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Climber. Skier. Traveler. Fun haver. Human being in process. The North Face, Black Diamond, Scarpa.

@andywsalo out for a stroll on a fine autumn day on the very reachy route Dogleg at Bob Marley crag.
Rhythm. An important part of our existence. Our bodies and minds need it. We need a certain amount of stability. People can help us. Places too. Practices also. But rhythm is order. And order takes energy, so use yours wisely. Be cool, and not a smack talking, drama instigating fool. Photo by @honngy. Bless. ——————— @thenorthface @blackdiamond @scarpana @jaybirdsport @bluewaterropes @oakley @frictionlabs @gnarlynutrition @clifbarcompany
Half Syrian, half Polish, but my climbing is 100% Kentuckian. Photo by @gajdaphotography on White Man’s Shuffle at the Motherlode. @thenorthface @blackdiamond @scarpana @jaybirdsport @bluewaterropes @oakley @frictionlabs @gnarlynutrition @clifbarcompany
Iceland. The big blue wall. The side of a glacier. Huge, steep, sheer, ancient, super compressed, virgin ice. One of the proudest leads of my life. @thenorthface #SummitSeries #NeverStopExploring Photo by @timkemple
Drawing Inspiration from the past. Work is done. Time to lock in for the autumn. Photo by @andy_bardon@thenorthface @blackdiamond @scarpana @jaybirdsport @bluewaterropes @gnarlynutrition @frictionlabs
Fun times for the Smith Rock @americanalpine Craggin Classic. Did some trad climbing, free soloing, sport climbing, and even a multi pitch. Here @jonathansiegrist stems up the 3rd pitch of the 5 pitch, 5.13 route Five Easy Pieces. Fun adventure but kind of a garbage pile even though the guide says "mostly impeccable rock." But, it sounds like it gets done once every 5-10 years. Glad we flashed it. @blackdiamond #LiveClimbRepeat
Scroll right ---> for a Smith Rock panorama during the @americanalpine Craggin Classic. This is a special place for climbing history. @blackdiamond #LiveClimbRepeat
Panorama around 13,000 feet -----> @thenorthface week long product design and development workshop. Morning outings in the mountains to inspire afternoon meetings and conversations about future products. Exciting things on the horizon. #NeverStopExploring
@thenorthface international product design and development workshop with employees from the office and members of the athlete team together for a week in the mountains. Lots of learning, sharing, ideating, conversating to try to create new awesome products.
Straight up $1,000,000 to @trustforpublicland from @thenorthface to build public climbing walls in U.S. communities. Photo by @greg_mionske for @thenorthface at @thecliffslic Dumbo Boulders. #ClimbWalls
I don’t pretend to know what the hell to do with a life. I was born into one, and I’m just trying to make the most of it. To whom and where and when I was born created a framework, albeit a privileged one. I’ve taken that framework and made it my own with the things I felt connection. Climbing is one such thing. It is the physical and mental activity, expression, creativity, challenge, and progression in nature with like minded others, balanced with time for solitude, reflection, introspection, learning, calm, and rest. Climbing embodies all of this to me -- the sense and substance and order amidst all the chaos out there. It's simultaneously the reason why I'll never stop climbing, and the means thru which any person on the planet could understand and connect with climbing regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, religion, economics, or politics. @thenorthface #ClimbWalls
Oh Rifle, my Rifle. I miss thee. • Green trees, canyon breeze, bathing in the creek. • Like anything else, balance is key. • So, stay well, stay pure, stay cool and clean, • Until September when we meet. • Photo by @boonespeed. Sponsors: @thenorthface @blackdiamond @scarpana @jaybirdsport @bluewaterropes @gnarlynutrition @frictionlabs
IMPORTANT $H!T ANNOUNCEMENT -- Climber friends, The @accessfund Climber's Pact is a set of practices that will protect our outdoor landscape and the climbing experience. The future of our sport depends on it. Commit to our wild places and to your fellow climbers by checking it out. Photo on the Gunks king line Enduro Man by @greg_mionske for @thenorthface. If you're not a climber - just look at the photo and mash the like button, and also try to be considerate and respectful to other people, and don't litter, and generally try to minimize your impact on the environment however urban or rural it might be. Cool? Thanks.
Friyay. Smash the LIKE button and go check out @staythecourse_ and @jerryoftheday for thoughts on the weekend. You'll thank me. @bearcam photo.
Post adapted from my cousin - This is our beloved aunt's latest and last (most likely) artistic offering to the world. The song she wrote is called Happy Home. @elizabeth_gilbert_writer wrote the lyrics. My cousin @sloppysami produced the music. The vid was directed by he and @steverding. They managed to pull this final brutal performance out of a dying warrior... the queen of banished immortals @rayyaelias. Link in bio or at ✌🏽
Proud of my home gym @momentumclimbing. I'll be spending a lot of time in there soon after my knee surgery today, prepping for the fall climbing season. Life recently has been that full value kind - clarity and confusion, highs and lows, fasts and slows - but you know... I'll fuckin take it, because apparently "God turns you from one feeling to another, and teaches by opposites, so that [we] will have two wings to fly, not one." ~ Rumi
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