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Lelang Januari 5 #3 Ob : 25k Next bid : min. 2k, lebih boleh Bin : update beberapa jam sebelum closing 1. Open : Now Close : Sabtu/1 pukul 18.30 secara bertahap 2. Pelunasan hanya via BCA / Mandiri 1x24 jam stlh invoice keluar 3. Dilarang bid n run -> blokir 4. Dikenakan biaya packing 3k jika transaksi dibawah 150k 5. Tidak bisa titip barang jika transaksi dibawah 150k atau belum pernah transaksi di @bimadiecast 6. Boleh digabung dengan transaksi di Fb/fanpage 7. Dilarang cancel bid harap baca dahulu secara keseluruhan ------------------------------------------------------------- #hotwheels2018 #lelanghotwheel #lelanghotwheels #Lelanghw #hotwheelsmurah #hotwheelsindonesia #hotwheels #kolektorhotwheels #hotwheelsjakarta #hotwheelsbogor #hotwheelsdepok #hotwheelstangerang #hotwheelsbekasi #hotwheelssurabaya #jakarta #hotwheelsbandung #hotwheelsbanten #hotwheelssemarang #hotwheelssolo #diecast #diecaster #diecasterjakarta #diecastersurabaya #diecastmurah #bimadiecast
My friend Elodie she's expecting baby #3 this summer love you! 💛 #friends #onlylyon #happytimes #frenchlifestyle #fourcoursemeallater
Comemoração Niver Best Sister ❤ Um brinde a vida, saúde, alegrias, ao amor próprio! #beers #helada #niver #sister #3 .0
#Repost @shays_space (@get_repost ) ・・・ What's New Friday!⠀ Small Giveaway! ⠀ Thanks to everyone for all the love and support on my journey! I want to give you a chance to win a little token of my appreciation! ⠀ I'm Giving away one of my #Bosslifestyle T-shirt!⠀ RULES:⠀ #1 . Must Subscribe and like my YouTube Video.(Click the Link above and watch the video and comment your IG profile)⠀ #2 .Tag 2 Boss besties and use the hashtag #Bosslifestyle#3 . Must be following me⠀ #4 . US only⠀ #5 . Enter as many boss besties as you want to get extra entries.
Ball #3 Kaffeesiederball 🎶🕺🥂☕️🎼🕺☕️ toller Start mit meinen wunderbaren Meinl Freuden in eine rauschende Ballnacht I 💗 Vienna #unterreiner #meinl #kaffee #kaffeesiederball #hofburg #wien @clemensunterreiner @barbarakaudelka_official @silviaschneiderofficial @juliusmeinlaustria #meinl @kaffeesiederball @hofburg_vienna
#3 if my 1st Team Favorites, Empoleon. Empoleon was the first starter Pokémon (out of 4) that I got up to Lv.100. Might not seem like a lot, but my boy deserves the throne ! 🔱🐧🌊⚔️ _____________________________________________________________ #pokemongijinka #gijinka #Empoleon #EmpoleonGijinka #pokemon #waterpokemon #Emperorpokemon #wip #art #fanart #wip #OC #ArtLife #art #digital #anime #manga #mangadrawing #artwork #sketch #drawing #art #illustration #digitalart #mangaka #illustrator #characterdesign #animestyle #cosplay #FUSE #pokemoncommunity #pokemonfanart
Jantar de hoje teve de ser improvisado. O plano era ir para casa e fazer, mas não irei... Então damos um jeitinho (Frango, vinagrete e macaxeira). #3 /21 #desafiodefinitivo @moniquefocada @desafiozeroacucar
Tres semanas llenas de locura pero con mucho AMOR 💕 #twoundertwo #momblog #3
MOTD. Used my new highlight from @mlnbeauty. Glow up and Rozay on top. Also used my Watch Me Blush palette. Used the color Berries for blush and Hot Cocoa to contour by @thecrayoncase. Also used the concealer palette #3 by @thecrayoncase.
Ang makulit na si Lance pose#3 #mylife #mylove #myson
Yokomo’s Lee Martin took his first Invitational Heat Win of the weekend in Round #3 ! Lee’s YZ-4 SF is looking good! @leemartinracing @shinadachi_rc @joepillars #teamyokomo #yokomous #yokomo #scorpion #sweep #xpert #lmr
[TEN FACTS ABOUT ME] #1 . I studied 'Health & Fitness' after my first pregnancy. Always being into fitness and being raised with a health concious family but realising while studing it was exactly what I wanted to get into. Now something that impacts my life and is my passion. #2 . I have OCD, when I was a child I was able to tell if someone came into my room and just sat on my bed! I'm still the same today a perfectionist, everything has an order and everything has a place. #3 . I'm a list maker. My lists even have lists! #4 . I met Arthur when we were teenagers, his cousins and friends were my neighbours. We were both NOT each other's types. But I have fallen I love with everything about him. #5 . I'm very sentimental I still have my wrist band from when I was born (kept in a container with both our children's), I have all of Charlotte's baby teeth (gross I know but I can't help it) yet at the same time I hate clutter and junk and I'm often tinkering around the home clearing things out! #6 . I'm obsessed with the markets! I love the whole experience and the uniqueness of it! Finding rare things, fresh flowers, hand made crafts, organic food from family recipes, meeting amazing and creative people. #7 . I have only ever been away from Charlotte for a day or two. The longest I have been from her was in 2013 when we went to America. And i missed her so much. I have been away from Gabriel twice. Once for 3hrs and another time for the day. I'm so nervous to go on our honeymoon and leave our children (hmm maybe we should do a familymoon🤔) #8 . I don't watch much television. Being so active once I sit down on the coach I fall asleep EVERTIME! I do like 'Home & away' (don't judge me lol) and...( Arthur is going to KILL me) but I even have him into the show 😜. Arthur loves his movies so often watches a movie in bed while I lay in my nook (in his arms) and read a good book! #9 . I am OBSESSEd with baths to relax and Detox. Lighting a nice scented candle, hair mask, face mask & a good book is MY TIME! When Arthur is out and kids are asleep this is where I like to be. #10 . I love water, especially the beach but I hate getting wet! . . . . .
Congratulations @tristan.blackmon for been selected #3 overall draft pick by @lafc. #hardworkpaysoff #la #la #losangeles #superdraft2018
Shameless self-promotion post #3 . Give it a play. Or don't; I'm a guitar player, not a cop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v05Kj3wlNkU 🎶: @beaumckeerecordings 📷: @mind_society
De los clasicos, muy cómodo Del #3 al #6 😘😘 Tacon de 10 cms. 👠👠 $390 Por pedido dando anticipo 📲9931364086
3 HAL ROMANTIS INI AKAN KAMU RASAKAN JIKA UMRAH BARENG PASANGAN HALAL Liburan bareng pasangan? Udah biasa... Kalau Umrah bareng pasangan, wah siapa sih yang ngga mau? Berkunjung ke rumah Allah bareng orang tercinta itu, kayaknya jadi salah satu impian banyak orang... Apalagi buat kamu yang baru menikah, wah ini kesempatan baik untuk kamu untuk mengenal pasangan kamu lebih dalam... Melakukan ibadah di Tanah Suci bareng pasangan akan menjadi sebuah momen yang ngga akan kamu lupain sepanjang hidup kamu. Tempat-tempat bersejarah di kota suci akan membuat kamu berdua semakin mengingat Allah. Dengan semakin mengingat Allah, kamu dan pasanganmu juga akan saling menjaga, karena pernikahan yang kalian bangun atas dasar rasa cinta kepada Allah SWT.. Hal-hal romantis apa yang akan kamu rasakan kalau kamu berangkat Umrah bersama pasangan? #1 Beribadah dengan khusyuk Hal terindah bagi pasangan adalah bisa beribadah bersama. Ya ngga sih? Kalau kamu di keseharian selalu sibuk dengan aktivitas masing-masing, di moment Umrah ini kamu akan punya kesempatan lebih untuk beribadah bareng pasangan. Mulai dari waktu subuh hingga isya bahkan hingga sholat tahajud. Ini akan lebih mempererat hubungan kamu dengan pasangan... #2 Mendapatkan banyak hal baru bersama pasangan.. Moment umrah bukan hanya sekedar ibadah, namun menjadi ajang napak tilas untuk mengetahui bagaimana perjuangan Nabi dan para Rasul Allah untuk membangun peradaban Islam yang bisa kita nikmati sampai sekarang. Kamu dan pasangan bisa punya bahan obrolan baru tentang sejarah. #3 . Saling mengandalkan... Enaknya umrah bareng pasangan, kita bisa saling mengandalkan satu sama lain. Di tanah suci, kamu akan punya banyak waktu luang bersama pasangan. Pasangan adalah satu-satunya orang yang bisa kamu andalkan ketika jauh dari sanak keluarga. Dengan saling mengandalkan, hubungan kamu sama pasangan jadi semakin erat. Jadi, kapan kamu bareng pasangan akan merencakan untuk Umrah bersama ? Sahabat, Kalau masih bingung seputar info Umrah, langsung bisa hub.sy yaah semoga tahun ini Allah takdirkan kita umroh bareng pasangan halal.. dan bagi yg belum punya pasangan,semoga disegerakan bertemu dengan pasangan halalnya
The reaction you give when your basketball team is ranked #3 in the country! @purduehoops is balling out of control right now! Let's keep crushing the big 10, "HOOP SQUAD WHERE YOU AT?! HEY HEY!"
Hoy marca el estreno mundial del nuevo sencillo y vídeo de J Balvin“Machika” – su nuevo sencillo da continuacion a su éxito global“Mi Gente”. “Mi Gente” de J Balvin y Willy William fue la primera canción completamente en español en alcanzar la posición #1 en las listas globales de Spotify, tuvo un remix con Beyoncé el cual alcanzó la posición #1 en iTunes en 50 países, y cerró el 2017 con tres meses consecutivos en la posición #1 de las listas Billboard “Hot Latin Songs”, y como el vídeo #3  más visto del añoen YouTube, con sobre 1.5 BILLONES de vistas en tan solo seis meses. Con “Machika” (el próximo sencillo de su álbum pautado para el 2018) J Balvin busca expandir la música latina urbana, trascendiendo barreras del lenguaje, y nuevamente colaborando con artistas globales y DJ’s disntintivos tales como la estrella internacional de Brasil, Anitta, el nuevo artista y creativo de Aruba, Jeon, y producción por parte de Surinam nacido/residente de Aruba DJ Chuckie, y el trio multi-platino de Amsterdam ChildsPlay. “El éxito de “Mi Gente” ha sido una bendiciónm pero una para la cual trabajé por mucho tiempo y deliberadamente – llevarle nuestras raíces Latinas a los fans alrededor del mundo, grabando primordialmente en nuestro lenguaje español, pero sin limitar nuestra creatividad a pensar solo en música en español. La colaboración con Willy William y luego Beyoncé ayudó  a internacionalizar mi música pero sin alejarme de mi cultura cual llevo muy cercano a I corazón. Estoy muy emocionado de poder continuar con ese éxito con el estreno de “Machika” – trabajando con un equipo internacional de colaboradores desde Brasil, Afro-Caribeños y Europeros EDM. Continúando llevando el sonido der eggaeton a un ambiente de música global.” .“ – J Balvin @umusica #Metropolis933 #TeamMetropolis #estrenos #lanzamientos #música #venimoscontodo #Panamá
We were packed out for #3 of 24. A little Rahoi at 5:00pm! Come out & join us for our 4th Annual 24 hour WOD-A-THON! #crossfitinfliction #fountaininnsc #crossfit #24hourwodathon
Has anyone else been 8 months 🤰🏽and have a craving for ice cream cake so you decide to make one...and only put Oreos on one side cause you know kid #1 won’t like them....and put star sprinkles on top cause you know kid #2 will like that...and can’t wait for it to be frozen and ready so kid to be #3 will like it? Anyone? Just me? 🤷🏽‍♀️. #pregnancycraving #icecreamcake #sweettooth #babywanteditnotme #35weekspregnant #imnobettycrocker #hopeittastesgood
Wonderful to play the @o2academybham alongside @timebytimeband @anodised_uk @theatticsuk thank you to all that came along #echogecco #birmingham #o2 #academy #3 #alternative #rock #gig
When your little sister slay her before wedding pictures Mr and Mrs Fry #3 -22-18 ❤
Не алкоголик а творец! (можно было бы сказать, если бы не #3 и осознание что почти два часа ночи по #мировоевремя ) #быдломедведи #впроцессе #bear #wine #алкотворчество
Day #3 home sick with the flu. I feel like crap and I look even worse. I'll spare you the sick photo. So here's to a time where I didn't look like death and felt a lot better about myself. #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephoto #blackandwhiteportrait #blackandwhitephotography #selfie #beautiful #sexy #me #bandw #fridaynight #igblackandwhite #portrait #smile #headshot #imoverit #ihatebeingsick
RELEASE BOOST Title: Scoundrels & Scotch Series: Top Shelf #3 Author: #AltaHensley Genre: Dark Romance Standalone Release Date: January 16, 2018 BLURB I’ll stop at nothing to own her. I’m a collector of dolls. All kinds of dolls. So beautiful and sexy, they become my art. So perfect and flawless, my art galleries are flooded by the wealthy to gaze upon my possessions with envy. So fragile and delicate, I keep them tucked away for safety. The dark and torrid tales of Drayton’s Dolls run rampant through the rich and famous, and all but a few are true. Normally I share my dolls for others to play with or watch on display. But not my special doll. No, not her. Ivy is the most precious doll of all. She’s mine. All mine. *Scoundrels & Scotch is a dark billionaire romance. If you don’t like a splash of shock, a dash of taboo, and a heavy dose of sex, then don’t take a sip of this TOP SHELF cocktail. GOODREADS LINK: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/37035185-scoundrels-scotch PURCHASE LINKS US: http://amzn.to/2DAj29u UK: http://amzn.to/2Dfx7fA CA: http://amzn.to/2D89Ubb AU: http://amzn.to/2FIJMFp Free in Kindle Unlimited ALSO AVAILABLE #1 Bastards & Whiskey US: http://amzn.to/2ka9BYH UK: http://amzn.to/2AliVgJ CA: http://amzn.to/2Bv11YO AU: http://amzn.to/2BnomL0 Free in Kindle Unlimited #2 Villains & Vodka US: http://amzn.to/2ieLRyp UK: http://amzn.to/2BEO0vU CA: http://amzn.to/2ifxUAk AU: http://amzn.to/2jcQ5rn Free in Kindle Unlimited AUTHOR BIO Alta Hensley is a USA TODAY bestselling author of hot, dark and dirty romance. She is also an Amazon Top 100 bestselling author. Being a multi-published author in the romance genre, Alta is known for her dark, gritty alpha heroes, sometimes sweet love stories, hot eroticism, and engaging tales of the constant struggle between dominance and submission. AUTHOR LINKS Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AltaHensleyAuthor Amazon: http://amzn.to/2e4R1ii Twitter: https://twitter.com/AltaHensley Website: http://www.altahensley.com/ Newsletter: http://www.subscribepage.com/i0n8g9 #Bookreviewvirginialeeblog #FridayShare 50
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