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Pancakes or avocado toast? I always prefer a sweet breakfast 🥞🥑
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Stunning shot by @sdamiani in Boston. Today we’re showcasing some of her favourites from this city, have a peek at stories for more! #caffeinecouture
Is there anything better than a coffee sundae on a Sunday followed by a Monday off?!?! Happy long weekend! 📆🎉
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The best things come in small packages 👌🏽☕️ @alex_coffee_w1 . . 📸: @richardleemassey
‪ 🎨 Focus is essential ‪ ‪ 📸 @michaelderahap ‪ 🏠 @hiveworks_id
If you could do *anything* today how would you spend your day?✨ I’m having a strange afternoon that feels like it belongs in a Murakami novel. I’m dreaming about escaping to my favourite cafe to have a fulfilling day by myself, with some books, coffee and croissants of course. . The Waiter by Matias Faldbakken was a super strange and quirky read, mostly set in a restaurant/cafe. I had a fun time getting inside the narrator’s head, becoming familiar with his routine. He likes to observe the guests and his inner monologue is almost like a critique of the people and society. It was definitely strange and made me wonder what the waiters think about me at the restaurant I used to frequent in Jeddah 🤣 I read The Waiter around the time I had my exams so I forgot to do a review 😭 Thank you @penguinukbooks for sending me a copy 🖤
Sunday mood ☕️ 📖 . Hurray for weekends, I’ve had such a lovely two days! Yesterday I spent the day exploring Oxford with some friends, catching up in cute coffee shops and meandering down side streets. And then today has been super relaxing as well planning for my America holiday and making progress with Persuasion 🙂 . I hope you’ve all had a good weekend too!
Have you ever enjoyed coffee in New York? Via @arielle.sophia Follow & Tag #coffeesesh to be featured! #coffeeshop #coffee #barista #latte #coffeelover #coffeeaddict #classic
โซดาไหมครับ 😂
Training for @coffeefestshow NYC has got me like 😑 .. If you want to learn my technique for training with minimum waste, visit my latest story!
#ad the @ancientnutrition keto cold brew elixir has become a part of my new morning routine! it doesn’t just go well in coffee (peep at stories ☕️) but i have been using it in recipes of all kinds - pancakes, waffles and now, my fave oats!!! this is another great boost of clean energy for the body, helps with fatigue and promotes a positive mind and mood ⚡️ i havent been able to quit with this stuff since ive added it to my morning routine! #glutenfree #oatmeal #breakfast . . been saving this recipe for a while but i knew it’d be worth the wait to share it 🙊 i’ve had it a few days since i first whipped it up, and i don’t plan on quitting it any time soon! it’s not just tasty, but also completely gluten free, dairy free and low in sugar ✨ the recipe is easy and you can make any substitutes as needed, but i highly recommend adding the @ancientnutrition keto cold brew elixir - not just for flavor, but the benefits i listed above #ancientnutrition !. . you can use the code “FITSTRONGSHANN” for 20% OFF your first order on the dr axe store - check out my stories 🤗 #fitstrongshann . • • COLD BREW PROTEIN “OATS” ☕️: MIX the following in a pot, - 1-1/2c cauli rice (frozen or fresh works) - 2-3Tbsp gf oats - spoonful chia seeds - splash of vanilla - 3/4 to 1c cold brew, nut milk or water ONCE mixed all together, put the pot on medium heat on the stovetop and stir until it boils, then turn it to medium-low and let it sit to thicken up. THEN turn on low and add the following, - 1/4 banana, mashed - 1tsp vegan butter - a few sprinkles of crushed walnuts - 1 scoop Ancient Nutrition Keto Cold Brew Elixir TURN up to medium and let flavors combine (you may need a splash of water since it’ll be thick), then once it is all thickened up and combined take the pot off the stove and pour into bowl, top with what you’d like then serve! ENJOY!!!
Coffee with a view... ☕️🏙 #peoplebrewcoffee - by @stevenfingar
Где же активность, друзья? 🙈✨ ☕Плюш ☕пр-т Машерова, 12 ☕photo by @creative_natik
Sunday’s should come with a pause button ⏸ Double tap if you agree! ☕️ @getawayhouse
왜 다들 그렇게 극찬했는지 먹어보니 알겠다😇
This is clearly our spirit animal 🐱☕ . . . . 📷 @online_barista via @sprudge
I’ll take a grilled cheese please. From our gal @unicornmoms
is it too early to post drinks...?
A balanced breakfast. (📷: @_girlswhoeat )
✨Coffee...Coffee...Coffee mood ✨ Когато имаш своите 5 мин. тишина и спокойствие! Не си мислете, че и двете хуни спят-голямата заспа сгушен в мен още докато разказвах приказката за “Малинка и Къпинка” (аз си я измислих ☺️), а малката така се е заиграл с една дървена бъркалка за мед, че едва ли скоро ще се сети за мен ☺️ • • • #sunday #moments #coffee #cozy #home #hygge #love #tulips #life #mom #inspiration #blogger #skrinanababa #блог #скрина_на_баба #моменти #любов #кафе #хармония
Preach 🐶💛☕️ @ralphie_the_minidood #pupsncoffee
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Don’t forget to stay Toasty 📷 vía @klanhardt
I'm selling this desk because it just doesn't make sense to move it around with me. 😔 DM me if you're interested in it!⠀
«Внимание к мелочам рождает совершенство...» — Микеланджело Буонарроти ⠀ #ElGusto #coffee #youranothercoffee #coffee2go #coffeetogo #coffeepenza #russia #penza #кофе #пенза #кофессобой #кофепенза
. Dipertemukan dengan teman2 yang luar biasa, menumbuhkam semangat & sinergi yg luar biasa. Lebih dari 30 orang yg hadir, maka ada lebih dr 30 angles dr setiap bidikan lensa kamera.... sangat kaya 😍 . Yes, kemarin pagi sampai sore, diberi kesempatan berkumpul bareng temen2 dr berbagai komunitas di Escobar Cafe @escobar.jkt di acara “Coffee with Olympus with Special Friends”. Makasih @olympus_occi_id & @leogendy yg sudah arrange acara ini, memberi kesempatan kpd saya utk bekerjasama dg mamak2 luar biasa ini @yusiemeg @sharita_miranda @irmaalaydrus , love you all ladies 💕☕️💖 . Makasih Tim Escobar & Tim Doss yg luar biasa kooperatif bikin kita seneng. . Makasih semua temen yg sudah hadir meramaikan acara. Kepinginnya disebut semua satu2, tp ga muat kyknya saking 3000 org yg hadir... haha hiperbolisme bingits yaaaaw.... . Selamat istirahat malam ini, siap utk beraktifitas Senin besok 💖 . 📸 @olympus_occi_id #omdem5mark2 #mzuiko45mmf #coffeewitholympusdoss