in Game 5. He’s currently dealing with a back injury. Stats: 7 Receptions, 61 Yards, 8.7 Avg, 1 TD, 16 Yards & some good blocks. #49ers @trent5taylor #TrentTaylor #TNT81
The size discrepancy between George Kittle and Trent Taylor in this picture is hilarious.
Throwing down here and there with @grizzlyadams831 🎶: @producertrenttaylor_ Trent Taylor - Reckless Driving #independenttrucks #ojwheels #skatecrunch #trenttaylor
#49ers WR @trent5taylor #TrentTaylor found his groove vs the #ArizonaCardinals 👀🔥 7 receptions (8 targets) = 61 YDS | 1 TD | 50/98 snaps (51%)
Were still in the game #TrentTaylor with the TD 14-12 Cards
Video: @trent5taylor in game 4. Stats: 2 Receptions, 12 Yards, 6.0 Avg, 7 Long. #49ers #TrentTaylor
Video: WR Trent Taylor in game 3. Stats: 3 Receptions, 24 Yards, 8.0 Avg, 10 Long. #49ers @trent5taylor #TrentTaylor
How many reception yards this year for @trent5taylor ? #49ers #niners #trenttaylor #sportsposters #posterizes Via:-@jareddsn
John Lynch, imma keep it real wit u chief, I was upset about passing on ARob, I was upset about not trading for Mack, but if you sign Josh Gordon AKA my favorite non 49er player in the league? I will love you forever. Get it done John, PLEASE! #niners #49ers #questforsix #nfl #nflmemes #faithful #49erfaithful #ninerempire #superbowl #superbowl52 #jimmyG #jimmygaroppolo #GeorgeKittle #TrentTaylor #5AVA6E #KendrickBourne #DeForestBuckner #JaquiskiTartt #Quaski #PierreGarçon #MarquiseGoodwin #ReubenFoster #RichardSherman #GoNiners Via:-@sf49ersig
Coming into work on victory Monday like... #KeepTheFaith #49ers #KendrickBourne #TrentTaylor #NFL ______________________________________________ #welove49ers #49ers #49ers4life #49ersbaby #49ersfamily #49ersdits #49ersfan #49ersfans #49ersfootball #49ersgirl #49ersallday #49ersgang #49erslove #49ersgame #49ersfaithful #49ersforever #49ersempire ______________________________________________ Credit@49erswave
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