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I’ll see you........never at the bank. Thanks for weeding yourselves out! 💪🧠😌 #10x #codeloomis #codedforgreatness #alchemist
Trick to getting good hand in life? Playing a lot of hands! Don’t give up! #dontdiebroke
New custom Fraternity and Sorority identification tag designs!🔥🔥🔥 ... Comment your Fraternity or Sorority below! ...... Place your orders via DM or visit mockandcojewelry.com ......... #mockco #finejewelry #jewelry #fancydiamond #gemstones #gold #silver #frat #fraternity #soro #sorority #dogtags #dogtag #identification #tag #tagsomeone #tagyourself #customjewelry #jewelrydesigner #graphicdesign #explore #viral #10x ... Follow @mockco & @shopmac_shine
Valentine’s sure have changed and it’s never easy loading up the gang... from pure romance too sharing all our love with a full house... As a young mom of 4 and 2 bonus pups I couldn’t let Valentine’s Day pass with out spicing it up for my one and only, my Mac daddy, my king, and most of all the love of my life... cocktails made, dinner served, wine flowing, and well the rest is just for him and I... I love you @joshstory #10x #relationshipgoals
. You really have to love what you do then you'll never be bored and you will have security. I do love being a part of #seattle and #Portland startup ecosystem. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #rvlife #rvmagazine #camperlife #tailgating #camping #rvliving #hike #camp #boondocking #camping #tailgating #roadtrip #campinglife #startup #success #outdoorlife #hunting #fishing #travel #10X #launchpreneur #mobilehostel #hawaiilife #followforfollow #bluestartups #food #thefoodnetwork .
EXCITING NEWS! On behalf of the @pitchinvestorslive team, @realkevinharrington , Attorney Adam Kemper, and I are bringing you a one-of-a-kind webcast show, called "PITCH THE WORLD," where we will be talking everything from entrepreneurship and investment, to law and technology. Stay tuned! . . . #pitchinvestorslive #pitchtheworld #ptw #pitch #entrepreneur #business #finance #money #success #10x #law #lawyer #legal #technology #tech #podcast
hope you all had a lovely valentine’s day yesterday! will be in tampa until next wednesday - any orders placed today until then won’t be shipped out until next thursday 🖤
What’s your favorite thing about this home? Looking to purchase your own home this year? DM me! I’ll show you how to make an offer that gets accepted over other offers even if you aren’t the highest! Live well, Matt Beans.
. You really have to love what you do then you'll never be bored and you will have security. I do love being a part of #seattle and #Portland startup ecosystem. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #rvlife #rvmagazine #camperlife #tailgating #camping #rvliving #hike #camp #boondocking #camping #tailgating #roadtrip #campinglife #startup #success #outdoorlife #hunting #fishing #travel #10X #launchpreneur #mobilehostel #hawaiilife #followforfollow #bluestartups #food #thefoodnetwork .
Thank you for all the support ✊🏽
AGENTS OPEN HOUSE 10-12!! 1033 EDEN CRESCENT TSAWWASSEN BC 4 Bed 3 Bath 3161 sqft Offered at $1,190,000 MLS # R2339989 "EXECUTIVE CONTEMPORARY" 3161 Square foot, 4 bedroom and 3 bathroom home located just 5 minute walk to Town Center, transit, restaurants and shopping! Stroll/bike to Centennial Beach; several golf courses within minutes as well! This home has a private back yard, partial view of Beach Grove Golf Course - enjoy the super sunny southwest exposure off the living/dining rooms, entertain family and friends in style! Updates include new water heater, bathrooms, flooring, torch on roof 2016, refinished decking in 2016, cedar shakes 2009 all done with the highest of quality and materials. Fantastic opportunity to own a home and become part of a great community! >OPEN HOUSE SUN FEB 17TH 2-4PM < More info, pics and video at Jamesbailes.com LIKE-COMMENT-SHARE James Bailes PREC 604.308.5376 Sutton Seafair Realty Jbailes@sutton.com #realestate #realtor #yvrre #yvr #homeforsale #milliondollarlisting
Happy Friday 🍺
Descarga GRATIS el folleto del millonario aquí: www.folletodelmillonario.com 🔟❌🌎🔥💸 . . Regístrate y obtén una demostración gratis de la Universidad Cardone: . http://www.universidadenventas.com/ . . ¡Síguenos en nuestras redes sociales! . Facebook: Grant Cardone Hispano Twitter: GrantCHispano Youtube: Grant Cardone Hispano Más información: informes@grantcardonehispano.com . . . #10X #Ventas #Billonarios #Coaching #Emprendedores #like4like #happy #comunidadhispana #hispanos #latinoamerica #billionaresclub #estilodevida #superacionpersonal #ganardinero #éxito #finanzaspersonales #finanzasinteligentes #esfuerzoydedicacion #mentesmillonarias #tips4life #inspiración #diplomados #grantcardone #grantcardonehispano #Familia10X
."Register with a licensed trading company and get traded for by a trusted account manager and get a better return in just 7days, 📍Inverness: A Luxury Community of distinctive homes with premium lots to build your new dream estate. Prime location, 24-hour surveillance & security, privacy. With several lot options to choose from, we’ll find your perfect match! #forsale #InvernessSATX #lots #dreamhome #househunting #listing78230 #investmentsanantonio #homesforsalesanantonio #lotsforsale #realestate #realtor #realestatemarketing #sanantonio #satx #kw #kellerwilliams #luxurymarket #topproducer #realestatelife #realestateblog #luxuryhomesmagazine #zillow #trulia #architecture #10x #kellerwilliamsrealty #kellerwilliamsrealtor
If you follow a lot of these So Called “Entrepreneurs” on IG you’ll notice a common trend between Fancy Suits, Exotic Cars, Jets, Fancy Offices Etc... . Nothing wrong with that, . I love those things too . BUT... I’ve heard from numerous amounts of people about how they think they’re doing something wrong . So here’s a picture of what business actually looks like . This is how I do Business . Looks familiar right? . Just like you Right? . This was last night at 3:30am on a Friday Morning . No Snaps about me working, No BS quotes, No Suits, Bottles, Cars, Jets Etc... . What’s happening here is Business . This is how Business happens . A billion little conversations, emails, texts, calls about how we can improve . In the car, at the Patio, In the office & including a million other places including a Random Friday morning at my Kitchen Table . Business is not a part you Play . It’s not a suit . It’s not a Fancy Office . It’s not a Watch . It’s not a Business Card . It’s not a Car . It’s not a BoardRoom . It’s not a Seminar . It’s not any of the shit some fucker try’s to tell or show you especially how most people portray Business on IG . Business is a lifestyle, . A Focused Effort of a TEAM who all have the same Goal . To Impact People . To Help People . To solve real problems . So when you’re having meetings in front of the Car, or at the Bar, on the phone, know that YOU ARE DOING IT RIGHT. . All Great Businesses start like that . & 15 Years later you might have all the fancy shit . But Business still happens like it does in this photo . It’s not a set standard . Surround yourself with morally sound people you trust, you love, that you’d do anything for & Vise Versa . Stop waiting for Permission . Stop waiting for the Perfect Scenario & Get too fucking work with what you have! . Business isn’t a part you play, It’s a lifestyle
Doing what you love isn’t work. It’s a passion and commitment to yourself.
Quote @richardbranson Your people are a huge asset, invest in them. As primary contacts with clients they are an extension of your brand. Treat them well and they will treat your clients well. If you find my content useful be sure to like, follow this & my other social media accounts & share (repost) #discipline #hustle #success #successhabits #millionairehabits #millennial #millennialentrepreneur #business #businesslifestyle #lifestyle #boss #ftw #hustlemuscle #10x #exitoso #exito #success #successhabits #wealthcreation #wealth #passiveincome #wealthbuilding #financialfreedom #purpose #goals #lifegoals #team #teambuilding #companyculture
One foot in and one foot out only gets you halfway. Whatever you do, don't do it halfway.❤️ My dog always does this!🤣 But he's a dog! Let's go all in on this Friday! HAPPY FRIDAY! #growth #mindset #selflove #picoftheday #quotesdaily #positive #entrepreneur #10x
Team.. . #momentum .. wow..what a crazy thing momentum is and can be for you to use. Momentum can turn the average person, into something excellent. Momentum doesn’t work alone though. It needs confidence and the will power of the person to keep going . I think back to times when everything was going so smoothly and so right in my life. I built up so much positive momentum that nothing could stop me from achieving what I wanted. We’re all human, we have all felt this. I think that when you are struggling, you need to find a way to get the momentum working FOR you again . The way I start to build momentum again is by remembering everything that I am #grateful for and also recalling the moments in life when I was at my best. I try to remember how I felt and what I did day in and day out and I try to mimic that. It doesn’t work all the time, I have to be honest, but at the least it helps me flip my mindset and start to think positive and see the #wins that I have in my life •••• LOVE YOU ALL . What do you do to help flip your negative mindset to positive? Let me know of some tactics that I can try out!
Grant Cardone puts out a lot of stuff about being the best you and winning in life financially. When he speaks of becoming a millionaire. One major point always shines through. Cash Flow. So when investing I try & invest in companies that are growing because they are cash flow positive or invest in companies that are paying monthly dividends like Cardone Capital. . . . . #investing #realestate #cashflow #compoundinterest #millionaire #10x #gc #grantcardone
Peak Productivity is a balance between physicality and mentality. - Strengthening the body Bulletproofs the mind - “But I don’t have time to workout everyday” - If you don’t have time, you don’t have a life. #getshitdone
The things we want to achieve for ourselves intertwine with what we want to achieve together. I’m grateful for you ♥️ a day late but isss okay. Happy Valentines Day 🥰
This Woman Right Here Has My Heart, The True Definition Of A God Fearing Woman - One Of The Few People On Earth Who Truly Understand Me & Push Me To Be Better 💯 I Thank Jesus For Working On Me To Treat Her Like The Queen She Is , And Now We Are Taking Over In MANY WAYS ❤️ I Love You Baby Girl , Lets Keep Grinding & Creating This Legacy ! • • • SB : Hate It Or Love It But You Got To Respect It 😘🤷🏽‍♂️
To All My Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Or Anybody On The Grind - Keep Winning & Don’t Give Up 💯🙏🏽 Let’s Make Success The New Normal 🥇
The More You Learn, The More You Earn 🔑 Now If You Pay Attention To What I Said Is “There Is No Limit On Self Development” Which Mean, Stop Letting People Put A Cap On The Income You Make - You’re In Control Of That💯📓
I Just Want To Let All My Hard Workers Know Something, Whatever You Do In Life Make Sure You Give It Your All - Make Decisions As If Your Future Self & Family Is Counting On You💯🙌🏽
Growing Up I Always Thought Of Owning Super Cars, But I Never Actually Believed It’ll Happen - Because I Didn’t Have A Plan On Getting It Done ! Everybody Told Me “Put Your Mind To It And It Will Happen” But Those Who Told Me That Didn’t Teach Me What It’ll Actually Take To Achieve The Things You Actually Want ! Now , Thanks To My Mentors I Was Able To Learn “High Level Income Skills” - Now I Have A Set Plan On My Journey To Success 💯✍🏽 This Will Be My Car July 14, 2020 ... The Fact That I’m Able To Write This Gives Me Chills , Keep Your Vision In Front Of You, Make A Plan & TAKE ACTION 🏆❗️ #
Don’t Be Upset When Someone Can’t Comprehend The Truth You’re Trying To Explain. Most People Were Only Taught To UNDERstand , Which Is Diluted Truth. You Have A Level Of Maturity & Discipline To OVERstand And Dig Deeper Than The Surface , To Reach Undiluted Truth💯❗️
Live your life as if all your dreams have come true, and then challenge your relaity to catch up.
6 Figure Conversations - Who Would’ve Thought The School Dropout Would Make It This Far ? 🙌🏽
If Only You Knew What I’ve Been Through & The Things I Saw And Overcame You’d Be Proud Of The Man I Am Today... Truthfully Speaking , I Never Would’ve Thought I Would Make It Past 21 Years Old - I’ve Learned A lot , The Main Thing I Learned Is No Matter What You Been Through , What Your Going Through Or Whatever You Feel Is Stopping You - God Still Loves You And Will NEVER Forsaken You , When I Say God I’m Speaking On My Lord And Savior Jesus Christ ! My Story Is Shaping Up And When I Speak Out , Be Ready Because I Am Evidence That He Can Break Every Chain That Is Stopping You For Fulfilling Your Destiny ! I Am So Thankful That I Was Able To Submit My Ego & Actually Become A Man After His Heart 💯 If You Knew My A Few Years Ago , Yes I Know I Was One Crazy Person & I Apologize If I Ever Hurt You In Anyway ... Just Know You Don’t Know Me Now - So Don’t Judge But Be Inspired 🙏🏽💯❗️#ManOfGod
It’s A Fight To Focus On What Matters Most, But Its Worth The Fight 👨🏽‍💻💯
Never Letting My Emotions Overpower My Intelligence 🙅🏽‍♂️ I’ve Seen Moods, Feelings, And Emotions Kill Too Many Dreams And Goals 🚮 #TheTruthOverFeelings
The Habits You Create Today ➖ Will Shape Who You Become Tomorrow 🏆
I’ll Say It Twice “During Times Of Desperation One Will Look Within To Find A Sense Of Inspiration” 🥇🙏🏽
Whatever You Focus On Grows, Be Very Careful On What You Feed Your Focus 🔭👨🏽‍💻
Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts🥇🍂 #TheYearOfResults
We Must Suffer One Or Two Things; The Pain Of Discipline Or The Pain Of Regret Or Disappointment ✍🏽🏆
Public Announcement: Love At First Sight Is Real ❤️🤦🏽‍♂️
There’s Nothing Better Than Being Around People Who Truly Believe In You — I’ll Go To War With My Loved Ones 💎🙏🏽 #Blessed
Life Isn’t About Waiting For The Storm To Pass ⛈ It’s All About Dancing Through The Rain 🏆🙏🏽
Never tripping off the past, I would rather never mind ’em/’Cause only fools trip over something that be behind ’em 🏆
Focus On The Details 🔦
You Can Spend Your Time Dreaming About Living Or Living Your Dreams🏆 #ChooseWisely
My Plans Was Leading Me To Destruction, Gods Plans Leading Me To Kingdom & Victorious Living 🏆 #ToooooBlessed 🙏🏽🥇
Amen 🙏🏽
Change Is A Expansion Of Something That Already Exists Inside You , Never Fear Reinventing Yourself 🤝
If You Want To Live Different, You First Have To Learn How To Think Different 🧠✍🏽
Your Success In Life Depends More On The Person You Become Than The Things You Do ✍🏽
CEO,000,000 🤝
Not Letting Anybody Dull My Shine This Year — Mentally, Spiritually, Physically, & Finically .. Happy New Years , The Year Of Results 🥂
Friends Turn Family & Thats The Way Life Go 💎
When you back your goals and actions with clarity, conviction, commitment, and consistency, you are on your way to developing the kind of confidence that will make everything possible for you ❗️
3 Commas Is The Goal , If It’s Meant To Be It’s Up To Me !
Love At First Sight 🤦🏽‍♂️
Don’t take my personal confidence personal - I’m a son of a king so what do you expect? 🙌🏽
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