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Just a photo of some dorky punks. ❤️ Thanks for the shot, @abbysonbuchner !
Happy Monday 💗
All that peace and that unity,, All that weak shit’ll ruin me!
hey January ☀️
Took the elevator above the clouds •Vancouver BC
Lovely weekend away in Glasgow! 🌿🌿 absolute sucker for big greenhouses #PeoplesPalace
"La montagna ti insegna ad avere pazienza, a portarle rispetto, ti dà lei il tempo, per insegnarti ad apprezzare quello che è intorno. Con la montagna non c'è competizione, perché si rischia di perdere, la competizione è solo con se stessi. La salita ti insegna a desiderare la cima e poi la discesa che anticipa il ritorno a casa, lì dove comincia il tempo del ricordo" Sembrano le solite frasi da turisti della domenica, che salgono le cime per poi poter raccontare ad amici e parenti le loro imprese eroiche. Ma credo che la montagna vada oltre a questo e credo anche, che il suo fine ultimo, sia quello di renderti così vulnerabile e piccolo da poter finalmente capire chi sei, riscoprendoti, per poi ripartire più consapevole. Giana e @farra_007
Run, baby, run... 🏃🏻‍♂️
Chinese man and water
Chinese man and water
DAWN #Sunrise
Chinese man and water
Missing my boo 🙆
funky bunch // 🌿🐨🌾 // one of my favourite times of the year // the flowering gum is in bloom and the aussie summer is heating up // beach season, bbq season and maybe a pavlova or two // I’ve avoided the flower markets for my first shoot of the year but another trip there is due pretty soon... // I’ll take the sleep in when I can // 📷 @denise_braki //
Whats in my yesterday's bag when we went to our relative's wedding invitation. Looks like not so many things inside but no i even brought ubat pil hong sah cap labu just in case sakit perut. Lol. Hand sanitizer is a must item in my bag and i brought my Dettol bottle since i couldnt attach my hand sanitizer with chain on my bag.
@micahclayluebben - S P O O K Y
T r a t t o r i a
First time skiing ⛷ I fell a million times (until I got the hang of it) but I walked away with a new found love for this sport❣️
God loves us all. Every single one of YOU. That love never changes🖤 #momlife #momofthree #sharegoodness
Love this building at Marina Bay! @marinabaysands
Just walking around #singapore and snapping my #x100f away
The dead among the living
Although it’s just a photo I can hear her laugh ♥️ Missing you! 21-365
Help me count the ways this photo is Parisian....Bonus points if you can guess the neighborhood! ⠀
I know how you feel kid. In fact we all do.
Sweet friends like these are such a joy to take to the mountains and photograph their story. Their conversations and personalities together are so sweet and fun to be around! I have really enjoyed creating these comfortable spaces for engaged couples to be themselves and take a moment of rest so I can tell their story. It is such a sweet time to see two people who are preparing to commit the rest of their lives to each other. There can be so much striving and determination, but also so much excitement and anticipation. And when they just have a moment to be with each other and ponder their relationship and love for each other, it leads to these moments that I have the opportunity to capture for them to keep forever. It's creating a legacy that they will be able to look back on in the bitter and the sweet. These honest moments that will remind them of the simple love that brought them to the decision of marriage. It is such an honor and joy! I am so thankful for my couples, like Bryce and Anastasia who trusted me to capture these moments. I loved the laughs and small smiles that they shared, and I could not be more thrilled for them as they step into this new world. The Lord has poured so much favor over them, and His dreams have only begun to be shared with them. They are going to leave a legacy, and it will be so special to see it!
I am so blessed by my amazing wife. She is always supporting me and encouraging me to grow and do the things I dream of. There is truly no one better for me. #livandcory
I miss nyc.... kinda 😏
I remember being told that I wasn’t a good photographer, that I didn’t have what it takes to do x, y, and z. What I love about that story? I didn’t let it stop me. Don’t ever let discouragement stop you. Work hard. Love harder.
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