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this it's a deep movie with a lot of layers. You may think that this will be another story about a teacher and a student, another high school movie. But as the story goes you realize the hidden true about three characters how are amazingly portrayed but those actors. Quinn Shephard (writter, director and actress) did a wonderful job, you can truly see the character changing between the scenes and creating a great parallel with the plays 'the crucible' and 'Sybil'. Tessa Albertson plays an important character that most people may not notice but it sure proves that not every high schoolers its the same. They can feel empaty, have their own internal world and are not judgmental. @blamethemovie . . #blame #2018movies #quinnshephard #tessaalbertson #moviereview #actors #actorslife #imdb #storytellers #film #movie #movies #filmradar #movierating #filmreview
you didn’t even call to wish me sweet dreams, really thought we made a sweet team
Wake up in your crystal sky We’re floating just to feel alive ❄️💦 #2018Project
dallas, tx
Balance Inside Chaos - Every color is an emotion that went through my soul The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts, I had it all this year Love,heartbreak, fun times, soul moments, deep blue emotion adventures, getting lost in the greens, living the dream, Making dreams come true! don’t know what’s about to come in 2018 but I’m sure it’s gonna be a wild one with a lot of good stories to tell and true gold moments 🎨 #2018Project
Outtakes👽 (MUA: @turfib29 )
Happy 1st anniversary Blaine & Keziah! ❤️❄️
I’m a few days late, but the last six months have gone by so fast with the love of my life! Thank you for being the most understanding, kindest man I know. And I’m so grateful that we have such a similar sense of humor (apparently I married you because you’re funny...? 😜). We’re young and imperfect but so far we’ve been doing this thing called life and there’s no one I’d rather tackle life with than you. I love you Emery Pickering 🖤😚 #ipickeringyouandwebothsayido
Currently wishing I could be shooting with @erin.wav and @turfib29 instead of studying for finals 📖📓
“I’ve been taking pictures in my head and falling short”
Leading lines
Feeling festive ✨ MUA: @turfib29
Had the pleasure of photographing the most photogenic family the other day! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Sparks💥🔥 (MUA: @turfib29 )
time always exposes what you mean to someone (MUA: @turfib29 )
If you ever wondered how clouds are made ☁️💦
. (MUA: @turfib29 )
🌲 The Woodland Thicket 🌲
It’s all good 🌈🍁🍂
So last month 10/18/17 I went to Rhode Island and I got to see the ocean for the very first time! But my reason for being in Rhode Island is because @taylorswift personally hand picked me to attend a secret session at HER HOUSE to listen to her new album a month before it was released! I got to experience this amazing opportunity with my friend Kalob and it was one of the best days of my entire life! So enjoy this picture of me being extremely happy for seeing the ocean for the first time and also knowing I was meeting Taylor Swift hours later that same day. Also if you’d like to see my picture with Taylor I have tagged my personal account in the picture and I have it posted on there! • #bleachmyfilm #featuremeofh #ftwotww #ftwotw #cooloceann #Filmradar #featuremeprimrose #tracemyfilm #quietthechaos #GramKilla #ftmeotw #ftows #featuremeseas #seamyphotos #photographysouls #photographyislifee #inspireangelo #seasofphotography #featuremeval #featurepalette #cooloceann #chasingessence #L0stfog #tangledinfilm #shutterfeature #sharpenmylens #PortraitPage #photographyfeaturing #avengetheskies #BUILDANDBLOOM
Early #throwback to senior photos with this beautiful lady! Waiting for my camera to come back from being worked on and I’m going crazy without it... 🙃📷
it’s not about you anymore
Too busy being yours to fall for somebody new
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