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How many times do we press forward on this journey without being able to see the destination. Then, through the hardest challenges, we see a glimpse of hope through the fog. A small glimpse of hope is sometimes all we need to see our way along in this life.
Yesterday morning I crawled out of the tent for a great sunrise. A few hours later we had 40 mph winds and sideways snow. We were then charmed in the evening with clear skies, high wind gusts and temps in the teens. Today the snows have came again. This time they are starting to pile up. I love October here in Washington. It’s wild! It quickly has you forgetting what a summer’s day feels like. I have poor service where I’m at so you might get really random stories from me throughout the week. For example, the story I just posted thinking it’s 2018. Apparently you can loose track of the years if you spend too many days in the backcountry.
The sunrise painted the landscape and the blueberries stained my fingers. Fall here in the PNW can’t be beat. 🍂❤️🍂
~The Cascades~ She was a liquified highway. Her headwaters started high upon the mountain as she cascaded downward in torrents of beautiful rage. Meandering deep into the couloir, she cuts to the very bedrock of time. Along the pockets of bedrock she hid precious stones and brilliant gold. Some men would spend their whole life searching for her jewels. She's wild and mysterious though. Never revealing all of herself. Her cascades flow until they reach the sea. Our mountains are named after her. She is The Cascades and she makes my heart swoon.
When they call, it's hard to say no. This morning sure felt like fall. 🍂🍁🍂
Dream Big... Don't Give Up... Anything Is Possible... I think we all need to hear that and more importantly I dare you to believe it for yourself.❤️
MAKE A GOAL - BREAK A GOAL I just want to take a second to thank all my friends for voting. There is 1 day left in the round 4 of eliminations. The stretching is going great and I broke my ascent goal time last weekend. If I make it into the final round I will be setting a new ascent goal. I can tell the stretching is helping with my recovery and I've become quicker on the trail. I'm also becoming more conscious to stretch before and after my physical activities. Massage Envy gave me a great stretching sheet that I can follow when I'm not getting my weekly #TotalBodyStretch at their facility. You can vote for me at the link in my bio. Super easy! #VoteForBeau #TrainLikeAPro #ad @massageenvy
It felt a little cooler outside this morning. I'm really looking forward to a few sunny, fall days! How about you? ⭐️🍂⭐️🍂
What's your favorite thing about a backpacking trip? I think a big one for me is the feeling you get when you finally drop the pack for the night. It feels so good to set up your home amongst the wild, eat yummy food and watch the world slow down a bit.
That moment when you realize why you packed camp chairs 35 miles and thousands of feet of gain. Morning views in the Glacier Peak Wilderness.
This was one 30 second photo I didn't mind retaking a few times. ✨🔥✨
Most people I've met in life seem to never regret anything. I've always thought that was interesting. I'm thankful for where I'm at in life but I do have regrets. My regrets are the mistakes, the decisions, and choices that have made me who I am today. They remind me where I've been and where l'm destined to go. Speaking of regrets, I regret not sliding down this smooth patch of snow into this pristine alpine lake. I've jumped into most alpine lakes this summer, including this one, but that snow slide would have been legendary ....❄️❄️💦💦💦
It's so nice to see the blue sky once again after the wildfire smoke has cleared out of our area. You forget how wonderful clean air is until it's gone! My prayers go out to the people still affected and the firefighters that are risking their lives.
Hey friends! For anyone that's curious, I'm currently 2 weeks into my @massageenvy #TrainLikeAPro contest. This means that I have 2 weeks of #TotalBodyStretch and 2 summit ascents under my belt. The stretching has been great and has helped me with post climb recovery. I'm able to recover quicker from my hikes and also feel less sore. My first week ascent time was at 67 minutes as I battled a local wildfire on the mountain. My 2nd week ascent time was 64 minutes battling the smokey air from Canada. My training lately has been inside since the air quality is so poor here in Washington State. My goal for this competition is to break 1 hour to the summit of a local peak. For those of you asking, I'm not running but I'm hiking at a controlled, fast pace. The reason I'm not running is because all my ascents are with a 25 pound pack and the route I've chosen has rock scrambling. Thanks so much for your voting support and you can vote once each day to keep me in the contest. The voting is super easy and the links in my bio.
Yesterday morning the wildfire smoke was heavy, making it hard to catch a good breath. We tried to climb quickly in hopes to catch the sunrise. Once we reached the top the sun was nowhere to be found along the eastern horizon. A bit bummed and battling hungry bugs, we waited. Soon the sky pulsed with pretty pastels. The atmosphere became eerie as the sun pierced through the haze. For me it was a sign of hope. A sign that soon, beauty will rise from the ashes.
Hey everybody, I have some pretty exciting news! I've been selected to compete in the @MassageEnvy Train Like A Pro Challenge. Normally I wouldn't say yes to a challenge like this, but since I believe in the importance of stretching and taking care of my body I knew this was for me. Over the next few weeks, I'll be using the all new Total Body Stretch to increase my flexibility, performance and hopefully increase my speed traveling through the mountains. I had to learn the hard way when it came to the importance of stretching. Years ago, my college sports career was ended due to injuries resulting from not stretching. Since then, I own and operate a construction company but my passion is to get outside and be active. I'm limited in the hours I get to spend climbing mountains or catching a sunset. Most of my trips are after hours at night or early mornings. This usually requires moving quickly because the lack of time. I'm hoping through this competition that I will be able to gain extra energy, quickness and stamina to climb mountains after I'm done with a full day working. I also hope to learn the correct techniques and methods through this total body stretch program. In the next few weeks I'll share more info on exactly what I'll be doing. It's pretty sweet and will involve climbing the same mountain 12 times, increasing my ascent time each trip. Don't forget to click the link in my bio to vote. I'm competing against 11 other contestants throughout the country. Thanks for the support! #trainlikeapro #sponsored #totalbodystretch
This isn't a good place to fall unless you're falling in love.
Take a swim in a lake with no name, travel up a beautiful Basin with no trail, stand on a rock that might never have been stood on before. Tread lightly not to damage the fragile beauty, leave no trace that you were there and I guarantee the outdoors will leave its footprint upon your heart. ❤️
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