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she dreams more often than she sleeps.♡ // only 14 days left.. cant wait to show you my collection ‘La Vie En Rose’ together with @overloadjewelry. photo by @melodylieftink #overloadxclaartjerose #lavieenrose #14daysleft
the modern housewife in the first jason denham collection @denhamthejeanmaker 🔨 #jasondenhamcollection #denham #instoretomorrow
office days @aboutyou_nl
you’re no longer a souvenir. our hands touching in the cab and since that moment i knew we’re forever. baby, i love you to the moon and back. 🌙 #moscow #bydanieamayzinemoscow
i heart you say. ♡ #bydanieamayzinemoscow #moscow
moscow, you’re so pretty. 🍂 #moscow #bydanieamayzinemoscow
La Vie En Rose 🌹/ she sees the world through rose tintend glasses. She wanders the streets of Paris looking for inspiration. She can sit on the terrace of her favorite restaurant for hours, just to watch people walking by, just to watch life happen in front of her. She doesn't care who looks at her while she eats her croissant or spills her coffee and makes a mess. She's in love with the world, with the little things. She dreams more often than she sleeps. She doesn't take life too serious. She's not afraid to be herself. She's free. She sees ‘La vie en Rose’. - my capsule collection with @overloadjewelry is available on the 3rd of December. Check out link in bio for more information. Caaaant waaaait! 💃🏼 photo by my fav @melodylieftink
from Russia with love, 🍂 #moscow #bydanieamayzinemoscow #moskoud #moscold
love me at your loudest, let me see your wildest.
you’re the best mum I could ever wish for. ♡
camera on, action. working on a secret project with the best company @evelilie & my dearest mum ♡
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