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💥courage is contagious 💥 So I’m giving myself a little pat on the back here today. It’s not that Big of a deal, but is a huge deal to me 🙋🏻‍♀️ I had a not so good experience at my favorite salon when my stylist wasn’t available. Wahhh-right, there’s other things to worry about. What bothered me the most is that I didn’t speak up. I left unhappy and dwelled on feeing rushed out of my service, a service I paid and tipped well for. After 3 weeks, a beautiful woman at the studio I work at INSISTED I call or go back. I couldn’t fathom the thought of complaining, or even mention how I didn’t enjoy the work the stylist did. So I sent a long well-thought out email. I was polite and apologetic about waiting so long to speak up, then BOOM 💥 Immediate response with urgency to fix my dissatisfaction. What was I so afraid of?! Why did I drive myself crazy thinking of all the horrible things that could go wrong or imagine that they would become furious with me? Oh anxiety.. Not today. Today I will rock my new #devacut with my head held high and continue working on the best version of myself ❤️ This is my self improvement movement • • • • • #devacurl #devacut #curly #curlygirl #selflove #speakyourtruth #courage #anxietysucks #selfimprovement #selfimprovementmovement
I'm very much walking a very lonely path right now. I have so much going on that I feel totally detached from my physical body and I almost want it to stay that way. It's so much easier for me to be away from my thoughts and feelings than to address them. I'm going through a major shift, everything I have read says that the way I'm feeling and all the physical and emotional processes that are happening to me are totally normal and once I've moved through it all and waved goodbye to the hurt I can come out the other side transformed . The challenge for me is to keep fighting through and at some point actually find the strength to go within and help myself rather than blocking the pain out. Every cloud has a silver lining and all that.... #reikienergy #reikihealing #trustyourself #trusttheuniverse #speakyourtruth #loveyourself #loveandlight #spiritualhealing #spiritualawakening #followingthelight #sunset #silverlining #energy #dealwiththepain #stophiding #guidance #grounding #keepmovingforwards #onmyjourney
#tbt Always remember that people don’t change, they simply reveal who they truly are. Deeply root yourself in truth and love. #waheguru@lifeinanimage threads: @fitfitactive . . #proudmama #mamabear #atx #yogamom #bossbabe #breastfeeding #postpartum #austinmom #austinwoman #speakyourtruth #bebold #goodvibesonly
Like a boss!💃🏻 I’m dying a little😂 This could just as well have have been my girl strutting around like she owns the place🤪 . (Shared on @melrobbins Facebookpage) . #genevieveheart #ownit #moveyourbody #beyounique
🙃 Perspective can make or break your day. So put on some music, get dressed in a smile & say to yourself... thank you life! Because no matter where you are in the adventure you’re living, life is happening FOR you. 💃🏼 #RICHnFREE 📷 by @ivannajackson my fellow Mermaid Sista & someone who always helps flip my perspective when needed ☺️🧜🏻‍♀️ 💕
✨Please watch, LISTEN and learn from this phenomenal group of women - potent conversations from black indigenous women of color countering today’s narrative✨ :: Thankyou @sonalifiske for holding the Space with such grace - ‘WOC have SO much to say & they are giving you their medicine in this series — raw, unapologetic & instructional. 💖 Join us. Receive the powerful transmission from their indigenous knowledge, inherent truths & timely wisdom.’ :: access to this free event now at link via @sonalifiske :: #masterclass #womenofcolor #listentowomen #womenleaders #womenwholead #leadlikeagirl #speakyourtruth #speakup #summit #freeevent #healing #togetherwerise #womenempowerment #fempreneur #womenentrepreneurs #woc #yeswecan #womenempoweringwomen #catalystwomen
Treat the special women in your life to a fun filled evening, whether it’s your mom, sister, wife, or friend! _____ looking for #sponsors for this event #mothersday #postmothersday #dinner #karaoke #poetry #games #giveaways #gifts
Get your tickets now via eventbrite! _____ looking for #sponsors for this event #mothersday #postmothersday #dinner #karaoke #poetry #games #giveaways #gifts
Today I shine and I’m sprinkling that shit everywhere!!! Plus I’m enjoying it with some delicious coffee. Are you afraid of saying no to plans made for an evening? You don’t want to let someone down, but you don’t want to participate? Does your gut know that by saying yes, you won’t feel good about yourself or your decision?
💥 [ ÉPISODE 2 : Communiquer ] ✨ • La communication, entre art et savoir, lequel choisir? • [ ⌛️] Je n’ai jamais réellement su communiquer à l’oral… Je n’étais à l’aise qu’à l’écrit, avec ma feuille et mon stylo. - [ 😫 ] Communiquer à l’oral a toujours été une sentence pour moi. J’étais pétrifiée, je n’arrivais plus à respirer, je commençais à suer d’anxiété, je n’avais qu’une envie, m’échapper ! - [ 🤯 ] Je n’ai jamais compris pourquoi, mais depuis toute petite, je me cachais des yeux de tous. Sur les photos de classe, je me faufilais entre l’atsem et la maîtresse, puis me glissais derrière Laetitia qui elle, souriait sans cesse. - ⁉️Ça vous parle ce genre de malaise qui existe depuis toujours? Qui vous colle à la peau sans savoir pourquoi? - [ 🚨 ] Au travail, j’ai vécu des épisodes de tortures à me surpasser lors de diverses présentations, réunions; je faisais comme si de rien n’était, mais j’étais frustrée, à chaque fois. Ca ne voulait pas passer, malgré le temps, malgré les entraînements. - [ 🌪 ] Puis sans même m’en rendre compte, c’est en faisant mon introspection que j’ai commencé à comprendre, à faire des liens petit à petit. Ces choses qui paraissaient tellement insignifiantes étant petite, ne m’avaient pas laissées sans séquelles. - [ 🌦 ] J’ai appris que la carapace de femme forte et dure que je m’étais fabriquée pendant toutes ces années n’était qu’une protection qui m’a fait oublié qui j’étais. Oui, c’était devenu plus simple de ne pas laisser transparaître d’émotions. - [ 🌈 ] J’ai compris qu’il était indispensable de me défaire de cette carapace si je voulais réussir mon introspection. Mais pour m’en défaire, j’ai du apprendre à communiquer en disant la vérité…soit, sans me cacher. - [ ☀️ ] La communication a toujours été un art pour moi, mais depuis un an, j’apprends à le découvrir sous un nouvel angle : le savoir. Une seule technique : apprendre à s’accepter soi-même, en dépit des séquelles du passé...
Here’s the truth: you can be wildly successful using a multitude of strategies. They all work. But they won’t all necessarily work for you the way they worked for somebody else. Because your energy is controlling everything. Business is a spiritual game. Not a strategic one. There are people out there who swear by certain methods and strategies, but the reason they work for them is because they’re vibrationally aligned with that shit. The reason they don’t work for you is because you’re not vibrationally aligned with it. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I’ve tried it all, and I struggled for two years using all of the “right” methods. I struggled because I’m aligned with doing shit outside of the box, not following rules and formulas. So once I threw everything I was doing and offering in the garbage and focused solely on what felt good and trusted myself, things changed for me. I started getting clear. I started getting results. My business had more ME in it. My message deepened because I embodied it even more. It was fucking fun again. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Swear by whatever method you want. They all work. The trick is finding which one will work for YOU. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ And you start that path by paying attention to what feels light, fun, exciting, and authentic... 😉 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ { Want 1:1 business guidance + coaching from me? I now offer custom coaching packages, single sessions, and Voxer support. DM me for more - I’m booking for May! 😘 }
The Who Is Baba Crown Series Part Uku (The Grand Finale) — Here it ends, here it’ll be. For we know now and can see, That glory hidden, Is glory still. — Powerful and restless, Out of the comprehension of mere men. The fire inside will be let out, The insecurities within must give way. — So why bury your head? Why let their lies be your truth? When will you celebrate your majesty? Can’t you see you’re crowned glory? — Here it ends, here it’ll remain. For we know for a truth and believe, That a king without a crown, Is a king still. — Pen Work - Yours Truly Camera Work - @_joycepeters_#Poetry #ExpressYourself #SpeakYourTruth #PoetsOfInstagram — Matt. 6:33 ~ #StayCrowned ⚜️
It doesn't always make sense being where you are at in your relationship status... 💕 You might be single again after you really thought you had the one. . What is going on!!! You might be screaming in your head. . Feeling so disgruntled, wobbly, alone, and wondering what might be wrong with you, because it feels like everything in your world could be falling apart. 🕴🏻 Don't worry, I've been there too. . And I want to remind you that wherever you are right now IS happening for a reason. . It might be singlehood training school. . Because I think deep down in your heart you know, that when you can establish healthy relationships from ... . KNOWING yourself OWNING yourself And HEALING what you need to heal... . That's when everything starts to shift, you attract in the divine people into your life, if not that man, . Who may simply not be ready to receive you yet. Bottom line is, when we are in alignment with who we really are, 🙌🏽 owning our shit, and expressing it freely in the world doing what we want and saying who we are (no apologies necessary)... . . Then we have relationships that you have only dreamed about. 💍 And you can finally feel fulfilled and free, understood AS you, and just not so oh alone 💃🏼 It's time to go get yours. DM me for a free clarity session on how to do that for you 🌸 . #relationshipssuck #relationshipssucksometimes #alignment #tantra #purposealignment #dowhatyouwant #ownyourshit #speakyourtruth
My daily goals! Showing up as my authentic self, speaking my truth. Doing so not because of lack of fear, but inspire of fear. Being open, vulnerable yet fully loving and accepting myself as I am 💜 my wish is that you can show up fully as yourself and speak your truth to all who hear, including yourself! #SpeakUp #SelfLove #SpeakYourTruth #EmbodingMySoul
And prying my hand From your own Was a pain as sharp As I’ve ever known . . “When I Sank With You” @medium https://medium.com/@crystaljackson /when-i-sank-with-you-7cf5d36fed21
CNC3 The Morning Brew , Conversations Coffee and Cocktails business.#keepyourcirclereal #speakfromthesoul #speakyourtruth #bebravebebold
#speakyourtruth thank you @elly.mayday for always bringing a little truth and reality into this world 🌎 💖🙏🏻🌟
I was listening to NPR on the way home from dropping my boyfriend off at the airport. Edie Falco was on and they asked her how she got her role on The Sopranos, which was her first big role. She said, "It was a regular audition. I didn't think I was going to get it so I didn't think much about it and they called me that night and offered me the role."⠀ ⠀ That is often how it works - when you are NOT attached to the outcome, you show up more real, more authentic, and less desperate. You are not trying to PROVE yourself by securing this role or this sale to determine your worth or value in the world. When you show up as truly you, that's when things change. That's when you are magnetic. People love someone who stands up for what they believe in, don't cave in under pressure, and never sell out on themselves, their values, or ideals, no matter what. Who they are is who they are, anywhere and everywhere. They are ok with all of who they are, even when that makes them unpopular. ⠀ ⠀ Where are you still holding onto the approval of others? Where are you still selling a little piece of your soul in exchange for the false sense of security that "belonging" to the tribe claims to give you? ⠀ ⠀ Imagine what it would feel like to be sold on YOU, to know that a sense of belonging comes from YOU. To have 100% commitment and devotion to you, the work you are here to do, and the truth you are here to share. To no longer allow anything or anyone to manage your power. To be the true, authentic, unapologetic you, everywhere, all the time. ⠀ ⠀ What that means for your business is your clients and community know and trust you. And that is what people buy - real, authentic, truth. ⠀ ⠀ Are you ready for people to buy your product or service with confidence and gusto?⠀ ⠀ If you are sick of struggling in your business only making 4 figures a month while juggling side jobs and feeling like your dream of $10k+ months seems further away than ever and your life and work will be of little significance, let's talk. http://bit.ly/Rebel_Entrepreneur⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #rebelentrepreneur #besoldonyou #speakyourtruth #betruetoyou
The picture on the left was taken about a year and a half ago & the picture on the right was taken a couple days ago. There are many differences between these two pictures as you can see. But there are many differences that you don’t see. The girl on the left was battling many things at the time of this picture. Including low self-esteem, feeling unworthy, paralyzing fear of losing meaningful connections, and an eating disorder. The girl on the right had to be beautifully broken in order to be reborn from all the pain she was experiencing. She became empowered by all that pain and turned into someone only God could create. Today she knows her worth and does not fear losing what is not meant for her. She has learned to appreciate every part of her journey, even the scary and painful parts. The day she found love within herself all that was meant to destroy her no longer had a chance. Today this girl is unstoppable 💪🏼💗 #grateful #empowered #reborn #selflove #recoveryispossible #fighter #unstoppable #loveyourself #recovery #speakyourtruth #shareyourstory #inspire #healing #believeinyourself #fitgirl #fitnessjourney #transformationtuesday #mindbodysoul #physique #godisgood #blessed #growth
Don't you ever let anyone discourage you, even when it comes to your wildest dreams and pursuits. Live encouraged and let yourself bloom. 🥀🌹🌺❤️ . . . . #reflections #bloom #positivity #positivethinking #motivation #strongwomen #empoweredwomen #followyourdreams #anythingispossible #thepursuit #girlbebrave #writersofinstagram #speakyourtruth #thececidiaries
This has been coming up a lot lately for my clients {& myself}. That slippery edge of paradox that is so often asking us to take the leap instead of living in perpetual fear of slipping down the cliff. ➕ The ‘I know this is what needs to be but it seems impossible’ or the ‘How can this exist AND that exist simultaneously?’ Or even the ‘It’s not failure that scares me, but actually succeeding...’ ➕ That leap INTO the paradox? It leads to us into the heart of Truth ⚡️ . . . . . #theworthinessrevolution #warriortoqueen #architectofambition #Guinevere #theholygrail #spiritualwarrior #infitnessandwealth #carlsbad #northcountysd #lifecoach #queenshit #womenempoweringwomen #encinitas #feelthefearanddoitanyway #speakyourtruth #spinpeloton #athena #lightwarrior #alphafemale #hardbody #soberforthewealthofit #dragonwisdom #warriorwoman #strongisthenewpretty #womenempowerment #embodiment #worthinessvssuccess #moveyourbody #sobercurious #unlockyourbodyclaimyourworth
What do you need right now? ❤️
The answers to feeling confident, beautiful, incredible & free in your body go beyond the food. You can feel amazing in your body! You have the power to fall in love with your life and yourself! Imagine…ending the battle with food and hating your body! What would your life be like if you woke up every morning feeling wildly confident, feminine, and free in your own skin? Just take a breath, close your eyes and imagine… I have a couple spots open in my Health, Confidence & Soul Coaching program. DM me or click the link in my bio for more info. . . . . . #nutrition #bodyimage #insipiringwomen #healer #lightworker #selfgrowth #emotionaleating #intuitiveeating #mindfuleating #bingeeating #bodylove #healthylife #mindset #speakyourtruth #intuitive #girlboss #spiritualaf #magicmaker #thoughtleader #soultribe #spiritjunkie #spiritualaf #divinefeminine #divineguidance #selflove
“The alternative to violence is dialogue.” —Marshall McLuhan . I demand peace in a world of chaos. . HELP! . I’m stuck and worthless. . I’m enough, kind and worthy. . Ugly. Radiant. Beautiful. . We’re all HUMAN! . YELL IT! . Your voices tell your story, let them speak. Now you know, now you can see. Not to resist, but to engage and decide. Choice is our greatest freedom and privilege. Choose the radiance! Make the demand! Together we tell a new story of peace, creative and compassionate collaboration. You are not alone.
Have you ever heard of “surf-therapy”? Well.. if you haven’t - multiple studies have been conducted that demonstrated a clinical difference in patients suffering from anxiety, depression and PTSD after spending time near the ocean🌊 • Josh Izenberg is a surfer and award-winning documentary film director based in San Francisco. Recently, Izenberg has been exploring the power of "surf therapy" and being in the ocean to alleviate symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). • His latest documentary, Resurface, focuses on surfing and the ocean as treatment options for PTSD.  Resurface brings to light the therapeutic benefits that spending time in the ocean and learning to surf have for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. • This is also something that I have struggled with personally. After moving to the Seaport District in Boston just about over a year ago - I do believe that the ocean has helped me become more calm and less anxious.🙏🏻 • “All of us are waves on the ocean of divine consciousness” 🦋 • #mindbodybusiness #wonderwomanmission #cali #newportbeach #calivibes #hiking #peaceofmind #beauty #ocean #surf #sand #sun
No matter how hard and difficult your day or week has been, just know that it will bring you someplace beautiful. | 📸: @gimletstyle.
If you’re exhausting yourself searching for answers, stop. Sometimes I find myself becoming tired and anxious from reading, researching, and listening to others. Sometimes you really just need to stop and realize that within you lies every answer and solution. Only you know your true self and only you can access your true self. Society will push their thoughts, views, and opinions on you (regardless if they’re negative or positive). Realize that only you really know what’s right for you and you can easily find what that is by being with yourself, calming down, and just asking. If you feel anxiety or stress, it is not right. That is the universe and your body telling you to take a moment and BREATHE. Stop for a minute, clear your mind and FEEL your breath. Notice what it does for you. The answers are there, all you have to do is ask.
Another cool show last night. The audience came ready to play and they had a lot to say. What you spread on your toast. Things passed on from generation to generation. Possessions. Holding on vs Letting go. And Michelle Shocked was definitely on fire. We have one more to go this week! TONIGHT (4/24) AT 8PM! Get your tix NOW through @todaytix , @playbill or through our website www.overheardatjoes.com Previews are in full swing. Come in and check it out. This way you can brag to your friends and say, “Yeah, I saw it back in the day!” ********************************** #nyc #nyctheatre #offbroadway #immersivetheatre #interactiveart #interactivetheatre #nycbars #improv #livemusic #jointheconversation #previews #getyourtix #speakeasy #speakyourmind #speakyourtruth #comedy #drama
A Day Filled With Inspiring Stories, Words Of Motivation & Encouragement To Be The Bad A** Within 💪💙 Plus Being Surronded By Strong Women Of All Kinds Of Kinds, Is Always A Great Way To Start A Tuesday 😍 #pbwc #equalisequal
This is me, the day after I turned 25 and the day after I had a partial thyroidectomy due to a goiter. Had I known what I know now, I would have supported my body by upping my self-care, changed my diet and worked holistically to shrink the goiter. Instead, I blindly trusted the medical system and let them remove half of my thyroid gland. Unfortunatly, I have been paying the price, with my health, ever since. Because I never got to the root cause of why I had a goiter, I developed two more nodules (discovered in 2016) on the remaining half. Here's the thing, because I had already been through this process and because of my new understanding of health and the marvels of the human body, I know that I have time to think things through. This time around, they can't scare me or rush me into doing procedures that carry serious risks. I realize now that I am in control of my body and that before I allow anyone to do anything to it, I'd better research it, especially if what they want to do, carries risk. If the surgeon (this time around) had his way, he would have done a biopsy (which most likely would have come back inconclusive), then he would wanted to remove the remaining half of my thyroid, leaving me reliant on medications for the rest of my life. I have been monitoring the nodules (using ultra sound) to monitor the growth, shape and size. While they haven't shrunk yet, I have no doubt that the will. I share this post because Thyroidectomy surgery is on the rise and what most people don't realize is that removing an organ or a gland, doesn't solve your health issues. Your health issue will most likely show up somewhere else in the body if you don't get to the source. While surgery might be beneficial for some people/cases, there are many people who would appreciate knowing that are other options. There are options. They involve you taking control of your health. Trust that your body can and will heal with the proper support and that you can make the changes necessary. We're here to guide and support you if you need us. Link in bio.
#Repost @dammit_carol30 (@get_repost ) ・・・ VENUS ENTERS GEMINI: APRIL 24 : : "Venus enters Gemini which can open up our communication when it comes to our relationships, both personal and professional. If you have been wanting to say something to someone, this can be a good time to connect and do so. Venus in Gemini is all about speaking the truth of your heart. This is a good time to do something lighthearted and fun. There has been so much serious energy lately, that a breather can be much needed. Take some time during this transit to take in a movie, read a book, have a good conversation with a friend or go to a play. This energy is all about stimulation and about doing something that sparks interest, fun and passion. This can also be a good time for solutions and ideas to rise when it comes to where our communication has been off or connection has been difficult with others. : : Blessings, Ara @the_goddess_circle_ara ✨ : : #venusingemini #venus #gemini #communication #speakyourtruth #speakyourheart #truth #shareyourfeelings #ara #thegoddesscircle #caracampbell #theastroforecast #astrology #astrologymemes #astrologyofinstagram #ideas #solutions #dosomethingfun #havefun #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram
• There’s a kind of country Only I know, Gotta get it back down Into my bones. I gotta darkness craving the kind-a light, Where my roots can grow without-a fight. • Misplaced, in this race, For concrete and cash Gotta get my boots on back to the ranch. No one has to spell it out, I can Do this walk alone, Gonna find my peace of mind down a gravel road. • It’s true, so true, so true What they say about solitude You gotta get free in the mystery To be Pursued ••••••••••••••••• SONG 114..”Pursued,” to be continued LIVE at 11:50AM CST, right here. ••••••••••••••••• 📸: Jonathan Postal #365songchallenge #lyricist #createeveryday #countrygirls
A mother with two children, two businesses, and a marriage that was touching every part that still needed healing. And trust me, I had done lots of work on myself since I was a teenager, as a single woman, as a single mother, and as an entrepreneur. But postpartum and relationship brought me to my knees. This was me two years ago. I knew it was time to enter my next layer of healing, up leveling in consciousness, opening to a new capacity of loving, and it was time to create a new paradigm of relationship. Therapy didn’t touch the soul. Coaching kept me in human action. It was time for something in between the two. Something beyond my mind and processing, beyond my body and working out the ash through movement, beyond my spiritual tools. Breathwork was my savior, my portal to another dimension. . . If you are curious, check out some of my testimonials on my stories and my website. Come experience it for yourself. Book a virtual or in-person. Join one of my circles or workshops. Be ready to wake up. To rise. To be alive again. I didn’t know that was actually possible. And yet, here it is. Every. Damn. Day. . . . #transformationtuesdays #speakyourtruth #freeyourself #freeyourheart #freeyourmind #healyourself #postpartumbody #postpartumdepression #postpartumhealth #chakracleansing #alignment #motherhoodslens #mamahood #mamapreneur #fempreneur #sheo #baddass #bebravebeyou #magicallife
Conscious Communication - staying centered and speaking from the heart regardless of the outcome may feel like a leap of faith sometimes, but being honest with yourself and with others keeps us all growing and can lead to deep healing when there has been a struggle to communicate. Be brave and speak your truth ❤️ Your heart will never lie to you when you truly listen to it* - - - - #consciouscommunication #honesty #breath #centered #center #communication #communicate #heartopening #love #speakyourtruth #beach #kundalinibythesea #kundalini #ocean #meditation
Call your State Reps!! This is crazy! On April 19th, HB5843 was introduced in Michigan, that would make processing cannabis in your own home a FELONY!!! 😡 Let your Reps know this is NOT OK and wrong on every level! #mmmp #michigangrowers #michigancannabis #medicalmarijuana #michiganmedicalmarijuana #knowyourights #keepmovingforward NOT BACKWARD into the #ReeferMadness era!! #speakyourmind #speakyourtruth Thanks for posting on fb @omofmedicine
Call your State Reps!! This is crazy! On April 19th, HB5843 was introduced in Michigan, that would make processing cannabis in your own home a FELONY!!! 😡 Let your Reps know this is NOT OK and wrong on every level! #mmmp #michigangrowers #michigancannabis #medicalmarijuana #michiganmedicalmarijuana #knowyourights #keepmovingforward NOT BACKWARD into the #ReeferMadness era!! #speakyourmind #speakyourtruth Thanks for posting on fb @omofmedicine
Call your State Reps!! This is crazy! On April 19th, HB5843 was introduced in Michigan, that would make processing cannabis in your own home a FELONY!!! 😡 Let your Reps know this is NOT OK and wrong on every level! #mmmp #michigangrowers #michigancannabis #medicalmarijuana #michiganmedicalmarijuana #knowyourights #keepmovingforward NOT BACKWARD into the #ReeferMadness era!! #speakyourmind #speakyourtruth Thanks for posting on fb @omofmedicine
4.24.18 I love the silence. It is where I thrive. I love to dance and choreograph and listen in the silence. When toddlers don't have words yet, I love learning from them and listening to what they are trying to tell me in the silence. That is where our souls meet. If you find yourself unclear about something or feeling unbalanced for some reason, try taking 5 minutes of silence each day to listen. It is not always easy to hear, but if you do it enough, you will hear the voice of your truth. #rise #shine #truthtuesday #letsgo #herewegrow #speakyourtruth #optoutsie #silence #truth
Let’s be honest - it’s 11PM in China and I’m jet-lagged and I’m on my second glass of wine. Maybe sending work emails. Maybe eating extra dessert 🔻 I just want to be honest because once you're honest with your purrrty self, it's easier to be honest with others 🔻 If you're out there trying to manifest some shit for yourself or get what you need from another human...then BE HONEST. The magic is waiting to be found • • • • • #unapologeticallyME #unapologetciallyEM #confidentcommunication #letsbehonest #thebestpolicy #magicalshit #findyourvoice #raiseyourvoice #speakyourtruth
We now are at a point in society where majority of people will stick to pleasant untruths, and actively avoid the truth. 👊🏻 . Some may call it mass hysteria, where one party believes a set of rules laid out generally by those with great power, and enforces their value system on the vunerable and the misinformed. Those in power are fully aware that those beneath them ( imagined superiority) have no choice but to comply. And of course we do comply, at the mercy of the system, the system is a distraction from the world. Can anyone on my followers tell me who purchased the world? And whom did they purchase it from?. Of course this is a hypothetical question one might ask when considering if our complete and utter compliance to the alleged purchaser of the earth. Atrocities are aplenty, injustices are more common place than justice, and the mental health system is on its arse. Individuals whom have a position within the system are given the monopoly on life, a god like complex that is used at the consultants discretion . This right is given to this individual who has swore on the hippocratic oath, and bears witness with the symbol Aesculapius of ancient arts to protect and even call upon the gods in ancient scripture, to then withdraw fluids, life sustaining medication and effectively watch someone die. The horror i have personally witnessed when my mother was placed on the pathway aged 58 in 2012 for mental health related deterioration and breathing problems is that you, actually, as the family have no say in this procedure. Hippocracy of the highest order, when you concider one who makes the compos mentis choice to end their own life at the later stage of illness that are undignified and most debilitating are denied the very right the medical profession possesses. Assisted suicide is illegal in this country, I would like to know how a judges wig and a mallet makes this legal. One persons opinion can take the life of another who has not made this their wish? Wake up world 🖕🏻 . . #lies #corruption #injustice #riseup #fightback #wakeup #wakeupnow #liverpoolpathway #withdrawaloflife #hippocracy #assistedsuicide #isillegal #untiltheydecide #speakyourtruth
I’ve been hiding these parts of me for years and years- they’ve never really been expressed. Not the emotion you’re seeing, not the sadness and contemplation you’re feeling, but the music 🎼. I made this little ditty up you see, just in the moment I hit record. And I’m terrified to let you hear it. It’s not someone else’s words, it’s not someone else’s pain or triumph, it’s mine. There are cracks and slides and strange note choices. There is ache and break and it’s not pretty or rehearsed or “presentable.” It’s just me. Falling in love with my truth- I’ve gotta let go of my fear. #fallinlovewithtruth #changeisinsideout #newearth
Stop playing small out of fear that people won’t like you if you show up fully, go after your dreams, share your truth, your opinions, and your thoughts. . Because what’s the point of showing up to life if you don't announce you're here? . Walk your talk. Talk your walk. . If you continue to play small; your story..your truth, won't leave a mark. And as @andrewmartinenergy always says “We didn’t come here to play shoots and ladders.”
"Actions do not cling to me because I am not attached to their results those who understand this live in freedom" Bir eylemi sadece içinden geldiği için yapmak sonuçlarına bağlanmamak insanı özgürleştirir. Asanalarda bazen konuştuğum doğrudur video nun sesini aç 🤣🤣🤣 Videonun son kısmı sığmadığından story de#yoginilife #bhagavadgita #sirsanavariation #sirsanadansı #başüstüdans #enjoylife #enjoysun #speakyourtruth
When you speak your truth but that shit’s messy and goes everywhere. 💙 #throatchakra #chakras #metaphysicalart #spiritualart #speakyourtruth
It's easy to get caught up in the noise. Be you- speak your truth, set boundaries for how you expect to be treated and own your time and priorities!! #speakyourtruth • Set Boundaries!! You dont have to be overwhelmingly present. You can't show up and always give your best, instantly with the same energy without it taking away from other things in your life that matter most like family ( ie the energy you bring to social media, messenger, email). I know I dont love missing anything but I also want the energy I bring to be the best of me not what is left of me (even If I have an extreme case of fear of missing out FOMO). Respond on your time! • Protect your energy and your time especially family time. • Are you being intentional on social media? Are you being productive with your time and not checking your phone the moment you wake up or are you searching your favorite hashtags and falling down the Instagram rabbit hole and losing precious time falling in love with strangers lives and stories and missing out on your own? • You have complete control over your energy my friend! If we give our energy away it's no longer serving us. If you are honoring your boundaries and your time, you teach the ones you love to honor theirs as well. It gives them permission to be present and maintain their energy and BE THEM! instead of giving their energy away or wasting it. Take back CONTROL of your time and energy! It's totally possible!! • • • #bringtheenergy #loveoutloud #earlyriser #adventureawaits #gratituesday #flashesofdelight #toddlerdays #terrificthrees #toddlertornado #whatmattersmost #toddlerhood #childhoodatitsfinest #attitudeofgratitude #blessedforanotherday #bethat
Song 114/365 must be written using the first 10 commented words suggested by followers on the Grace Askew Facebook page, after seeing this photograph I took back at Tumbleweed Ranch. Aaaand here we go: Country Elopement Roots Natural Darkness Nocturnal Solitude Misplaced Mystery Butterfly •••••••••••• See you LIVE, right here at 11:50AM CST😬🖤 #365songchallenge #SongwritingChallenge #createeveryday
I find it amazing how much permission people give themselves in judging others and then on the other side of the spectrum people are oppressed in their permission to speak their truth. My heart breaks for both sides and my goal is to break through those definitions creating a new one of freedom in permission for you to speak your truth without fear repercussions & empower the permission of self-love. Life is too short to suffer in silence. I suffer no longer and I stand with you. Grab onto my hand and I will lift you up! You’ve got to meet me halfway and have the courage to face this fear. 🤝 You can do it! ⚔️💜👩🏻‍🎤👍🏼💜⚔️ #permissiontospeak #permissiontorise #itsoktospeakyourtruth #speakyourtruth #speakup #empoweringothers #disruptor #monstertruck #utah #charity #utahcharity #utahcounty #utahbusiness #empoweringkids #empoweringyouth #empoweringyou
It’s as simple as that...
#artheals #speakyourtruth #believesurvivors #startbybelieving #innertruthproject One more week - don't miss it Baby Striped White Dress, Age: 50, Port St. Lucie, FL. USA In her own words: What, if anything, would you like to say to the abuser? What pleasure comes from the body of a child. Where was your duty to protect your daughter. How do you feel about participating in this project? What strengths have you recognized in yourself? Participating in this exhibit has put me in the position to address my incest in a more upfront and open manner with my therapist. I finally took to heart everything we had gone over and I’ve found a sense of resolution that I hadn’t found before. I’ve lessened my strong hold on my sense of privacy. Thank you.
Felicia, I ain't here for you honey. Please continue so I can grow from this and then sage your shit out of my life 💕💕💕 . RP @trueyouhealing #vibratehigher #higherself #soulwork #innerwork #authenticself #energyhealing #speakyourtruth #authenticself #shadowwork #selfawareness
Just a friendly reminder this morning that you are walking the path that will lead you to your inner truth. ☮ #peaceonearth #peaceofmind
This is my truth. 25 years. The mythical magical elusive 1-7-5 lbs. quest. Now what?! 👀🤔🤗 Happy #transformationtuesday Oh, btw according to the height-weight chart gods at 5’8” I’m supposed to weigh between 155-165!! 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️💀😂😂😂 What did Michael say in The Wiz...”You can’t wiiiiiin and you can’t get outta the game.” 😂😂😂 🎼 #speakyourtruth #womanspeakbroward #fitnessinspiration #goals #lifegoals #successfulwomen #publicspeaking #toastmasters
One of the hardest lessons that I’ve had to learn and I’m still learning today is to set boundaries in my life with family, friends, love relationships and business. If doing something for someone else brings me anxiety or stress, then I’ve come to the conclusion that I just can’t do it. My peace is too great of a sacrifice to make. My wanting to help can often cloud the bigger picture. The bigger picture must include a view of the past... like what brought me or them to this current situation needing immediate attention. The bigger picture must also include a resolution plan going forward. If I look at the bigger picture and decide that my giving is going to cause me stress then it’s a definite “No” for me. That’s not mean nor does it say that I don’t care. It means that I have a need for balance and peace. Nobody is worth my peace! #speakyourtruth #dthinkzoutloud #peace #balance #no #newblogpost #blogger #bloggersgetsocial #ontheblog #thehappynow #bloggerlife #lifestyleblogger #thatsdarling #livethelittlethings #seeksimplicity #flashesofdelight
Kindness Always! ✌🏼 Stay tuned for our next story guys, it's coming soon and it's incredible! . . . #bravehearts #braveheartscollective #brave #bethechange #twosisters #onemission #livingourdream #instaquote #inspiration #speakyourtruth #tellyourstory #evenifyourvoiceshakes #kindness #bekind
Truth. My favorite thing is to make cookies with my kids. Sometimes all 5 will jump in and bake with me; and sometimes it’s just me and this little guy. ❤️ . . . I’ve realized I love it because we are creating delicious cookies from only a few random ingredients. Creating together equals joy for me. ✨ . . . . This mirrors my experience with coaching women. Teaching them the tools to create the life that is delicious and wonderful to them is full of JOY. I love to watch their lives transform and strengthen. 🌱 . . . . And as promised... my new coaching programs and pieces have launched!!! And you don’t want to miss out on them! If you’ve been thinking about it, DM me and I’d love to chat about them with you and find the perfect fit for your life ❤️✨ . . . , . . Photo @bohemianlace.photo
@fridakahlo 🇲🇽 “The most important thing for everyone in Gringolandia is to have ambition and become 'somebody,' and frankly, I don't have the least ambition to become anybody” #gringolandia #fridakahlo #artlover #artspeaks #sincerity #honesty #truth #speakyourtruth #thetruthwillsetyoufree #freeyourself #staytrue #staygold #goldenrule
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