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Myles Turner fakes out AD and then finishes with the poster slam. 😤
Terrible shooting, a loss, and heavy defense, definitely wasn’t a very fun game to watch. Gotta get everyone going, can’t wait until the second half to turn on the boosters. Anyways, we play the Clippers on Friday. Hopefully we can grab a W there. Still undefeated with all players healthy though (Sabonis comes back on Friday and is our last injured player👀)
**Not on original schedule** Today’s game will be the make up game for the game missed due to the leaking rough. In order to win this game, we must make it rain from distance (just as long as we don’t get the court wet) and we have to rebound. Without Sabonis again tonight (he could return on Friday) Myles Turner and Trevor Booker must step up! Hopefully AD doesn’t put us on the wrong end of an NBA highlight post!🤭 Score Prediction: 107-106 Pacers Pelicans’ Player to watch: Nikola Mirotic Pacers’ Player to watch: Darren Collison
Collison looked great! Managed to pull off a dub, but if you watched the game then you can see how much Domas is needed. This game consisted of many runs, can’t let the Pelicans get hit on Wednesday or else we’ll be in deep trouble. Anyways, while team played great and I’m glad we could snap the losing streak before it got any bigger!
Thank god. We finally get a break in the tough schedule...time to see if we can snap this 2 game losing streak and get Oladipo back on track. We have fell to the 5th seed with these past two loses. With 11 more games left, it doesn’t help that 2 are against the Warriors. Anyways, should get the win and hopefully by a big margin to regain some confidence! For the first time this season, Lonzo will be playing against us tomorrow. Ingram is out, and Kuzma/Lopez are probable though. Should be a fun one to watch. Score Prediction: 112-95 Pacers Lakers’ Player to watch: Lonzo Ball Pacers’ Player to watch: Victor Oladipo
Say we had prime Reggie...what would the record of this team be??
Game day! Sorry for not making my own game day picture, I’m not feeling too well and I have a busy day today. This is another big game due to the seeding positions (if we win then we lead the season series 2-1) and we get to shut up their very annoying fan base! Got to limit their threes, make threes ourselves, lock down Beal, and get Oladipo going if we want to win this! Score Prediction: 98-92 Pacers Wizards’ Player to watch: Bradley Beal Pacers’ Player to watch: Victor Oladipo
Had to make this look right...lol. Still questionable for tonight’s game, he will be a game time decision.
10-1 when games are decided by 3 or less points!👀 Myles is looking GREAT, hope Domas is okay! Playoffs are 32 days away, time to prove ourselves against the Raptors on Thursday! 🚨40 WINS!🚨
Today we take on the Sixers on the road. In order to win this we have to make threes and limit the threes they make, almost all players on their roster can shoot the 3 ball. Could be a decent revenge game for Booker!👀 If we pull out this win, then we will be one step closer to securing the 3 seed! Score Prediction: 111-109 Pacers Sixers’ Player to watch: Robert Covington Pacers’ Player to watch: Trevor Booker
We worked hard for this seed! 🔐🔐
Today let’s see how many conversations we can get! Feel free to ask open ended questions that anyone, not just me, can respond to!🔥
Here it is! Game day against the Celtics! Share your thoughts on the video in the comments!🔥😳 —————————— @stephensonlance @vicoladipo @turner_myles @44bojan @mightyjoyoung3
Tomorrow will be our first game of the season without anybody on the injury report! Time to test our abilities against a very good Celtics team!👀
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Easy W! So glad we were able to be like most teams and defeat a bad one! Collison looked tremendous and hopefully he’ll give us more wins as big as this one. Wizards (4 seed) are dominating the Pels at halftime and the Cavs (3 seed) play the Clippers at 10:30 est. Really hope Glenn finds himself soon.
How many points will Vic drop tonight? Whoever guesses right will receive a shoutout! Edit by me! Let me know your thoughts on my edit as well!🔥🔥
LISTEN: LANCE STEPHENSON IS A GOOD BASKETBALL PLAYER but: We have to calm him down, he is starting to get out of control and based off all the articles I read about our chemistry, he is in very few if not none. Yes I know “B...b...but he provides a spark” You think I don’t know that? We as fans may like seeing fights but I know that it is NOT good for our team. Doing things like blowing in Terry’s face, and tripping Henson in one game show that there is only more to come. Once he starts getting under their skin he gets cocky then he limits the ball movement which leads to a turnover when he tries to 1v1 everybody! Nate needs to take Lance out if he starts getting too far under an opposing player’s skin. Watch out for this tonight as he tends to get more mad if we start losing to a bad team. 🚨I REPEAT: LANCE STEPHENSON IS GOOD AT BASKETBALL AND IN NO WAY AM I SAYING WE NEED TO GET RID OF HIM ASAP. HE JUST NEEDS TO SLOW EVERYTHING DOWN!🚨
Game day! Hopefully we can recover from our horrible last game with a win tonight. We don’t have many teams as easy as the Hawks so make sure to cherish tonight if we win. Darren Collison is going to be a game time decision for tomorrow’s game and if he does play then he will more than likely come off the bench. We will also be able to see if Myles Turner can remain hot heading into the end of our home stand!🔥 Score Prediction: 110-93 Pacers Hawks’ Player to watch: Dennis Schroeder Pacers’ Player to watch: Myles Turner
So um yeah...I guess we’re targeting Bron now?
Another big meeting tonight, chance for the 3rd seed and the REAL debut of Trevor Booker! We’ve been outscored by 16 points combined in the 4th quarter of the last three games. If we want to win this then we can NOT let them catch up in the 4th. This is a team that has many players of getting hot. Let’s go get a 4 game win streak! Score Prediction: 114-102 Pacers Jazz Player to watch: Joe Ingles Pacers’ Player to watch: Cory Joseph *COLLISON UPDATE*: Darren is not expected to return this week and his next chance to return will be Sunday against the Celtics.
Drop some questions you have for me in the comments! Make sure it is related to the NBA, my account, or the Pacers specifically! I will answer all things on my story at 9:00 PM eastern. Examples: Who is better(...)? Who’s your favorite (...)? Would you rather have (...)? Who should the Pacers (...)? Who do you think (...)?
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Mood...step aside @kingjames
Predict Trevor Booker’s (@35_fitz ) statline for tonight in the comments!⬇️⬇️⬇️
Another hugeeee game! If we win tonight and Cleveland loses then we will advance into the third seed! This is a winnable game, we just have to limit there threes and not let them go on a huge run like we have been allowing teams to do recently. Score Prediction: 104-98 Pacers Bucks’ Player to watch: Khris Middleton Pacers’ Player to watch: Myles Turner
3-0 in our “City Edition Uniforms” now. Will we make it 4-0 and advance to the 4th seed with a win tonight? Let me know in the comments!
With a win on Sunday, we would move into the 4th seed for the first time this year. Depending on how this weekend goes, we would also be around 1 game behind for the third seed right behind the Cleveland Cavaliers. #pacernation
Pacers are currently 2-0 (Feb. 3 100-92 vs Sixers and Feb. 23 116-93 vs the Hawks) in the new “City Edition Uniforms”. Will the Pacers pull out another win in these jerseys tonight and make it 3-0?? Answer in the comment section!!
Pacers have signed Trevor Booker. He just cleared waivers with the 76ers, this will be a veteran minimum. Great signing to me; he adds rebounding, an anchor in the paint, and veteran leadership! Don’t forget his outstanding hustle either. Should fit in great! (He will not being playing tonight vs. Atlanta)
It’s that time!! Go ahead and comment EVERYTHING you’re thinking about the game! Debate, argue, agree! Let’s see if we can finish the game with 45+ comments!!
Today we play the Dallas Mavericks! They did defeat us last time we played, on December 27th, but we were without Victor Oladipo and still managed to keep it within a few points at the end. Score Prediction: 113-101 Pacers Mav’s player to watch for: Maximilian Kleber Pacers player to watch for: Myles Turner Leading scorer: Victor Oladipo Leading rebounder: Maximilian Kleber Leading assister: Dennis Smith Jr.
Should we use TJ Leaf and our first round pick for this year’s draft to trade up in the draft or give TJ a second chance?⬇️⬇️⬇️
Hmm, here’s a throwback to this summer. #wherearetheynow #trustthepacers
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