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Big young Peekay haha! ☺️
Wees jezelf !❤️
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Gefeliciteerd pik.
stel, je zit op de middelbare school. kan gebeuren ja toch. zeg je moeder dat je voortaan je huiswerk bij mij maakt omdat je dan daarnaast dingen kan doen DIE WEL LEUK ZIJN WANT JE GAAT TIJD OVER HOUDEN VRIEND. FEEST. eerst alleen in Amsterdam, maar zsm door heel Nederland. ZININ. 👾(aanmelden en/ of meer info via
It's a wrap #lifeofkylie !!! This is just the beginnning though 🖤
I'm so close to 30k! edit: DON'T REPOST THIS VIDEO, I'LL REPORT YOU
Happy Birthday schat❤️
Baltimore Manager Davey Johnson accuses ARod of using a corked bat which leads to the umpire taking away his bat. Ken Griffey Jr. lends him one of his bats and ARod proceeds to hit his 34th homer of season. ARod later stated "It was flattering. Me? A shortstop with a corked bat? I thought it was pretty sweet." - Follow @Rare_Sports for more 🏀🏈🥊⚾️
gewoon even een zomerse foto ❤️
Yo follow me @parkkerflips i post pretty cool backflip videos and more!!!❤️ — Goodnight<3 getting this out of my camera roll omg this is going to get me hate but the ballon lowkey me tho #killme 💦🥛 Filming a lot tomorrow #ooou #staytuned
Suggest me good movies to watch
Een onwijs leuke en spannende dag, allemaal kijken vanaf 26 November op rtl 4! 😄 #vanslagertotchef
Sorry, the old Sean can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh... 'cause he's dead!
Now you see me, now you don't. 🔥
Now slowly get rid of this 💦 💦💦water - Extremely flat here (got a little pump from all the sodium and workout, but today was flattest I've been all prep) Holding some water from yesterday's flight - Patience is a virtue - #TeamArash #TeamDymatize #Olympia #OlympiaTakeover @therock @danygarciaco @daverienzi @sevenbucksds
EMMY prep!!! Shhhhhhhh. @joannavargasnyc is my secret weapon! #tighten #magichands #facialistextraordinaire #radchictoo
No perdamos la Fe 🙏🏽 "DREAMERS" no están solos. Feliz de unirme a esta campaña @peopleenespanol