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Wearing @fashionnova & doing a lil shopping even tho I’m super jet lagged and feel like I could collapse at any moment πŸ˜…
It's this precious little angel's birthday today, @vanessahudgens !!Always be the Mimi to my Maureen please??? I ruv yew Shushi!!! ❀️🎁
One week into my 39th year on this planet... this amazing human surprised me in the desert in such a special way. Thank you my love for making me the luckiest boy in this world. World, thank you for such kind words and wonderful energy. My family in a little silver bullet in the Great American West. What a birthday to be alive. PS Thanks Mom for pushing me out into this world. While at times, especially now, it can seem so off-center and scary but this world possesses such immense beauty and the will of its people will right this ship for a bright healthy future and be good to one another. From this all good things will come. I truly believe this...
Thank you @instagram for acknowledging this milestone and the constant love... And to #20million family..much love and gratitude β€οΈπŸŽ‰πŸ’‹πŸ™πŸΌ
every time I come to Denver I can’t breathe
#PressPlay : Aww #DreamKardashian is getting so big 😍
Tag me in memes so I know it's real
Welcome my brother @willsmith to Instagram!! #Legend #BigBro
River with Eminem out friday x
#TSRDaddyDuties : Awww #CaiBridges is getting so big 😍 #Ludacris
I keep telling this nigga to stop trying to dress like me....
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